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  1. My game still crashes when I open the options page 😞
  2. Yo my game crashes when I open the options menu
  3. Things I like about this update: -Slam: The new slam attack change provides a new means for mobility and closing the distance to a target. -Visual Effects: The new visual effects look amazing and I love them, though I've noticed something off about the weapon trail on one of my zaws, not sure how to explain it. Things I don't like about this update (and why): -Removal of Quick Melee: From what I understand, previously, every stance had it's own short string of quick melee attacks, some of which kept you fixed to your normal flow of movement. In example, the Zaw I use, using the Bleeding WIllow stance, had a two-hit combo that covered a very useful amount of angles when swinging, while keeping a steady and reasonable pace of swing and without interrupting the flow of my movement. This short, non-intrusive string of attacks has been removed from every weapon, and thus, much versatility in melee choice and usefulness. -Datamasses/held pickups: When holding a pickup, if you try to swap to a primary weapon, you drop the pickup. The new way it swaps your weapons without the pressing of a key can cause you to drop pickups without realizing it. If you pick a datamass up while holding your primary weapon, it can make you swap to your melee weapon, and thus if you press either mouse button, you will drop the datamass, and usually this goes unnoticed until arriving at a console or objective. This same kind of issue may affect anything that involves swapping weapons as well, though I can't think of or remember any others at the moment. -Obsolete mods/mechanics: There were a couple mechanics that relied on the ability to block manually, such as Guardian Derision and Electromagnetic shielding, which as far as I can tell, no longer work. -Rakta Dark Dagger passive: From what I understood, this passive was, well, in essense, passive. In other words it was just there. As small as it may have already been, reducing it to a limited duration on equipping it in-mission may have made it even less of a reason to use the dagger over a weapon that would be more effective at dealing damage, or just have a more useful passive. This change in fact makes me worry that other weapons are going to receive the same treatment, some of which may actually disturb the flow of the game, like the Telos Boltace, having differing speeds of bullet jump may mess up one's flow of movement, perhaps causing you to get stuck on more level geometry than usual. Things I would like in the (preferably near) future (and why): -Quick melee: I would like some way or an option to be able to use the old quick melee strings. They were useful and I miss them. They were family to me. -Uninhibited melee movement: Most melee combos disrupt the flow of your movement. Personally, this heavily limits choice of melee weapons and stances. Making movement during melee combos fixed to your normal movement (non-sprint) would open up many choices in melee and help with issues from removing of quick melee. -Directional/angular melee: Something that would benefit melee all around and open up another level of interactive and skill-based game-play is the option to angle your melee attacks vertically with the camera, rather than just fixed straight forward-facing attacks. Exceptions to this, I assume, would be slam-based strikes and spinning-type attacks. -Pickups: A simple fix for dropping a datamass would be to make the objective waypoint invisible while it's on the ground, but not all mission types are the same and use waypoints more than Mobile defense. Therefore, the prevention of being able to swap to one's primary weapon without the manual dropping of a pickup seems to be a better compromise. -Obsolete mechanics: Most of the things relying on blocking didn't seem that necessarily effective, or useful, despite me using them as if they were more useful than they maybe have been for the way that the game currently goes- it was the idea that mattered 😄, I dunno, I'd just like to see some sort of replacement for everything that no longer works, or at least have it work again in some way, like what was done for the Vaykor Sydon. -Rakta Dark Dagger passive: I would personally like the passive to be permanent when in one's loadout, but seeing as how little I notice the passive anyways, I likely wouldn't notice the 30s limit anways, so the change doesn't effect me much but I do see how it could harm someone if they aren't paying attention and the buff runs out at a bad time. -Leap attack delay: There is a period of time after leap attacks where no melee attacks may be used, which makes sense if it's another leap attack because of the small amount of propulsion they provide.However, they can be greatly irritating if preformed even accidentally upon falling due to small ledges or slopes because it prevents any form of melee for that small period of time. As one might imagine it can cause many issues including but not limited to incapacitation. I would like if leap attacks didn't prevent ground-melee attacks and maybe slam attacks for a short duration after them. -Wall attacks: I never use wall attacks. They aren't affected by attack speed, are rather slow by default, and don't deal much more (if any) damage than other attacks. I would like If wall attacks acted like slam attacks, propelling you in the direction you were facing and acted just like slam attacks, perhaps even if facing upwards. -Wall slams: I would greatly like if hitting a wall with a slam attack would slam attack the wall, colliding with it and stopping your momentum like it would with the floor, rather than sliding down all along the side of the wall. You could even give an option to quick-recover from the wall slam by wall-latching, due to the lack of likelihood of enemies on the wall. (and thus ineffective as an attack but useful as skillfully executed mobility) This would go well with aforementioned wall-attack-slams, giving the player the ability to preform chains of wall-slams for mobility or simply to feel badass. That's all I have to note for now! Thanks for all that is Warframe!
  4. They weren't completely immortal if you're smart. Operator dash + the nearest body of water was a quick fix 🙂 Who need bug fixes when you got brains ;o But for real thanks for the all the fixes you guys do, probably one of, if not the best group of developers about fixing bugs in a game bound to have lots ❤️
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