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  1. Everyone in the first post sad, that this is not enoth. No new changes. Titania is still garbo. rip pixie
  2. I love Titania and to say this really hurt me: The Titania buffs are not enoth. She is still sooooooooo bad. Her basic 3 abilities currently have no use. Her 1 has to low AoE for it to be a good cc tool. If it didnt need to target an enemy and just effected every enemy and ally arround you this ability would be fine. Still it would need a faster castanimation. Her 2 is just so bad. If the ability would stay like this it would need som big buffs/changes to the bonuses you get + the bonus need to vacuable. Her 3 is allmost fine. Sadly the cc is not reliable since the targets fly all over the place and the cc gets broken with line if sight. The lanturned enemys just need to stay in place. The change to her 4 i really like.
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