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  1. There's some new weapons and two new frames, but nothing major content-wise. Wukong got reworked and vauban and ember are getting the same treatment. Jupiter got a fresh new look and a neat little boss fight. It seems like DE is now putting all their eggs in one basket again with Empyrean, so other than that, don't expect anything worth getting into until the gameplay part of that comes out. And tennogen, of course. Tons and tons of tennogen 😛
  2. I guess that's fair to say. Warframe is all about getting yourself to be as strong as possible, but when you've made your railjack as strong as it can be, it'd be nice to have more reasons to keep jumping into those missions. (again, aside from just being fun, of course)
  3. With the new empyrean gamemode coming to warframe this year, a lot of players, including me, are very excited for that sweet new content. What I'm worried about, however, are the rewards this new mission type will bring. You see, warframe has a bit of a history of making content that doesn't give players a good reason to keep playing (other than fun, but that's pretty subjective). If you want examples, just look at sanctuary onslaught, arbitrations and archwing (which nobody ever plays unless there's some event reward). The last in this list mostly rewards missions with bits of tellurium and mods that you probably already have. The first two both have pretty dilluted drop tables that offer items better grinded elsewhere (relics, endo) and a few exclusives that have such low drop rates, you're better off trading them with plat. The point is, empyrean should have rewards that both justify the time spent playing it and offer rewards that you can't just farm once, never to come back to it, because if it's only gonna give two ammo drums and some part you already have, people are gonna stop playing as soon as the novelty wears off. That said, I'm hoping DE will find a good way to reward players for playing empyrean, because it looks like a very unique, enjoyable and possibly challenging mode. So what do you guys think? What kind of rewards are you hoping to get from flying your railjack? I'd love to know 😉 Tl;Dr: It'd be nice if empyrean had some decent rewards.
  4. The guy doing ordis's voice acting is a weapon designer at DE, so it would be so easy to add a couple new lines in every now and then. Please, DE, make it happen. Also, I don't wanna be that guy, but it's 'witticism', not 'wittyscism'.
  5. I would remove the 12-72 hour waiting times for crafting and slightly increase crafting cost to balance it out. Waiting is annoying and quite the opposite of having fun.
  6. The last two devstreams got delayed, so three weeks is basically the new standard, it seems 😞
  7. How far are is empyrean/railjack in developement?
  8. I'm estimating the next big update to be scheduled for April and come out in May
  9. Ayy, they actually added an alt helmet. Noice
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