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  1. This is very intuitive. Bounty 1 and 2 put you in rotation A, Bounty 3/4 put you in rotation B and Bounty 5 puts you in Rotation C. I haven't been able to check them all but so far this is how it works. How else would you expect it to work? Rotation C has to be harder than Rotation A......
  2. Yes... not at all sure why this is in anyway an reply to anything i said.
  3. There are no overpriced items. Everything is worth what someone will pay for it. There is also no scamming - you are getting exactly what you are buying there is no such thing as getting a faulty or broken prime part that doesn't work as expected. There is no way to bait and switch. If you are buying for a price, that price is worth it to you by definition, or you would not pay it. If someone posts a price that is "too high" it is not scamming, nor is anyone the arbiter of "too high". Just as if someone asks to buy something for a price that's "too low" they are not scamming either,
  4. no it isn't, that's only for a specific relic. More relics wouldn't reduce the drop rate of getting any relic in that spot. As for the other discussions, I've continued to play hydron and have yet to receive mroe than 2 relics a run in 3 more runs. Something is off. Fissure Hydron seems fine, as when I did that it felt normal - getting mostly relics as drops, but non fissure hydron continues to return FAR less relics than before the patch. RNG has yet to swing back, which suggests something was tweaked (in stealth) or a bug. Relic drop rates are actually very very good,
  5. When relics first came out I started a spread sheet to see what the drop rate might be and to create a baseline for rewards that i could compare to other periods. I recorded the relic drop rates at a few of my favorite relic hunting spots. How many reward cycles and how many relics I received. I have played Hydron to farm relics as my favorite defense since relics were released. In all that time, I can not recall ever failing to get a relic in 20 waves. In my baseline of ~200 runs. It never happened once. Usually it was 3, 2 was a bad run, and 4 was a good run. Even After I closed the ba
  6. Of course it is personal preference talking. I was replying to your personal preference that you stated when you said they COULD be good. I never insinuated it wasn't personal preference. Some people love the operator for some unknown reason but then someone people are masochists. But there is still nothing they can do with operators they couldn't do with warframes. It's an unnecessary programming effort. If the operators have 4 powers just add those as standard powers to every frame and be done. The operator is currently just an excuse to the squishy. The only only reason it exists is to be s
  7. Why not? If you get everything in 3 months and don't want to play anymore then you quit. You are advocating for taking one of the things you CANT get in 3 months and making it accessible in 3 months, so you truly do have everything. That's antithetical to your point.
  8. No they can't ever be good. Sorry, I'd rather stay in my WF. I built my WF, I modded it, i chose my weapons I wanted to use, I modded them. Challenge me! Don't challenge me by taking away all those choices i made and the things i love to use stick me operator mode and call it "Challenge". Why do I want effort put into a "leveling system" on a parallel path from what I already have in my WF. Why do I want an operator as powerful as my WF? Isn't that just another WF (set of powers, etc). Why do I want DE to take the time into making this entire whole other sub par system better when
  9. HOw about just not force us to use the operator. I try really hard to pretend the operator doesn't exist. Worst addition to warframe ever. Operator mode should just die a quiet death. It's just another cheese tactic to remove our warframe weapons and mods from the game instead of giving us a challenge befitting our warframe weapons and mods.
  10. The issue for me regarding tennogen is two -fold. 1) DE sold us platinum on the understanding we would be able to use it for in-game cosmetic purchases. Then introduced tennogen, meaning any stockpiles of plat that we bought can no longer be used. Instead of creating more plat -based skins and such to keep us buying plat, and allowing us to use existing stores of plat, they essentially outsourced their cosmetics and then did a bait a switch and are charging real money even if you already spent real money for plat on the understanding you could use for for all in game cosmetics (which you
  11. Non supportive? never noticed that. But really venting to a forum about something so childish as missing a decoration is a bit narcissistic. I know it's the facebook era where everyone thinks their pain is soooo important to strangers, but really this just comes off as childish in a forum designed for FEEDBACK to DE....
  12. So there can be no weekend events in WF or else you will quit..... well then don't let the door hit you on the way out...
  13. nah, if you do 4 of the same type you get that type if you do mixed it's random, why not? say 25% chance per mod included and take your chances. either way i'd be happy with any kind of transmute.
  14. Why can't you transmute 4 riven mods into another riven mod (and only 4 rivens guarantees a riven. any other mod included would be a rare or less). With all the rivens that will be out there, there will be literally hundreds. nobody is going to want all of them, and selling them to another player won't work after a while. Why not allow us to transmute 4 rivens into a new veiled random riven? We have to sacrifice 4 sortie rewards to get a single redo. That seems more than fair. If we have rolled a mod up to 3500 and still cant get a good roll we can recycle it as a new random riven. Maybe we us
  15. Yeah 2016 has been a disaster for me, I can't think of a single improvement in 2016 (not including things like prime releases)
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