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  1. Any chance of restoring or working in the ability to work on your Lich murmurs with friends? I run with a squad almost exclusively, so I either have to take special time to work on the Lich murmurs, or there's just no incentive for me to even bother with a Lich in the first place.
  2. Sadly I couldn't really think of any other ideas for the speed booster, but yeah, I see what you mean. I do think a speed booster of some sort is a good idea, but how it's done on Booben as is could use some rework. Your idea of it being like Nova's Worm Hole speed boost is a good idea. One more thing I'll add, I think Orbital Strike could use some kind of rework as well, again. The damage (3K at lvl 30 without any mods on it) might sound impressive, but when my weapons like my Ignis Wraith are in some way shape or form are outpacing it in damage, it makes using it questionable. I'd fix this by having some sort of scale to its damage or maybe allow multiple orbital strikes to hit the ground from one cast. This would allow for some crowd control.
  3. Why not make it have slash-based damage, buff it a bit, and make it like the sentry gun in TF2 where it automatically locks on to a target and shoots at them? Or make it something like Wisp's haste mote. Give a speed boost to allies, but keep the repelling force against enemies?
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