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    Warframe Builder

    Opened a blank Opticor page and added a maxed Spring-Loaded Chamber and its firing rate didn't change. Tried it again on a blank Soma Prime page and it affected the firing rate. EDIT: Turns out that Spring-Loaded Chamber is an Assault Rifle mod. Spring-Loaded's description in WFBuilder should be updated. I do not own an Opticor so I cannot physically check if Spring-Loaded can be added to it.
  2. Zermozil

    Warframe Builder

    EDIT: This bug occurs for any build for any frame selected from the builds list, including Ash, Ash Prime, and Valkyr (all of whose ability damage is affected by Steel Charge). This appears to be a bug connected to Coaction Drift and pre-builds. There's a bug on a specific Ash build, the #2 ranked build in the builds list. If you add Coaction Drift, it won't add any damage to Ash's Blade Storm, and when you remove it, it decreases the damage permanently; the only way to restore it is to refresh the page. http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Ash/t_30_0200020020_2-6-10-3-8-5-5-2-5-6-0-5-12-1-10-47-7-4-55-4-5-411-5-10-491-3-3_6-11-12-8-5-9-491-9-55-11-411-8-2-12-47-10-3-18-f-f_0/en/1-0-1/72396/0 On the build page, you can add and remove Coaction repeatedly until you eventually reduce Blade Storm's damage to a negative number (a Blade Storm that heals the enemy). I recreated the build on a new Ash page; when I added Coaction Drift, it added damage properly (about +500).