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  1. DE already made it impossible to fix the vectis prime default 2 round magazine capacity with using ++-mag rivens. If they now make it impossible to get to 1 round in chamber with +++-mag rivens then Im done with this game. I spent over 40k plat getting good -mag vectis rivens just to save a mod slot to fit niche mods like charged chamber. Before people say "wut about depleated reload?" remember the entire point to the build is to use charged chamber. Forcing us to use ANOTHER mod slot on top of charged chamber will kill the build because at that point the same performance can be matched by putting pure damage mods on those two slots. Please dont kill this build DE.
  2. can you please leave the f$%^ing Snipers alone
  3. Only mentioned above stats. Paying 7k + premium for high tiered rolls.
  4. Will pay a premium for high roll grades. Only -Zoom, +Recoil, -Impact negatives will be considered.
  5. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=Can+I+trade+normal+warframe+blueprints? 😘
  6. broken scepter drain passive only works in simulacrum. the two little energy balls that indicate a "charge" never show up when the mission starts and never generate.
  7. Hello, Im looking for a Penta Riven with the only these stats: +CC +CD +DMG -Zoom Price will be determined on the grade of the riven but Im looking to spend around 10k. Please PM me or message me in game. Happy Holidays Tenno!
  8. My endgame has been collecting rivens for weapons I enjoy. Sitting at 85/90, my collection was nerfed/buffed about 50/50. The thing is the nerf greatly overshadows the buff. This has changed my priorities. I have no incentive to get rivens for the latest primed/vandal/wraith/prisma variants because they will be next on the chopping block. (avoiding Tripedo and Stradavor rivens like the plague) I used to buy every prime access and use the plat to buy 2-3 really good rivens for my fave weapons. This time I don't think I'm going to because I have no desire to buy any more rivens. Actually, I have a much greater incentive to sell most of my collection to minimize my risk. IMHO, DE should never nerf the same weapon riven twice in a row. At-least do it every other term. Edit: for the argument that little changes do not affect peoples builds...say that to the very few players that actually used a -mag riven on the Vectis prime for charged chamber builds. We use to be able to run a decent build with a ++-mag riven. The last two Vectis nerfs now made it literally impossible to get 1 round in mag chamber with a ++- riven forcing those people to pay a super high premium for the +++-mag versions or abandon the build altogether. Edit 2: I am also for the suggestion of legacy rivens with locked stats until they are traded or rolled.
  9. the supra nerf was overkill. -0.15% is a little more than just a "tic". I dont even see it being used much in pub matches.
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