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  1. The hek is a pretty popular weapon, it carries you through the entire starchart.
  2. Her 4 was and is still boring, we already have so many toggle ults that just deal damage. It was obtrusive, just like most of her kit still is. I would've expected something original, this is more of a band aid change than an actual thought out ult. (Don't get me wrong, i find revenants ult to be just as boring and dull)
  3. I'm at the tipping point where excitement starts to turn into frustration, radiosilence until the very last moment, and with that not even any useful information. Stop hyping the game when you clearly still internally have problems with it, Seeing new videos and posts isn't fun anymore, it's just more salt in the wound at this point. If not for some people then at least I would like to at least be able to plan around a big update like this, but I still can't, cause you still refuse to provide information.
  4. Twas about time for some kind of update, but again, no information on when it DOES come out. So we can expect more teases like a carrot on a stick
  5. I already don't like the fact that "This week" always means the last possible time. Might aswell call the last day as the release date by that point.
  6. If they don't break their release window yea, but at this moment I don't really trust it.
  7. I'd think like this if this was the first time, but after PoE i'd expect they'd have learned from their mistakes with that, to apply them here. Yet, we're more clueless right now than we were back then.
  8. At some point I would at least like some transparency in what the hell is going on. More teases and "We can't wait to show you" Doesn't exactly mean anything anymore. Tell us what's up, In some way or another. I've been staying tuned for information but the potential release time is like 27-30 hours away, and we got nothing.
  9. The more they post "It's coming" the less believable it gets, next thing you know it's gonna be a december release.
  10. Except that we clearly see it's not unplayable, if it didn't run, they wouldn't let some people have access to it, nor would they constantly tease us, it's getting more infuriating than exciting at this point.
  11. Except that we all know it's not going to run smoothly, even if they delay it for another month, most bugs will be found once the playerbase has access to it, no amount of preparation is going to make this size of an update run smoothly on launch.
  12. Indeed, it's wednesday, with still no information on when it comes out. It seems that Friday they don't wanna release since they'll have to work through the weekend, so all that's left is today or tomorrow, why is it so hard to nail down a date?
  13. It's gonna be bugged either way, so no, not exactly.
  14. Even if it isn't exact, if they are unsure, you push the release ahead further and you announce a date. If you want your audience to trust you you gotta show them you're able to be trusted at some point. The fact everyone jokes about a next year release is cause next thing you know it might actually be that badly handled. You can call me entitled, but at some point you gotta stop teasing and give your audience something to hold onto.
  15. So then they basically show us we can't trust them with any schedule what so ever, they already failed release dates before, this would mean they can't even pin down an entire week. If this happens I sure hope they're going to do something about the way they manage things because then it's really damn broken.
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