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  1. Completely agree, many a time i've had a pet get stuck in a location due to a path finding bug or something and i have to sit there reviving it over and over and over until the game realises the cat should move. Even if its just 2 seconds. The pets dont give much if any of a damage increase and are 99% there for utility and support which is useless when they never get the chance to do such things. A small invulnerability period would be great for companions.
  2. Tbh i completely disagree. Banshees 1 is meh i agree. But her 2 is an insane debuff ability that can already be stacked, if its not working for you there is a potential you simply just don't have a good build. And uh...aiming at a glowing spot isnt hard. Its no different than aiming for a headshot...which you should be able to do. Her 3 is awesome already for crowd control as it already stuns enemies that enter her range and is great and keeping her alive. Her 4 is more a low level nuke, but thats ok her 2 and 3 more than make up for it. She can already do endurance like a boss,
  3. Good stuff, sad that i already hit rank 5 with entrati tho and i need to farm for the captura scene
  4. You realise how broken this system will be in terms of demolishing mobs even with these restrictions? and that is what it comes down to. Reducing the restrictions actually just makes it way more easy for someone to NEVER need another frame and be able to absolutely destroy anything at all with even less effort than currently.
  5. yoooooo super excited for these SE resource booster changes lets go
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