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  1. O__________________o; Index is hella easy buddy. Take a tank or self healer, a high damage shotgun, and I don't usually say this but you REALLY REALLY need to lower your graphic settings because your computer is clearly unable to run the index at the settings you've got; you just decribed some serious voodoo sht. My i7 and 32 gb gaming ram don't even understand what you're talking about, but I remember a time in the distant past wherein I didn't yet have a mod-making computer, and your are describing broken-level lag that's probably more to do with your hardware than internet connection. The index points should pick up immediately and never move independently. I solo the index 100% of the time. I run Saryn with armor, vitality, regenerative molt and a vaykor hek plus a good fast melee, and it usually takes me 4 to five minutes for level 1 and 9 to 10 minutes for level two, making the lowest level the most economical. Screw the top level. Good luck buddy. As far as everone else on here goes... It really isn't that hard to get to max rank in a faction, I like having some things you have to work for myself so I am perturbed by how many people are complaining about the Old Mate requirement for Vox... Ahh. Don't get me wrong, I am 30 with a house and hellish job, I don't have much time for games and have to squeeze fun in, but only short term things upset me like dweebs that run in and ruin spies in pub(so I have a spy build and do them on private)... I don't see a problem with some things taking time. That is part of earning things. That is how it sets off your dopamine as if you did something difficult... Not just by wanting it then poof, having it.
  2. Wait, what? Creativity is creativity. Only a few rooms have a box out in space we can break in to, for one thing, so really it is just part of the room. For another thing, warframes can go in space already, so what exactly is so weird about us going outside? And where do you even get a thought like "better than should be allowed"? We are looking for "best". Obviously "best" would be best possible. "Better than should be allowed" doesn't jive at all when we are flat out looking for best. Sorry you weren't creative enough to think of going outside before you saw all the competition, but you can leave my space park with restaurant the hell alone XD Tl;dr. It's very simple.. the dojo IS the building zone. Therefore all "stuff built"-even if it goes outside windows-is still built inside the building zones.
  3. - Clan name : Flesh Wound- Clan tier : Mountain Clan- Clan platform : PC- Your Clan role : Warlord (Our Warlords have jobs-mine is Design and Architecture: I built everything ^_______^) Welcome to the Flesh Wound Space Station~! Since the only real homes we have are lodged between our orbiters and our Dojos, we better make it a good place to live, right? :) Our station starts up at the bridge with an almost entirely unfettered view of the abyss: our servertrees and Forward Bridge Consoles don't take up much space, and the starlight is absolutely beautiful. Just north is our Water Retention/Processing Plant: it's pretty hard to see in there because of the steam, but without this facility our servertrees would die, so it's really the lifeblood of the station. Just behind the Water facility are the rooms recruits visit first. We've got a throne room with an offering table wherein we conduct our interviews for citizenship: if accepted, you then swear fealty to the Independent State of Flesh Wound and head over to the sick bay across the hall for a checkup. Once you're cleared from quarantine, you can enter the station. :) Past our hallways of barracks, we've got our first real impressive hall of three. Welcome to the Space Education/Adjustment Center~! Here you'll find the Education hall, a lecture hall/movie theatre, and several soothing lounges to use to relax or meet other members. Please carefully peruse the educational materials ❤️ It will make adjusting to life in the era we've woken up in much more easy for all of us. Now we hit the Oxygen Plant: Our Airtank, which features a town built up around our lifetree. We've lifted the town from the floor to avoid the room's condensation. The Lifetree contains four treehouses and one Treetop Lounge with teleporter. Airtank town has five houses on each street and all are made from different materials. They were built for different personalities and professions. Many of us here in our time don't really have professions anymore, but we do have a few craftsmen, scientists of various types and archivists. My house is Mars Rock, with spiral staircase and a kitchen: We have a breach patch house for a pair of roommates: Here is our Earth Scientist's barn-lab on the first floor, bedroom on the second: This house made of pillars is the home of a collector of natural items: Our meteor house is made from orokin walls we fished out of deep space that have become encrusted in stone out in space: We do also have a basic orokin house, perfect house for a clean freak :) We're pretty proud of this firefly-themed house made from grineer pillared walls :) a second story shrine is up over our kitchen with sink and barbecue. This corpus catwalk house clearly belongs to a minimalist... This unassuming pair of huts stacked together have owners that have come together to nurture a fairly large tree for a personal zone-otherwise it's just two teeny houses- We also have a corpus wall house with a working fireplace with smoking chimney. Our Ice treehouse has actually been claimed by another Warlord because he loves the upstairs bedroom/patio Our lifetree treetop lounge gives a great view of the rooms from atop a few moonrocks, please disregard the plants growing wild: The packed-snow treehouse has quite a bit of privacy despite the lack of walls This treehouse-(my least favorite for some reason-)looks down over the entrance to our main hall... and has a shower ^_____^ and our final treehouse is a very simple hut built to make the owner feel as though he lives in the leaves of the tree. :) our Main hall is a forest: the walks up through the forest to the Central Bridge are very pretty. Feel free to relax in the utility corners around the edges or to utilize the labs we carefully excised from enemy ships, environment and all, to give us access to high-level weaponry. We've also got a series of carefully decorated meditation rooms. They come in varying levels of excitement and even in varying light settings, depending on how much one needs to relax. They're themed and very pleasant to visit. They include the Chamber of Riddles, the Warlord Council Chambers, an Antigrav room full of glacier chunks, and many more. Ultimately at this point you'll end up in the Clan Apartments. They start with a bottom-floor courtyard and work their way up. We have six penthouses: The upper penthouse in the light facility was built for our Founding Warlord TwistedPixel as a present, and is big enough for him to have visitors. The other Penthouses are up two different staircases. Up one of the staircases we have our Clan Barracks for new members, complete with some computer consoles and a gorgeous little recruits' yard to relax in. Next to the Barracks we have the front doors of two penthouses and a bridge over to the third penthouse for greater privacy for meetings.... So.. the penthouses are themed as the houses are-first one is an Orokin Scientist(has patio): The second is another collector of various bits of earth life(also has patio): The third-across the bridge-is a Zen Master. He's got a very minimal living space and devoted most of his penthouse to a beautiful meditation garden around a really lovely cherry tree, complete with butterflies. The last set of stairs in the apartments goes up to a Botanist's apartment, complete with bunk beds and a huge amount of plantered plants, and the last penthouse is also a clean freak, back up a hallway for privacy. Thank you very much for visiting our home. :) We hope it can become a hangout spot for others as well, we have a lot of facilities to share :) Our member uploading a clan video to youtube says it's going to take a while for the video to complete the upload. Here is the URL for once it is done: https://youtu.be/6kLYw5Itqq8
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