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  1. Can we get a countdown timer or some other failsafe? This keeps happening and halting all progression in the new bounties.
  2. Any fix for the now broken Latrox bounty? Aside from the original issue of bring painfully slow due to low sample droprates. the bonus objective "rework" completely broke the thing. Now we have a shield drone which, Cannot restore its own shields Wanders off on its own miles away from its master completely defenseless and providing him no benefit Has obscenely high threat value to the point of provoking every Carnis on Deimos to stand and snipe it from halfway across the map. This bounty has gone from merely slow/annoying to an eternity of a
  3. Seriously. It was bad enough the first time when they added new meta grips long after people were done with PoE and you had to re-farm everything from scratch to use them. But under massive changes like melee and status 3.0? Huge shifts in the meta demand different components. There's no reason we shouldn't be able to build just the components we want and switch them out onto our already mastered, potatoed, formaed, etc. strikes/chambers/whatever the main mastery component is. A lot of what people made back then is unusable now. And there's no desire to go back thro
  4. Here are the costs per feeding and my thoughts on problem instances. 15,000 Alloy Plate 10,000 Carbides 20,000 Ferrite 25 Gallium 750 Oxium A bit on the pricey side, but not too egregious. I might cut it down to 500. 20,000 Salvage 10 Tellurium Way too much for how rare the drops is in single quantities, plus the high price of existing sinks for Fortuna cosmetics. Make it 3-5 and it would feel ok. 20,000 Titanium Imbalanced compared to other railjack resources. I would suggest 5000-8000 to keep it balance
  5. Wukong's cloudwalker is broken. Specifically the rise and fall controls on ctrl and space. Instead of the snappy agile movement we expect from him, it's a sluggish delayed acceleration drift up or down. Much slower than before, like it was just replaced with Razorwing's flight for only those 2 controls, but without the speed and other controls that make actual razorwing feel good to use. It doesn't fit together and feels terrible to use. Give us back the snappy up/down motion he had before. Please fix Wukong.
  6. Mine stopped at round 20 as well. Just over 2 hours in. All 3 of round 20 gave rewards, but the 1st bounty of round 21 and onward (only tested for 2 blanks) did not.
  7. TYPE: Bounty DESCRIPTION: Endless bounty rewards stop after round 20 REPRODUCTION: Complete 20 rounds of endless artifact hunter (approx. 2 hours) EXPECTED RESULT: Round 21 should give rewards (item + mother tokens) OBSERVED RESULT: The reward banner is blank (no image or text and no mother token text underneath). Rewards page is also not updates with any additional items, so the "blank" reward is true. REPRODUCTION RATE: 1/1 attempts. I'm not spending another 2 hours to find out right now.
  8. TYPE: Cambion Drift (Mining) DESCRIPTION:Necrathene appears improperly weighted REPRODUCTION: Mine blue nodes or bonus sections in the Cambion Drift EXPECTED RESULT: Expected to appear at similar rates to crimzian or amarast OBSERVED RESULT: Appears significantly more rarely than anything else in the game, including the actual rare gems. REPRODUCTION RATE: Cannot say, since this appears to be bugged table weights for RNG values.
  9. I've only done the quest instance with the necramech but that's enough for me to hate literally everything about it, both player and enemy. Player: Slow, weak, and horrible to control with its legs getting stuck literally facing the camera at times so any attempt to dodge or boost would send me careening off in random directions. Enemy: That first encounter was horrible. An enemy that's invincible on 90% of its body that you're forced to fight in an immobile inaccurate and pathetically weak version of the same thing, but with none of those same resistances so it can
  10. DE still hasn't even addressed if this was intended or not. Can we please get any sort of response one way or the other?
  11. You're missing everything. They just gutted its only use. (and after I spend a ton of kuva on a riven to make it work)
  12. Give us back our stug, or give us back concealed explosives. We need *some* source of self-damage.
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