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  1. I am glad for the beacons. The tiny duration of the tactical alert was upsetting. Anyone who was busy for that one single weekend missed it completely. Next time I would like to see a full week of tactical alert so people busy on the weekend don't miss out completely.
  2. Why was it the weekend only instead of the full week? Anyone who was busy has absolutely no chance at the mallet now.
  3. Itzal is the lynchpin of the 5x3/6x3 strategy. The only potential compromise would be allowing 24/7 Eidolon hunts to make the speed it provides less mandatory. Where a 5% slower run doesn't mean 20% fewer rewards. Also flying between objectives/conservation spots is boring. I would accept proper afterburners on all archwings in atmosphere in exchange for Itzal's 1. Buff alternatives to keep overall speed the same and just introduce more variety.
  4. It just makes the frame builds and break timing more demanding since you will have to maintain the Harrow buff for a 1-shot. Meaning more toxicity in recruiting, higher demands, and more stringent meta. The disposition nerfs just make the problems worse.
  5. Weapon popularity is the wrong statistic to measure. If a weapon is only ever used by people who have a riven for it, it's probably because the weapon is garbage without one. If a weapon is widely used without a riven, it means it's plenty strong enough on its own and doesn't need the extra boost, so the rivens can be safely toned down. Factor in riven-reliance when choosing how to balance these, not just raw popularity. And disposition also needs to play into this. If the dispo is too low, people will drop it or not bother rolling, and be forced to play without them simply due to normal mods being better. Increasing the minimum disposition to 0.8 would help prevent this from confusing the data a bit, but so would comparing from previous samples to see if a significant number of riven users were added or dropped.
  6. Minimum disposition should be 0.8. Below that and even godly rolls barely compete with normal mods for even raw slot efficiency, never mind the huge capacity cost. It's not even about balancing weapons at that point, it just makes the riven actually worthless, without impacting the weapon itself.
  7. With how restrictive the day/night cycle is? It's a huge deal.
  8. Status under 100%, crit under 100/200%, or multishot under 200/300% after factoring in other mods. Ruining status builds or introducing RNG whiffs is not fun or balanced. If a gun is only popular within a small niche like Eidolon/PT hunting, it doesn't need nerfs. Knock it off with the across-the-board sniper massacre. You gave us weapons that are good for only one thing, then punish us for using them for that thing?
  9. Fixed being able to get out of bounds of The Index map by throwing your Warframe off the map and Transferring to your Operator, and then falling off the edge with your Operator so that you get forced back to your Warframe who is now off the map somewhere. I do not throw my frame off the edge. He jumps. Umbra's pathfinding AI is not the brightest.
  10. They've tanked the efficiency of every screen the new UI has touched so far, you expect them to stop now? Before, we got pertinent info on every single item on-screen in menus. Now we get information on only one thing at a time, because every single piece of info including prices in buy/sell menus is hidden behind mouseover. The UI is an absolute disaster and probably the best example of what not to do when building a UI in recent history.
  11. Auras and nitain need to be added to invasions. The big problem with the change from alerts is for new players. Auras are *crucial* to have access to early on. Even weaker auras are still important for the capacity boost they give. It is important for new players to quickly build a base collection. Old alerts were perfect for this. For a new player who still needs every single reward on offer, they were an absolute treasure trove. Sure veterans may have only seen 1-2 things per week that they actually wanted, but new players (either through star chart access or a taxi) saw multiple worthwhile alerts per day. The more things you still needed the more often a "good" alert would come around. And this was a good thing. It boosted early progression making it quick to catch up. Nightwave is not a replacement for this. Forcing everything into a highly limited shared resource pool makes the progression far too slow, especially since new players are heavily limited on which nightwave missions they can even complete. Core progression items like auras and a small supply of nitain (the packs can stay in nightwave) need to be added to invasions to reclaim the old sense of progression speed for new players. Nightwave can even keep the auras as a later stage catch-up if someone is missing a specific aura they need like CP. There just needs to be an accessible and immediate means of tapping into the aura pool for new players to get their collections started. One not time-gated, resource-gated, and coming at the cost of other important progression items (like the weapons and vauban).
  12. Delete this. Forum acting up, caused a double-post.
  13. Thoughts on the system: The basic reward cycle of credits/shop feels really underwhelming compared to alerts. Especially for new players. Part of the problem is moving to a static resource pool changes the dynamic of the system, and is difficult to balance the frequency of rewards properly. Under alerts, you would see 1-2 dozen in an average week playing maybe 2 hours per night. Most of them weapons, helmets, auras, nitain, and Vauban parts. Veterans might only go for the nitain. Newbies would go for all of them available, since it offers things they still need. That was the good part of the system. The more you still need, the more rewarding the system is simply due to the percentage of it that interests you and the ability to claim everything on offer. A static resource pool is much more punishing to newbies. They are now forced to prioritize via a heavily limited resource what it is they need. Auras in particular should be addressed. Possibly move them over to invasions so that new players filling out their collection can keep the heavy frontloaded utility style system. It should be ok to lower the rate of clantech resources to fit these into the invasion system. We now have tier 4 Fortuna bounties as a replacement source for the pre-built resources. As for the creds themselves, it feels really slow. In the old system, if something you wanted was available, all it took was a quick mission to grab it. In the new system, you don't see a single wolf cred until 30k rep is gained, and even then it's a small pack of 50. I would replace this with smaller more reliable gains, possible with rank-up rewards maintaining larger packs as an extra bonus. My idea is to directly give ~10-15 wolf creds for a daily mission, instead of rep. Leave rep on the weeklies (maybe rebalance numbers if needed). That would make your progress more tangible. Maybe increase the cost of potatoes a bit to compensate for the greater availability. 75->100 (if 10) or 120 (if 15). Leave the more common alert cosmetics, weapons, etc. priced as they are, possibly reducing the nitain bundle to 2 or 3, or making it singles for cheaper. Again, this is mostly for newer players who still need these things to give them a more rapid and tangible sense of progression, and direct rewards for their efforts.
  14. I have concerns. How long is a series? Why allow them to expire instead of choosing to apply credit to older series? Old alerts you only had to be on when they were up. With these it's basically MMO weekly quests. Except there's a cumulative reward so you have to stay on top of them. But the fact that they expire/go way if you take a break (and I can't find info anywhere on when a series ends and rewards expire, so that timing seems unpredictable) really then suffers the same problems as the login system, which went about 2 years too far before finally being capped off into evergreen rewards. Actually worse, since players may unexpectedly *lose* progress thanks to the expiration. I'm not a fan of adding more and more systems that require constant babysitting and endless logins. The overall system of weeklies awarding currency for an "alert" reward shop is great. But the separate series beginning and ending and the timed-reset 30-rank progress tracker is what's offputting about all of this. Why not just a continuous rank tracker, and replace "series" with "sprints" of new rewards? You can still use "evergreen" bonus rewards for everyone who is caught up and stopped at max rank (basically fill the rep bar to earn a bonus reward instead of a new rank if currently at max), and for those who aren't maxed and earn above pace, those extra ranks catch them up towards the current "series." The tie-in mini-events don't have to be directly linked to the rewards someone may be earning. It's not immersion-breaking to earn WoS6 armor while finishing out your old sprint during a... let's say, Corpus mafia story as the current one.
  15. Why? What's the point of the mod if we can't use it during the one situation where it would be useful? What's next, damage mods no longer apply to weapons used against it? Ignores boosts from Warframe buffs? Do you want players to do this content or not? Because this is how you make us not. The rewards were barely worth the time already (seriously why debt bonds when we're already maxed with SU), and now you're making it take much longer.
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