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  1. 1. I've almost bought everything out of Fortuna and I don't know what to do with my excess rep. Can you add some sort of consumable for sale to incentivize people to continue to return to Fortuna outside of events, such as something like a "kitgun short term power booster," an "echo lure charge that summons army of kubrodons to kill enemies," etc? 2. For Profit Taker fights, can we get "unmixable" elemental mods that won't combine with other elements? 3. Can we apply different skins for different Equinox forms? 4. Will we get more variety in Kitgun types 5. Will we ever get to play Komi/Mahjong in game? 6. Modular Archguns? 7. Compared to Fortuna, Cetus items and arcanes are a lot more expensive. Will you go back and adjust the pricing so that Cetus items are on level with Fortuna? 8. Operator amp damage feels week compared to warframes, will we get any way to buff the damage to be on par with a fully modded primary? 9. How is progress with the white-board road map? are you on schedule? 10. Will we get another Darvo Fire Sale this year?
  2. -With the new Orb Mother Spider fights, will we get non-mixable Elemental mods i.e. A Fire mod that won't combine with other Elemental mods to make Gas or Blast? -Will we be getting new Archwings to add more variety to our loadouts? -Will there masters of the Tenno Schools to teach us new Focus abilities? -Will we have an event like Plague Star for Fortuna soon? -Any hints to where the next open world might be? And are you still going to go with the schedule of one open world a year?
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