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  1. Well, in the devstream, DE have talked about the way the design warframes nowadays and that made it really evident what the problem is. Instead of striving for quality, they're striving for a large quantity of warframes. This makes for honestly forgettable warframes that aren't very well-designed. Most 'good' warframes have one roll to fill (dps, tank, stealth), but the latest ones are all 'general use' frames, which aren't very useful in a game like this.
  2. The last two devstreams got delayed, so three weeks is basically the new standard, it seems 😞
  3. How far are is empyrean/railjack in developement?
  4. I'm estimating the next big update to be scheduled for April and come out in May
  5. Ayy, they actually added an alt helmet. Noice
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