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  1. Don't have a video but when playing RJ only with my friend and we went normally into the objective he still got teleported back But I think we had the same softlock you both described when once playing with randoms
  2. I agree with the first part but my casual friends did all the work to get a mech as well as some mods because...mechs. The trailer was exciting and we wanted to play mechs so we farmed them. Maybe my use of "casual" wasn't right in this particular case, sry about that, but in general they are more casual. In this case or at least for my friends it's not about farming but about understanding things. For Orphix you just need to go into your mech and shoot things. But even tho Eidolons are "capture these, dmg these, go there and do this" it's a lil bit more than that and when figh
  3. I thought what they are gonna do will bring it closer to the core or more precisely as the one you replied to said, one half of the update comes soon which will bring us an alternative arcane (and mayybe endo) farm and the second half will bring us the important relic farm where I thought imo would be the main thing to bring it closer to core. But of course it depends how the void storms will be different from void fissures or not. The arcane farm could be at least interesting for those who didn't try eidolon hunts yet or were a bit overwhelmed by it (I have a few friends who still don't h
  4. This ^. I also completely agree that I would rather put just a flux energy mod on my RJ like before than to check if my current frame has flow on it and need to be careful when changing frames. Seperate flux energy makes more sense than just using Warframe energy.
  5. Really liking the update! But what about her momentum when crashing against a wall with her 1? Would love if the momentum stops like Gauss 1 does
  6. Wow, big Dev Workshop! Can't wait to watch the video with my friends!
  7. They are exactly doing what you suggested! Adding new mods as well as buffing current ones for guns and the 10% nerf portion is an adjustment to melee speed as well as removing some stagger from combos which doesn't rly affect us since killing is the best cc
  8. Ehm.. They said 90% will be buffing guns and 10% nerfing melee and they are making, as you suggested, mods for that. I dunno what will happen with the standard mods or in what way the new ones will be designed (hopefully scaling as you said as that would make sense) but they are primarely working on buffing guns. Lets see what the Dev Workshop will bring us after Update 30
  9. My friend and I have the same problem. In the first 10-20 seconds in orbiter or after loading into a mission and moving it lags and after this time it goes back to normal. I've got no hardware spikes, switching between fullscreen and borderless and Dx11 vs Dx12 did nothing. Updating drivers also didn't work. Like the others, we've also got the problem just recently. Rtx 2060, i7 4400 on 3.7GHz, 16gb ddr3 ram / My friend: Gtx 970 and 8gb ddr3. Installed Warframe on a hdd.
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