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  1. Amalgam Organ Shatter doesn work in Exalted weaponds because they use to not have a heavy attack. Pls fix. Also PLS buff other mods like true punishment which is till at 40% crit chance AND RIVENS
  2. This seems very fair and I like the new rewards. That's what I was waiting for. Now all we need on top is more arbitration specific enemies (not just the drones) and modifiers and short events like boss spawn, credit dropping enemy (like gold goblins), heat wave, healing areas, enemy air strikes, laser plates spawn, tenno specter spawn (stuff good for enemies or tenno at random every few minutes) to make it more exciting. Fissures feel more "eventful" because of random fissure spawns and in general more enemies and enemy variety. Appreciate the good work ❤️
  3. Could we please get the same change for the "Brief Respite" -Aura?! ❗ (and maybe make it use base energy drain and not modded one) love the change
  4. New Bow VFX didn't get applied to MK-1 version of Paris. Edit: Also pls apply those animations to Artemis Bow. Especially the distortions. I've always wanted that. Bow-Feel went from mediocre at best to amazing. Edit 2: And Ballistica plus versions. And maybe reduce the regularity on Gauss Noble animations. It feels kind of unnatural and is really irritating when he does it once a second.
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