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  1. WEAPON RNG REDUCTION Barely helps with what it does help with (Getting your final weapon increased from 1/13 to 1/12. woo?), and does nothing to solve the real part players take issue with: The bonus element. What we want is RNG removed from being the sole factor deciding whether we get a strong weapon, and make it simply a contributing factor. We want guaranteed progress, and we can accept a variable pace for that progress as long as we are guaranteed something. We want a method to use duplicates and low rolls to still increase the value of our main weapons up towards the maximum value. Even if we're simply consuming a duplicate to add 5% to our existing weapon up to the maximum value, that's something. That's progress. That gives value to an otherwise worthless low-stat duplicate. We have the same problem with rivens where you can invest a million kuva rerolling and still get nothing of value. We need a fix for that system (locking number of stats/negative and individual lines), not a second system of massive time/resource sinks for potentially 0 rewards. RECYCLE YOUR REQUIEM Cool. TRADE YOUR LICH I kind of get it from a gameplay perspective, but only kind of. We still need to go through the long process of converting a lich, which is fine and worthwhile for "valuable" re-sales. But from a lore perspective it just compounds on the confusion of the system. Liches as a whole need to be looked at again. I'm not normally one to throw around the term ludo-narrative dissonance, but there is some serious disconnect here. We knowingly and willingly use our parazon to "activate" the larvalings, allowing them to be turned into liches, who will go on to be a menace to the system. We don't simply allow it, we directly enable it. It would make more sense if liches were more like death marks from a lore perspective. Make it the worm queen's response to us raiding her kuva supplies in a special mission (where killing the larvaling is a natural part of the mission, such as if they drop a required key), so she revives the fallen soldier and sends them out to seek revenge. This keeps the opt-in nature from a gameplay perspective, while being more of a Grineer response to us and out of our direct control form a lore perspective, instead of us actively choosing to create this thing. Also it removes the random larvaling spawns from missions and allows stealth exterminates to function again. Then, when fighting them, they don't act like liches or justify many of their voice lines at all. We only killed them once as a larvaling. They were revived a single time as a lich. The next and only other time we kill them, that's it. They die forever (or we don't ever kill them again and convert them instead). It would make far more sense for failed attempts to still kill the lich, but have them just continue coming back to life stronger each time. The impermanence of death is what makes a lich a lich. Not just a single rescue from near-death injuries. Right now requiems aren't the secret spell to put a lich to rest, they just block them from magically countering our finishers despite being weakened through combat. Makes no sense from a lore standpoint. They really feel like they should be a "stay down" after killing the lich over and over, not the tools to enable us to take it down a single time at all. And finally, with trading, we're now engaging in not only the slave trade, but selling them as game for other tenno to hunt? That seems a little harsh. Also it's currently unknown whether their requiem will reset or stay the same (so you can just tell the person you're selling them to off the bat), and how it would make sense from a lore perspective if it does change. If the trading were available while a lich were still an active menace it would make some sense lorewise, you would essentially declare a bounty on them and allow another tenno to deal with the threat. And the lich may understandably shift their focus to the new tenno who has been running through their territory and killing their thralls. Or, otherwise, if we are keeping trading as something to do with converted liches, skip the hostile phase and make it just a tradeable weapon/ephemera. Make the traded contracts essentially you calling in a final favor from the lich, requesting that they help to arm your fellow tenno by giving them their kuva weapon (and ephemera).
  2. Wow, you did this in just about the worst way you could have. It only fixes the problem of waiting to invest in and rank weapons. It does nothing to stop weaker duplicates from being worthless, or to mitigate how S#&$ty the RNG element bonuses feel to have in the game. Instead of an overwriting transfer, it should be an upgrade based on the consumed weapon's value. If we get a 20% garbage roll, we should be able to consume it to at least slightly buff an existing weapon's bonus up towards the maximum allowed value. It should be guaranteed progression towards a fixed goal at a variable pace. We have enough terrible RNG with huge investment for zero guaranteed rewards with rivens. Which, frankly, should change too.
  3. Still no fix for requiem relics not dropping from floods? Or the status chance bug? (100% status weapons not triggering growing power, etc.)
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