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  1. Good... then i can get it whenever the hell this event hits consoles, Soon™
  2. It was at that moment Maro knew, she got bankrupt
  3. No no no they should be nerfed or maybe removed! They ruin ao many things like .... ummm.......... PowerCreeping!
  4. I know, no one can get used to the long wait for each Update we get on consoles but hey, we have other games to play and stuff to farm/do while we wait! Example No Man's Sky just released (I didn't buy it, I have a bad feeling about it since the Multiplayer was a lie) Nyx, Hikou, Scindo farming and MR if you didn't test all the regular frames available right now!
  5. ARE WE ALL TALKING WITH HIGHER VOLUME!? HIII!! Hopefully after the weekend my friend xD now if you'll excuse me... HOLY LOTUS POPO HE'S RIGHT- sorry
  6. Nah we're Ninjas even on each other, not to mention that most of us either rewatch the streams on YouTube or just watching DevStreams for news (personally I only watch the DevStreams since I can play the game myself)
  7. God dammit... was really hoping this would happen so that more people start doing Sorties
  8. Whatever happened to the Sortie Token system from few devstreams ago...
  9. You guys got the Burston remodel already? How shiny is it with Gold and Silver?
  10. the OP being extremely romanti- *cough* poetically on point o.0 Dayum. I feel you, I am in the middle east as you're reading this and been here for a year for a job assignment but still... I find the RNG way too merciful compared to some MMOs I played years ago. Don't overwork yourself, Tenno!
  11. Even though I don't use Oberon anymore I think he needs more love, especially since his waifu is coming soon!
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