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  1. well im new to the wisp as jsut got her out foundry today me other questions is how would u rotate her abilities as ik she got to use certain ones
  2. Thanks for the info everyone I’m wait then find decent build for her if possible
  3. I will have wish in day and few hours but my question is what content is she viable in as I Really want master this frame fullest
  4. im not good at building period on warframe like said i do not researh jack on it and i feel me mesa build is probably trash too using
  5. figures me builds are lacking i do not got many to help me on game anymroe anyways so i have to think for self how mod now but ok i will try ya build on euphona
  6. https://imgur.com/a/IEEpGNx https://imgur.com/a/rJKYVM1
  7. how do i post build link as pic here im new to postin pics on this forum
  8. http://warframe-builder.com/Secondary_Weapons/Builder/Euphona_Prime
  9. builds taking forever to copy to my usb off ps4
  10. ok hold im take screenshots off ps4 give me few minutes snag em
  11. well i must be modding awful then as i can not go longer then hour in survivals and other not even that long but i will keep trying i not type give up easy
  12. i do not use lot of forma on some weapons but i understand ya advice as i find it hard even to forma things right in the game itself
  13. looking for good weapons to use in endgame content i mostly use frames like saryn rhino mesa nehza or any other frame useful within that area but im asking community for help as i want to improve me playstyle
  14. thanks for sharing sadly i not good at following steps found that out during the mission itself why i just guard one area
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