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  1. Thanks for help guess I have just try find way around it sadly I don't play lot warframe as I can get on and get bored easy too but I try last maybe 40 60 if lucky on game itself
  2. I just trying get back into game I put it down years ago only returned back for new content but still find playing warframe hard I barely understand anything be it builds or use of frame weapons least I do solo things need to I do need help as I go along with that stuff I admit playing warframe more will make u better anyways I need help on building better frames weapons mostly I'm mastery 18 but have hard time on 60 plus enemies drop easy to em
  3. Yea I know it will matchmaker u but why run it with randoms who not sure what are doing I just want help on subject alone but yes I'm missing lot frames as well yet finish revenant thing as well frames mentioned here
  4. I always used r1 so if circle find it harder 4 me melee plus my hands huge so I tend push circle with triangle if do
  5. Trying finish thermos event in warframe looking for help on ps4 as my clan will not help joined also I'm behind on warframe like harrow khora garuda nidus
  6. Latest warframe update changed how I set up my ps4 controller button output within warframe as I can not play with default setup now I can not remember how change it back how had it
  7. welli dont have much good weapons on warframe on real i have not had one for time now mostly i use hek or some suggested stuff if possible lately found way round to using plasmor since clan memeber told me try it
  8. anyone know any helpful ways to kill wolf of saturn six when he spawns seems when u only got low level weapons is it random chance he appears and if so wat would u suggest using on him weapon wise
  9. thanks for the info i will try out ya ideas and see how it goes in game
  10. I was doing all ones day showed up can not remember names software subterfuge protect the innocent and hunter killer die on each time
  11. I used rhino die intros due nova die so it just me ormy loadout which is heck for primarary or synoid similar secondary I use whatever melee orthos
  12. Anyone else constantly die during orb valis bounties or is it me as I keep down and getting furious with it
  13. Ook thanks yea my adarza still leveling so I use smeeta lot but thought ask
  14. Thanks for help I also got another question I recently got adarza lavar but unable find helpful tips about it
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