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  1. The new map is awful. It's big with impractical side halls that enemies way too often hide out in making you waste time trying to find them instead of actually killing. There's no open areas at all, forcing you into close quarters for any kind of LoS. And the goals are horribly placed. Without a Limbo you're basically guaranteed to lose the day trader nightwave to some spawn out of nowhere that found a stray credit (which also end up in some really awkward locations when they drop on that map)
  2. It's not very low at all, especially considering how low the eidolon lens BP is. Also the bonus objectives they added for PoE feel really unbalanced. 1 minute for assassinate especially is really pushing it (pure luck if you even get enough spawns to hit it), and the 50% liberate threshold is easy to lose extremely quickly in certain camps where terrain can block a large squad and rapidly drain control. Also capture failing if anything incidental causes a kill such as voms if you dip into night. Can they just add these somewhere for like 100k Cetus rep? Or Quills rep?
  3. This bug is dating back to August. I've been poking the labs every couple weeks since then and it continues to be broken. Can we please get a fix?
  4. Kinda but other way around. You can put set/amalgam mods on your main weapon to stat stick an exalted. Mods on the exalted only apply when it's out. So, for example, amalgam serration on Ivara's artemis bow only applies when it's drawn, but on her main primary it applies all the time, allowing 2x the speed when her bow is out.
  5. So new Ember sets things on fire, has DR, makes things take more damage (armor strip), and nukes everything in sight. Isn't that just Nezha?
  6. At this point just delete sniper rivens from the game and make primed chamber available to replace them.
  7. 41 vaults as Ivara, always stealing, 0 mods. 0.3% chance that this is just coincidence. This is a bug.
  8. It's just given to you upon entering the Valis if you've been in all 30. I guess upon loading into the map it re-counts for you. This has been a bug since Fortuna launched and it's finally fixed.
  9. It's a problem for generic mission zenurik use too. Even in the best-case scenario where you're traveling in a straight line, the momentum will carry you out of the bubble before you can transfer back in. You have to slam your void dash on the ground to get the benefit. I'd personally like it if the operator could just transfer the buff to their frame the same way the frame can transfer the buff to an archwing without the archwing needing to touch a bubble. But really it's an issue for precision of movement. I could maybe get used to it if movement abilities like void dash preserved your speed but changed the direction it's applied in. Or if you put some cap on speed you can carry out of a void dash, and reset your momentum upon ending a dash up to that cap speed in the dash direction. But you can't just apply a continuous vector of momentum. It just sends people careening off sideways or forcing them backwards with no air brakes. Initiating a void dash needs to immediately cancel your momentum. Whether you take some or all of the magnitude of that momentum and apply it in the dash direction is another matter, but continuous player control needs to be a priority. Can you imagine if double jumping and air kicking didn't redirect your momentum at all? The game would be unplayable. That's what operator is right now.
  10. I am glad for the beacons. The tiny duration of the tactical alert was upsetting. Anyone who was busy for that one single weekend missed it completely. Next time I would like to see a full week of tactical alert so people busy on the weekend don't miss out completely.
  11. Why was it the weekend only instead of the full week? Anyone who was busy has absolutely no chance at the mallet now.
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