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  1. What are the planned changes in response to people's complaints about liches being worse than regular crewmates when they take a lot more efford to obtain and provide so little, both in gameplay and customization?
  2. I'm dancing in Fortuna 69 until the update drops and not one of you is going to stop me.
  3. Hosting or not hosting should be a choice of the player looking to play any gamemode to begin with. I have a good internet connection meaning I can host pretty well, but I hate that the ping limit is still 100 at the lowest. Doors never open, operator gameplay is clunky and the game feels twice as slow. Hate having to que up for something and quit 15 times until the game gives me host.
  4. Same thing that would happen if you somehow get hit with a magnetic proc as literally every other warframe in the game while piloting the railjack, except for Lavos.
  5. Solo play command intrinsics railjack crew better have flawless AI or I'm gonna need brain surgery after spending like a thousand plat on rare mask ephemera liches. Kind of annoying that railjack crew will also not be a core part of railjack but only available for solo players/not full squads. Locking away a big part of the update for people who actually play with clanmates and friends seems counter productive, specially considering you are also removing the need to have a clan to use the railjack, and when you specify the new railjack gamemode will "have a strong co-op focus". Pleas
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