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  1. Shockwave-

    Can we get an ember rework already?

    Then your argument is not supported by your data. Your argument is we shouldn't fear DE reworks. DE reworks are mostly bad, and leave the frame worse off than they were before. So we do fear them. Your notion of only counting the most recent rework does not count the TOTAL number of reworks. So in your mind a frame that had a huge nerf, a terrible rework, and then a slightly positive rework counts as a single positive rework even though it had 2 bad ones and one good one. Even if the frame is worse overall from its starting point, as long as it is better than it's last rework to you it is a single positive case. That's not a very effective argument. ASH is a perfect example. They nuked him so nobody wanted to use him, then tweaked him back a little. A net negative overall and he is a worse frame for it, but to you it's a single example of a good rework. I'll concede that DE has done better recently with reworks and they are trending up, but not enough to overcome the past (yet). Ember being nuked for no reason, with no backpedal while empowering other frames so they are broken (Saryn, Octavia, etc) still sticks out to me.
  2. Shockwave-

    Can we get an ember rework already?

    That wouldn't work. In high level missions you have to wait 35 seconds to get to high damage... you will be one shot by then. You can't wait 35 seconds to get to max damage if you have to reset it regularly. That would still make her useless in any high level mission. Gara's splinterstorm doesn't reset. Nidus's damage doesn't reset regularly once he gets his stacks, etc.
  3. Shockwave-

    Can we get an ember rework already?

    When did Ash have another rework? I used to use ash all the time before they reworked his 4, I haven't touched him since. Did they rework him again, because I don't believe he qualifies for your list. Ivara and Khora were more like release tweaks, which they have started doing, not what I would call reworks. Some people still world prefer old nuke saryn and you can't say her rework make more people play her, ditto valkyr. Her rework nerfed her. Both frames I play less after reworks than before their reworks. . Mag's old map nuke for corpus was nerfed, again I'm not sure her overall rework made her played more. Mirage and mesa tweaks were a net nerf. How can you not put them in the net nerf category?. Also Excalibur radial jav nerf hurt him a bunch, what was the rework that improved him back? Seems like you are counting any frame that had a positive change (even after a hard nerf) as a positive rework instead both a negative and positive rework that cancel each other out.
  4. Shockwave-

    Volt Speed constant recasts need to be elminated

    But it is great in long straight line runs like capture, or any long run to the exit. Which is why the backflipping as immunity for a while is a great solution in my mind. hell I'd love a 3 strikes and you are out rule as well (backflip out of speed 3 times in a mission and you are immune for the rest of the mission).
  5. Shockwave-

    Gyro/Atmo/Repeller systems

    I'm disappointed in the move to reward based materials. Mats are things you farm while doing other missions and in most cases many different mission options are available to farm, no matter which one you like to do. Having to run a mission 20-30 times to get ONE repeller systems reward in order go up levels with little duck is one thing. Sure that's an over time goal, and that is what these should be for. We didn't even have that mechanic with quills. But now every time you want to build a weapon or amp you have to run the mission a few dozen times. I will never be able to rebuild the plinx, or the Exergis(sp), etc. If I don't like them and get rid of them. Sure mats farming is a thing, but rare rewards being need to build everyday weapons is new. I know I am simply not going to build amps from Venus if I can help it. I'll wait until the meta is settled on and build one so I don't have to do Profit taker mission 2 another few dozen times just play around with different brace combinations. If more things are relased that require them (or god forbid they are base weapons for something else), I see that as a problem. I'd much rather have them require gems (which DE eliminated from arcanes on Venus for some reason) than a rare reward from a single mission.
  6. Shockwave-

    World on Fire, Ember.

    They should just undo the nerf, it didn't really do anything for low level missions anyway. All the other frames are being buffed (Nyx for instance) and Ember got nerfed into the ground despite being uncompetitive at high levels anyway. DE doesn't really undo changes that are mistakes though, so she will sit on the ash heap for a while (pun intended) and they will rework her again a year from now when it won't be seen as correcting a mistake. Ember's WOF should not be duration based if the idea is to work up fire damage.... but why abilities don't go off when the AFK timer does is beyond me.
  7. Sorry but allowing volt to recast speed while it is active completely negates the ability to backflip to remove speed. I've encounter a few volts recently in defense missions where they constantly recast speed every 2-3 seconds. I can't get out of it fast enough before it is recast. The speed is nauseating in certain situations, and others I simply don't want it (to avoid picking up reactant for instance). Can we get a toggle to avoid volt speed/rift plain? Can backflipping give you immunity to volt speed for a full minute or 2? You have to figure if you are getting out of it you don't want it, why not set an immunity to future casts as well?
  8. Shockwave-

