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  1. First of all. Man was it so hard to post this to let us know that you're aware of the issue and you're having difficulty identifying the Source of it?. So thank you for letting us know. Second.. I have a post in this thread where I'm updating and documenting every time I experience a crash at both Orb Vallis and Cambion Drift. From now on I'm going to try to be more specific by including the frame, companion and weapons I was using at the time of the crash. Hopefully you guys can identify a trend and follow a much clearer trail that'll lead you to identify the issue and eventually fix it. But
  2. The only exciting news I wanna hear is that you're finally gonna fix the Orb Vallis and Deimos crashes on consoles once and for all.
  3. Well, it happened again. Exploiter Orb mission... Last phase.... And then boom..CRASHED. Sunday October 25th 2020. 4:03 am AST. I'm not gonna bother raising a ticket so.. Every time my game crashes in any of the missions in Orb Vallis, I'm gonna log it here on this thread until you decide to either fix the issue or close the thread. And if you decide to close the thread, I already have a planned course of action. And before you ask. No.. This is not a threat of any kind. But one way or the other this issue has to be addressed and fixed. One word. Perseverance. 1- 26th/October/2020 3:33 a
  4. I don't understand the logic behind putting the Buried Debts event live once again knowing that the crash issue hasn't been fixed yet. I have no other choice but to assume that you people at DE simply just don't care at this point.Just so you know my game just crashed at 22:25 AST sealing fractures.
  5. Well. This just happened(17/Oct/2020 00:40 am AST).Right before opening the ISO vault the game decided to crash. Played all 5 main bounties in Orb Vallis before that, no problem. 1 step forward, 2 steps backwards. This is beyond frustrating at this point.
  6. I hope that "A handful of optimizations" note at the end includes fixing The Orb Vallis Crash. It's beyond infuriating at this point.
  7. Look DE. I know you and most of game developers are working from home. And it isn't as easy to get things done when you're working at the studio. I totally get that. But this is a Major,Major issue that somehow, some way it has to be addressed and fixed. I don't know the numbers of what's the total population of active console players. But I dare to guess its probably half of the total population of active players. PC players being the other half. I came back to this game 3 weeks ago after a year and almost a half brake. I needed that break because I played this game and only this game nonsto
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