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  1. I'm not, DE is. That's the game design. You aren't supposed to do lots of Kuva floods over and over to get lots of Kuva, that's why the put the limitation in, and that's why they enforced it with this change. Kuva floods are generally faster than kuva survival. You can take issue with DE's logic over it all you want but it's there, and it's the choice they made. Yelling at them for closing a loophole that allowed some players to bypass the limitation they put on all players is silly.
  2. That is your opinion. Some things in game should be long term goals, not get it all in a week and be done. Kuva is one of them. Regardless of what you want or don't want the missions are currently timed. That's is DE's decision. Making them timed for SOME people and not others can't stand. That will kill a community. Fairness is a thing.
  3. They are fine, if you aren't selling Rivens. You aren't supposed to have a riven for every gun you ever want rolled 100 times until it is perfect. You don't get to decide the game design. The design was 1 flood every hour or whatever. That's the design. Saying you don't like that limitation so it's ok for you to cheat (when other's can't) is ridiculous. I mean pawns move way to slow in chess.... so I'm just going to move them like queens.... not how it works.
  4. Dragging a player into a mission against their will has always been a problem in this game. Even if you vote "no" to a mission, if three people vote yes you get dragged in, instead of dropped out (like you should). I don't know how many times I've come back from a mission, done things in the orbiter for a few minutes, left the PC and come back and I'm in a mission because I forgot I was in a squad. A couple times someone even threatened to "report" me for being afk in the mission I had no idea I was on. Forcing people into missions is a poor feature of WF as far as I am concerned and should be removed. Or at the least made toggleable (auto drop me from any mission I don't vote yes on/drag me along).
  5. Translation: "I use a dummy account to continually take me to kuva floods and then quit the mission, letting me do kuva floods 24/7 for endless kuva". Yeah... DE shouldn't address utterly game breaking bugs that let someone do a timed mission over and over and over again as often as they like. This actually was a priority for balance in the game since people were routinely abusing said bug to get endless kuva.
  6. Please consider allowing us to combine mining tools from POE and Vallis into ONE mining tool. There just aren't enough hotkeys for the gear wheel for spears and mining equipment for both POE and Vallis and other stuff. I hotkey the stuff I swap back and forth often, and that includes a mining tool and Spear on POE. Now that's out the window.
  7. This is why Rivens are cancer. I don't do rivens much at all because they are such a bad element in the game and they never should have been added in the first place. But here we are, I finally broke down and rolled up a few Rivens for weapons I use. Supra has become my main weapon. It's not OP compared to a number of weapons in the game, but now the riven I rolled up isn't as good (while say Tiberon is still a 5 disp?). This just feels bad. Constant rebalancing of mods you had to grind Kuva to roll, get insanely lucky to roll anything good, and then boom, those rolls are gone. It's not about power, or being OP or any of that, it's about time investment and how it feels. The entire system is basically set up so that you will always feel bad. You will feel bad when you don't get the Rivens for the weapon you want (in a game with this many weapons). You will feel bad when you don't get the stats you want or even stats that are remotely good. (with what it is 35,000 combinations of stats). Then if you DO get lucky and roll a great riven for your favorite weapon. The disposition hammer comes down and you feel bad that you no longer have that roll. All this so that people will use "other weapons" than the ones they have fun using. It now seems like the goal of DE is not that players have fun, but that players use the game items they spent time creating. If players don't want to use those items DE is going to make you use them. Dispositions needed to be changed on some weapons but they need to be locked. Freefloating changes to disposition just makes the entire system into a "why bother - it will all change next update anyway" kind of feeling. I can't imagine primed mods changing their stats every update (this month Primed continuity does less, next month it might be more... ).
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