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    I have noticed while working with warframe builder over the last few days that the weapons that were changed in update 22.12 need their stats updated on warframe builder to reflect the changes from the update. Edit: Pretty sure this is a list you might to refer to when updating the stats on the weapons as they are all right there in nice little categories with the changes listed Looking at prisma angstrum and there are no damage changes besides impact??? in the list below but somehow in game it has base damage of 1350 blast and warframe builder is showing base damage at 547.2 blast, also in the list below it says that prisma angstrum had its status chance upgraded to 26% where in game I'm seeing a base status chance of 59.5%??? at this point I'm seriously confuzzled and I feel your pain. -_-' seeing similar discrepancies with the torid as well... Edit: Great work on warframe builder btw it's an absolutely awesome web app and your work is most appreciated! My only wish is that people could comment on my builds cause although people have a tendency to flame they also provide constructive criticism as well.