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  1. CaramelSalted

    List Of Clan Websites

    Name of clan: Toxic Scale Platform: PC URL:
  2. CaramelSalted

    >> Warframe Prime Gear & More Spreedsheets!

    Thank you for the hard work you put into this spread sheet :) I noticed you have not updated it since June so Iv started updating it on my own if you want a copy when I am done I can send it to you :)
  3. CaramelSalted

    Update 11: Valkyr Unleashed

    Cant wait for the dl to be done
  4. CaramelSalted

    A New Prime Awakens... Find Her Soon!

    hek prime?!?
  5. CaramelSalted

    Coming Soon: Livestream #13 On Sept. 4!

    1. Many of us would like to see more occurrences of random event enemies like the stalker are there any plans for this? 2. Derf Anyo for Prime Minister! Seriously though this game lacks comedy outside of its glitches and bugs. Will we be seeing any enemies/ frames/ weapons/ etc which are geared more towards making people laugh? A bit of variety would certainly be added if it were, Im not talking about troll frames .. 3. We understand that trading will be coming to the game at some point in its life, What difficulties have you come across while trying to iron out its exploitability? and are you close to making it release worthy? 4. Will we see new obstacle courses for the dojo? 5. The desert skates where a great addition, Will we be seeing more enemies like the skates who are not from one of the three factions in the future? 6. Will the survival mode be added as a new game type? I found it very fresh and fun during the event and its also challenging it would add a new sort of end game almost 7. Theres alot of talk and questions about the lore, how do you plan to introduce more of this? will you continue to release a bit more of the current story through events like you currently are? and what of the "past" of warframe how or when will we get this lore? I realy am looking forward to the lore
  6. CaramelSalted

    Livestream #11: Sound Q&a July 31 @ 2 Pm!

    wow the live stream will be on my birthday
  7. CaramelSalted

    Kogake Kills Contest

    This is my entry i hope you like it
  8. CaramelSalted

    Out Of Frame: The Everyday Lives Of The Tenno - Feedback & Discussion

    lol this is funny and good stuff you have to keep this going :) i will be looking forward to more of this
  9. CaramelSalted

    2013 Conventions: Poll

    tooo far no passport not enough money to go even if i had one