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  1. I think this more of a player helping player question, but at the same time it's probably better of you contact support about this.
  2. Hi, did this update happened when you were playing the game? If so then I’m afraid the update overwrite your progress without first saving it. Normally the update lets you finish your game, saves that and then asks you to close the game so that it can overwrite the data.
  3. Well this is indeed not dependable on if you're allied or not. It should start it.O
  4. Did this happen suddenly or was this all the time along? If suddenly, then I suggest that you contact your provider, maybe they changed it on their system for safety reasons or any new lince agreements.... if not then I suggest you check if everything is in order with your modem... that the hardware is working accordingly and such.
  5. aha, you googled it? lol. It's true, I could call her Santa Muerte, but the name Triniel is more soothing and fitting imo, that's why I've make reference using her ;) With her own pet Kubrow:
  6. After seeing Oberon (Broberon) receive his own wify Titania *SoonTM*, I thought..... Then we need Triniel! <-- Nekros' wify! What do you guys reckon to be a perfect next female Frame and why?
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