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  1. Cooldowns for Archguns should be if you run out of ammo only and cut in half at the very least. Shooting the icon isn't a fast enough cycle to change the element. Also if its an element that makes up an combined element let that element work at least by half or something. The nullifier bubbles on EVERYTHING with insane spawn rates is such a big annoyance. Not to mention that avoiding the Orb's wave that kills your energy and shields with Operator doesn't protect your Warframe. Nullifiers is recognized as lazy design and bringing them in masse is shameful.
  2. Literally every person who said that a weapon going down doesn't make sense because "no one uses it" clearly aren't in the loop about the over use of most weapons.
  3. Wait so you're telling me I've been paying 10 Plat each time I rushed this instead of 10k credits? Its always said 10k credits cost for me.
  4. Let Founders use their Excal Prime helmet and skin on Umbra. I'm not a founder, but I think its fair considering everything else Excalibur related can be used on him.
  5. I rather wait then have the game break. Imagine where we'd be if they didn't try so hard to push Rivens to live without seeing the consequences.
  6. Mocking people who want fare reward intervals by saying they "want everything now" makes you look like a moron. Stop it.
  7. Just make Kuva drop in Fortress caches and be its mission rewards already. We want to go to the Kuva Fortress and choose what mission type we like.
  8. The new prime stuff shows blank spaces in the Profile. They now count toward the max number of equipment to rank up, but they're just blank squares.
  9. Bloated text update. Now it takes longer to move across the screen to get to your option, especially with how it expands each selection individually making it harder to be more accurate with selection. More $6 skins I won't be buying. Reduce to $1-2 and hundreds of thousands more people will buy.
  10. Look. More Tennogen skins selling for $6 or $7. What ever happened to selling skins for $2 or $3?
  11. Here's what I'm talking about. The game is almost unplayable since I rely on the large map.
  12. The large version of the minimap is too tiny. Have to squint to use it that it hurts my eyes. Please change it back.
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