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    Wukong Revisit

    Hi i would like to point out that if you have toggle sprint toggled on and then use cloud walker, when you leave cloudwalker sprint is toggled off. Would be great if it didnt. many thanks.
  2. Controller has it L1: crouch slide roll DE please bring this to Keyboard Bindings
  3. best setup so far for me is the following: LSHIFT: Crouch R = Roll (hold to toggle Sprint)Q = quick change weaponF = ReloadZ = Gear Wheel I would still like to see an extra binding added for "roll/crouch" but until its a feature this will have to do.
  4. As apposed to bullet slide, bullet jump or Roll? i think all three are faster than the fakey slide. The other problem is that the roll is supposed to be used with directions so you can roll in 4 directions. putting roll on R means i cannot roll to the right. But then who in warframe rolls in any direction other than forward. I might Reset my controls and try this: Q: Roll/Sprint SHIFT: Crouch CTRL: Gear Wheel Toggle Sprint: On That will keep my reload where it belongs on R.
  5. I like your suggestion. I could move reload to F, switch weapon to Q and the gear wheel to Z. It would also work well with my Limbo as roll would then be right next to the abilities. i wouldn't need to hold it down as i use toggle sprint. but i still would like to have sprint as the default option between sprinting and running. With that being said. i dont see a problem with making the controls easier to use. the games should be hard... not the controls. and thematically crouch and roll are both stealth moves. it makes sense to me to have them both on the same button. Neither of these two points hold any merit tho as they are only my opinion. ill try the new keybindings tonight and see if i can get used to them. R = Roll (hold to toggle Sprint) Q = quick change weapon F = Reload Z = Gear Wheel
  6. After The devstream where Steve mentioned possible control changes, I went out and tried my own variation: - I moved "Hold to crouch" to Shift. - I moved "dash/sprint" to Ctrl. - I turned on "Toggle Sprint". now at the beginning of every mission i hold ctrl for 2 seconds to get the sprint (if I don't hold it, I will roll) and then I use shift and space so my thumb and pinky don't move all too much. But there is room for improvement and I would like to ask for two new additional features if possible. 1. I would like new a setting added called "Sprint by Default". When toggled on, you are always sprinting unless you press the sprint button to make you move slower. 2. I would like an new binding added called "Crouch/Roll". tapping crouch initiates a roll. holding it works as it does now. Are these options possible at all I am not to sure but if they are I would like to see them added to the game. By adding these as additional (off by default) settings, it wont interfere with anyone else and all who find them can try them out. EDIT: CONTROLLER HAS IT L1: CROUCH SLIDE ROLL please bring this to pc
  7. Firstly, I am not sure about others but i would like to see a change in the controls for any of the dash/charge abilities. rhinos charge, void dash, Hydriods wave, etc. as it stands range is what controls the dash. if you have high range you will dash far whether you want to or not. I propose that we change the dash mechanics to a Hold button ability so that we can stop mid dash if we choose to. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  8. I would like to confirm this bug. Here is how i repo: 1. Host invites me to group. 2. Host starts any of the "The New Strange" quests. 3. some doors wont open for me but do for the host. Hopefully this helps
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