    Warframe needs a report option for unsportsmanlike conduct

    I call BS. Leeching reports every hour? I play a little every day almost, and I see leeches maybe once a month. I mean sure sortie spy gets leeched a lot but there are 3 vaults for 4 players so someone is going to do nothing anyway. Leeching is not a serious problem. I have no idea why people want solutions to this over many other game mechanics DE should be working on.
  9. Shockwave-

    Limbo causing players stress (thread migration)

    This is why I simply abort when I see a limbo, it's too much trouble, or AFK when one joins late. Cataclysm is actually so seizure inducing that it is just not worth it for a game.
  10. De missed the boat with the shield/health mechanic. It's that simple. In a horde shooter the mechanic should be you are super strong, they are many. Many little hits can overwhelm you, while you slaughter lots of them. One grineer is not as strong as you, thus a grineer that one shots you is dumb. Why don't they all have that weapon? Problem is we only really die to one shots and such. That's wrong. DE should have done a dual health pool like they did -Shields and Health. But health should be UNHEALABLE. Shields should not recharge automatically, or do so very slowly. Healing should be for shields only (trinity, Oberon, operators etc). All the ways you heal health now should be healing shields. When they pepper you enough that they get through your shield, you take health damage (this is bad) and perhaps you retreat/drop a shield restore (should be limited) etc. Oops, you just lost some health. Back to fighting, wash, rinse, repeat. When you accumulate enough "pecks" at your health (because you played badly and made mistakes) you die. Balance should be around this type of damage mechanic - "accumulated losses" instead of One-shots (team-mate raising would need a rethink but could end up being you only get so many "downs" and raising just means you come back with more health/shield than if not helped by a team mate for instance). No one shots, slower shield and health drain so you can see it getting hit and do something about it, etc. One shots are just not fun. and Yes, they limit frames to just the meta frames.
  11. Shockwave-

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    They are fine, if you aren't selling Rivens. You aren't supposed to have a riven for every gun you ever want rolled 100 times until it is perfect. You don't get to decide the game design. The design was 1 flood every hour or whatever. That's the design. Saying you don't like that limitation so it's ok for you to cheat (when other's can't) is ridiculous. I mean pawns move way to slow in chess.... so I'm just going to move them like queens.... not how it works.
  12. Shockwave-

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Dragging a player into a mission against their will has always been a problem in this game. Even if you vote "no" to a mission, if three people vote yes you get dragged in, instead of dropped out (like you should). I don't know how many times I've come back from a mission, done things in the orbiter for a few minutes, left the PC and come back and I'm in a mission because I forgot I was in a squad. A couple times someone even threatened to "report" me for being afk in the mission I had no idea I was on. Forcing people into missions is a poor feature of WF as far as I am concerned and should be removed. Or at the least made toggleable (auto drop me from any mission I don't vote yes on/drag me along).
  13. Shockwave-

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Translation: "I use a dummy account to continually take me to kuva floods and then quit the mission, letting me do kuva floods 24/7 for endless kuva". Yeah... DE shouldn't address utterly game breaking bugs that let someone do a timed mission over and over and over again as often as they like. This actually was a priority for balance in the game since people were routinely abusing said bug to get endless kuva.
  14. Yes I hate it, and no, sorry no punishment. You can't. I mean if they fail the hack and you quit its ok, but they can't? Nah, it sucks but it's not an issue that needs DE coding time.
  15. Shockwave-

    Profit taker -same frames

    Once again with powers off and nothing interesting about the Profit take fight (I mean Arch guns are no different than any other gun... ) the roster of frames you will "need" for Profit taker will be the same as for Eidolons. Sure a few more frames might find there way in without the EM pulse and trin might not be a thing (but she's still useful) without drones, but the lion's share of frames will not be viable and the "hosting Profit taker need X Y Z frames will still be the norm. Why does DE design battles from the top down with the same mechanics (invulnerability, bullet sponge, shields then vulnerable) etc. I mean they even forgot shield disruption again. Why don't they look at the frames used for Eidolons and then look at all the other frames and create a battle where other frames will be the meta. Perhaps a battle where one person is needed to take out the main guy while the other three are needed to protect him( so powers are back in play). Make the little guys numerous but weak (ember, equinox, banshee etc has to keep them in check), add a flying group (one guy in arch wing to corral those), or some other mechanic like ground based shield generators that have to be "off" (capped like interception nodes and far enough away to be out of danger from profit taker but swarmed by littles) and two people have to defend those while two take out Profit Taker Maybe make putting your main shooter (chroma again of course) in a frost bubble a viable assist, or whatever. Team interaction is great, and it's fine to not be soloable, but just everyone doing the same thing doesn't feel very team based. And honestly, get rid of ground based arch guns... I mean really... what is the point of that? I even had a couple arch guns already formed up and ready to go and still seems clunky and out of place to me. Changing guns is not "skill" make the mission take skill (accuracy, timing, etc) not just.. hey you can't win unless you have the bigger gun, but don't worry he has more hp to compensate.... that's just window dressing.