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  1. New boss fight and new game mode are both sweet!
  2. I believe it's now toggleable under the landing craft menu somewhere.
  3. Ogris still isn't semi-auto as of the latest patch...
  4. Please revert the reversion of the Ogris trigger type! Having to charge rockets instead of just firing them is super annoying; (aka, you see a target, click to fire, by the time the rocket actually fires the enemy is now in your face or you have aimglided right in front of a pillar. Cue all the self damage.) I don't have an opinion one way or another on the other changes made to it, but the trigger change to semi-auto instead of charged was a really nice QOL change.
  5. Ogris is finally semi-auto and feels like a proper rocket launcher! I was literally thinking about this a week a ago... and now it's changed! Thanks!
  6. If not asked previously: How will the melee blocking changes affect knockdown defense (aka, blocking to avoid knockdown by Heavy Gunners, Scorpions, Ancients, etc)? Other than that, looks amazing!
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