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  1. I joined sometime before the first Frost Prime Vault opened. I remember Ember being very popular for low level missions. Vauban was considered good. Saryn built for low duration for Miasma spam. Oberon was laughably bad. Trinity had infinite range on her Blessing. I miss old Archwing controls. Used to be able to do a Corpus Archwing mission like the Death Star trench run. Now I putter along because I bounce off everything and inertia screws my movement. Don't miss doing the key/Tower thing. Doing 40+ minute runs because all the good Prime parts were on rotation C just to get some Orokin cells and bronze/silver fusion cores was frustrating.
  2. Zenistar offers zone control, allowing you to effectively hold 2 places down at once. Zenith is a decent AR with a fun quirk, but it doesn't do anything other rifles can't do. My vote goes to Zenistar.
  3. Latron Wraith is my personal favorite. Also Dread/Rakta Cernos. Fusilai for secondary. I like daggers even though they have crap range.
  4. I agree that the power gap and access to utility can be huge. I’m not at the max Fortuna rank, so I can’t deploy an Archgun... which is what vets tell me to do to speed up Wolf killing. On the other hand, I get annoyed when lower MR players go down frequently in a relic mission before I remember that newbies don’t have Medi-Ray/Magus Elevate/Life Strike/etc.
  5. If you're a newer player, I'd say Nezha is first pick. He's a good all-rounder with tank properties. Similar to Rhino. Loki would be my second pick. Stealth/CC oriented and nice for solo play. Fragile and needs Corrupted mods to really shine IMO. Outclassed by Ivara, but she can be a massive pain to farm. Banshee would be third. Can be built for Damage Buffs, CC, or DPS, but she's squishy and there are frames that do her job better. Nova is better at (de)buffing and for mass killing I bring Saryn.
  6. Larkspur is primarily Radiation, so probably that since Wolfboy is Alloy Armored with Alloy Armor as a health type.
  7. Oberon is a tanky support. He grants himself and his team bonus armor and health regen. Oberon isn't really about killing, he's a frame focused around staying alive. I typically build him around his Renewal for this purpose. First off, give him more Health and Armor. Ignore Shields, you don't care about those. Add some Power Strength to taste, to boost your armor and healing bonus. Slap on Rage or Hunter Adrenaline, which grants energy upon taking damage to health... which is mitigated by the health regen and armor buff. Round him off with a Phoenix Renewal augment for a free auto revive every 90 seconds. Provided enemies are present, you have an infinite energy, nigh un-killable Oberon. Silva and Aegis is probably best running a typical crit/status hybrid Blood Rush/Drifting Contact/Condition Overload build.
  8. Armor, Power Strength, Ironclad Charge. Iron Shrapnel if you want to refresh Iron Skin easier. Growing Power aura for more Power Strength. Power Drift in Exilus slot. Uh. Not sure what else.
  9. Support ticket. We can't help you here.
  10. It’s basically a slot machine. Pull the lever and hope something good comes out. Didn’t get it? Insert (currency) and pull the lever again! Surely you will get it this time! Are they useful? Yes. Do they fuel addictive/gambling mentalities? Also yes.
  11. This. Soooo much this. Despite being a 2-in-1 frame that seems to be about switching forms to adapt to a situation, I find I'm better off just sticking to one form the whole mission.
  12. I've had some successful acquisitions because I asked a trade partner if they happened to have another item I was looking for and they were happy to take my plat/mod/whatever for it. Nothing ventured nothing gained and all that. Don't trade.
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