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  1. Shockwave-

    Fortuna: Update 24.0

    Please consider allowing us to combine mining tools from POE and Vallis into ONE mining tool. There just aren't enough hotkeys for the gear wheel for spears and mining equipment for both POE and Vallis and other stuff. I hotkey the stuff I swap back and forth often, and that includes a mining tool and Spear on POE. Now that's out the window.
  2. This is why Rivens are cancer. I don't do rivens much at all because they are such a bad element in the game and they never should have been added in the first place. But here we are, I finally broke down and rolled up a few Rivens for weapons I use. Supra has become my main weapon. It's not OP compared to a number of weapons in the game, but now the riven I rolled up isn't as good (while say Tiberon is still a 5 disp?). This just feels bad. Constant rebalancing of mods you had to grind Kuva to roll, get insanely lucky to roll anything good, and then boom, those rolls are gone. It's not about power, or being OP or any of that, it's about time investment and how it feels. The entire system is basically set up so that you will always feel bad. You will feel bad when you don't get the Rivens for the weapon you want (in a game with this many weapons). You will feel bad when you don't get the stats you want or even stats that are remotely good. (with what it is 35,000 combinations of stats). Then if you DO get lucky and roll a great riven for your favorite weapon. The disposition hammer comes down and you feel bad that you no longer have that roll. All this so that people will use "other weapons" than the ones they have fun using. It now seems like the goal of DE is not that players have fun, but that players use the game items they spent time creating. If players don't want to use those items DE is going to make you use them. Dispositions needed to be changed on some weapons but they need to be locked. Freefloating changes to disposition just makes the entire system into a "why bother - it will all change next update anyway" kind of feeling. I can't imagine primed mods changing their stats every update (this month Primed continuity does less, next month it might be more... ).
  3. Shockwave-

    Extraction Timer Proposal

    We think that people are lost all sense of patience and are riddled with ADD if you can't wait 1 minute. Just to edit this into a real reply. No, for the sole reason that the new meta will be "hey you two go to extraction so you can vote us out as soon as the mission is done", and you will have to either A) sit there bored, or B) play the mission with 2 people white the other to go to extraction and then go "hey we were helping by getting to the end quicker".
  4. Shockwave-

    Double Weekends

    We had a credit weekend not too long ago, before that there was an affinity weekend. Haven't had a double resource drop in a while but they only happen a few times a year.
  5. Shockwave-

    My Problem With Rubico Prime

    That has to be the scope. There is no lens on the front where the scope is, which means it must reflect down into that tube. However if you look at the top picture in the OP, you can see TWO brackets in the front, one towards the viewer and one back from the viewer. If it is the same on the back bracket then the bullet fires between them and you are suffering from a depth perception issue in this picture.
  6. This isn't a nerf though, the login rewards you are getting now are just as good or better than the ones you were getting 3 years ago> I also started before 2nd dream and the new system was implemented. I don't recall the pre-change rewards being any better. So are you just mad that you missed three years of the new system? That can be said of anything you missed. You also missed having to fish to craft AW gear items, and you missed grinding old void for primes (harder) and now all your primes are on relics (easier). Tons of things are different int he game. But you are not getting worse login rewards than you were getting before, so nothing has been nerfed or taken from you.
  7. Shockwave-

    Biggest joke ever: Riven Cache

    This is untrue. Holding an unveiled riven until a new weapon comes can result in that riven being for a new weapon. The weapon and stats are determined when you unveil it.
  8. Shockwave-

    Please add a block-filter feature to chat/Auction House

    Your argument is a fallacy. You are saying that some people think that an auction house would make prices too high and some too low. If there are 5 people arguing it would make prices too high and 5 arguing it would make prices too low, it does not mean prices will be in the middle. Those are both valid arguments against an AH because they happen. In WF it will be prices will crater, because of all the backlog of supply that isn't being put up in trade chat. That's my opinion, but if' I'm wrong and prices shoot through the roof it doesn't make an AH any better.
  9. Shockwave-

    Please add a block-filter feature to chat/Auction House

    It would vastly increase the supply of all items. That is your central argument - it would make it easier to sell things. More people would put up more things for sale, which would increase supply in a game with infinite supply of things and NO upkeep of anything (you never have to build things more than once, you do not have to spend credits or plat to "upkeep" anything). This would mean every player would have every "thing" in the game without playing the game to get it (bad for DE). Everything would be super cheap. They would also have everything in the game without having to purchase a ton of plat to get it (bad for DE). The "Friction" of trade chat is what prevents all that supply from being available.
  10. Shockwave-

