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  1. I logged in today to show I got the reward tier that I should be at (3), but then look to see I haven't gotten that far on the track and no Robotics Slots were added. Buggy in general.
  2. I didn't get standing for Silent Eliminator either.
  3. The relic UI is really bad in regards to choosing your reward. The rarity color bar is way too tiny and you have to mouse over every one individually to see how many you have of each already. I want an option to go back.
  4. Until you fix it consuming thermia until after it completes because so many mission ending bugs happen all throughout, can't really comment properly. She doesn't spawn on the surface more than half the time after you make her run. Also the way you make it instance in and out causes other issues. No queue for doing it separate from other Orb Vallis stuff. Its great content but so many problems that should be fixed before launch.
  5. Literally every person who said that a weapon going down doesn't make sense because "no one uses it" clearly aren't in the loop about the over use of most weapons.
  6. Wait so you're telling me I've been paying 10 Plat each time I rushed this instead of 10k credits? Its always said 10k credits cost for me.
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