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  1. updated the list a bit, added some notes and re-arranged all the listed weapons. Will add some notes later today and see if I can get a Nami Skyla P set/2 catalysts for 2 untested weapons.
  2. This might actually be true. Even weapons with innate viral and same amount of different status procs (plague kripath, to give an example) are outperformed far (against unarmored) with a redeemer prime built for corrosive (higher) + fire (lower), as the weapon also has IPS procs and blast procs. I'm gonna actually go and test the redeemer prime more right now. I've been using Lesion to pretty much 4 hit wave 12 demolysts (from 1.5x combo after a primer) lately.
  3. The point is to get status effects from primers and then attack with the most effective melee weapon built for dmg against main enemy type. I didn't say a primer isn't a viable approach, just that it's not included when looking for the most viable melee weapon for condition overload, which is what this tier list is made for.
  4. Perhaps, but it's better to choose a weapon that kills enemies faster.. at least most of the time. You wrote that It's as simple as "any weapon with innate status effect, high status chance or a weapon that can be used with a primary/secondary/companion/ability than can inflict enough status on enemies to make the melee viable for condition overload is 'suitable' for condition overload". This is wrong, as it can be a waste of mod slot on weapons with low status chance or no effects on stance combos. When looking for a condition overload viable melee weapon, you dont look for the highest crit melee weapon that synergizes off the procs of a "primer", but rather the melee weapon that has the highest damage potential with a condition overload build. After all, Condition Overload builds do more damage than full crit/DPS builds.
  5. Some weapons, even with a lower status chance, perform better than those with higher status chance. This is not just a descending list of weapons with highest status chance. It's a list of condition overload melee builds that are the most effective in terms of DPS and control. For condition overload to be viable, you want to have as many status effects available from both the melee weapon and it's stances... and each of these damage types should have a similar chance to activate so that you don't have to hit the enemy too many times.
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1881772999 Finished making this tier list yesterday. Hopefully it can help some players at least get a general idea of what to use condition overload on and save some formas. Feel free to suggest changes as long as you explain yourself. I still have to test a few weapons from the list again.
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