    Please add a block-filter feature to chat/Auction House

    No, an auction house would be highly detrimental to the game, and new players, and frankly DE. Second, there is a block filer. You can filer out WTS and have it post no messages with WTS in them.
  11. Shockwave-


    Currently, for me, matchmaking in Warframe is one of the more annoying aspects of the game. I think some QOL changes to matchmaking would vastly improve the warframe experience. 1) Lobbies of some kind. I'd like to be able to state a mission but not start until have all 4 people. In other words a clickable option to NOT join a mission already started, even if it means I have to wait. This is essential for two reason. First, when I have a Silmaris target, it won't trigger when you join mid run (but if people join you it's still there for them). When the sortie matches your target it's great to collect them in the sortie (more points) but frustrating to restart several times. Second, on any syndicate missions so that all the medallions are in place. Third, some people just don't want to start midway through a mission. 2) Endless mission preference. While you can't accommodate every preference for endless missions, it would be nice to find a way outside of recruitment chat to join endless missions going for a longer period of time vs a shorter period of time. Currently one can't join say, Hydron and have any chance of going to Rotation C. In addition when there is one endless missions as the only option for a fissure, you have a ton of people who want to go 5 waves and out and a ton of people that want to go longer and they are getting mixed together. I always want to go to rotation C at least on endless missions, so there should be a clickable preference when joining for Rotation C or less than rotation C. Sure for longer missions you have to use recruiting chat but since Rotation C is such a big part of the game it seems like there should be some quick way to join others that want to at least go to that rotation. 3) I'd also like to opt out of being dragged along on missions. The only time I've idled through a mission (and gotten some pretty nasty comments in chat) was when I left my computer after a mission forgetting I was still in a squad (that host leaving auto rejoining a new squad thing doesn't help with that), and then someone dragged me along without consent. There is also the time when you are changing frames and focus and someone instant starts the moment you get back from a mission and you get sucked along before you change. Why doesn't the person who didn't click "ok" drop from the squad on mission launch?
  12. Shockwave-

    Problematic Riven Challenge

    Thanks for the IVara suggestion I don't use her much and forget about her noise arrow. Literally every other post was missing the part about there not being 14 enemies within range of a wall latch. I tried it numerous times on exterminates and captures of ever level (from earth to Sedna) and would kill 8-10 even after trying to gather 14 in one spot by running by them, etc. Never could get 14 in one area to kill. The killing was easy, so all the frame suggestions are moot. The sole problem was getting 14 into sight range, I can stay on the wall indefinitely.
  13. Shockwave-

    It's the right time to ditch the stasis mechanic

    I'd just like a 2nd bay so I can have 2 out at a time, that would be convenient enough for me.
  14. Shockwave-

    Problematic Riven Challenge

    Riven Challenge: "Kill 14 enemies in a row while wall dashing or wall clinging without touching the floor or raising any alarms" This riven has taken me so long to figure out how to complete I've given up. The problem isn't the skill, it isn't the wall dashing. It is finding 14 enemies on the same screen to even ATTEMPT the riven. This riven can not be completed in: Survival, Defense, Interception, Any infested mission. These missions auto fail instantly On MD the Riven does not fail but enemies killed while the MD console is active do not trigger the riven. On Sanctuary Onslaught the riven doesn't say "Failed" but no enemies killed count towards the riven On any fissure mission, the enemies do not count towards the riven. This leaves finding an exterminate or capture mission where you can find a suitable wall cling spot and get 14 enemies in sight and kill them all (because no new ones will wander into range, certainly not another group of 14). The challenge of a riven shouldn't be the hours and hours spent finding a spot where you can actually attempt the riven challenge.
  15. Shockwave-

    Mistakes that DE made (and should be looked at again)

    The mistake would be adding in game benefits to playing conclave. I don't want to play conclave, conclave is poorly implemented because warframe is not balanced (weapons and frames have to be rebalanced for conclave). If I had to play conclave to get anything of value for the real game that would be the day I quit Warframe altogether.