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    No, no, that was bad ad hominem against people who want the Karak.  If you want to say its crap, say its crap, don't drag in everyone who thinks differently than you into a single faceless opinion group and insult them. 


    With all the "personality" we have floating around (wee, I'm lever action look at me!) I actually want just a decent basic AR feeling gun. 






    Oh you are upset, thinking you can make me angry by poopin on sybaris, you cheeky little scamp.

  2. Honestly, if you were to take fanart (yes I know, but still) into consideration as to what most players preferred their warframes to look like under the armor, I think it would be pretty clear.


    Normal (cool/sexy) looking humans with super powers (x-men) in power armor.


    My fear is that DE actually want them to look more off the wall and mutated, basically ugly as sin.  That would hurt the game a lot I think.


    If Saryn and valkyrs face was:



    That would not go down well XD


    If they want an idea of what players want from this they should probably look at mmorpg titiles honestly since they have it down to a fine art at this point.




    Dunno, i would be cool with weird faces.

  3. "Energy being inhabiting a suit" reeks of afterthought. Like they made the game with the idea of space ninjas, and then someone asked, "um, if they are different people how can you switch between them", and instead of letting it go, they had to go ahead and weave game mechanic into the story, which is never a good idea. 


    So we are now spooky space poltergeist toying with armor suits like in friggin scooby doo cartoon. Oh wait, original tenno were humans in suits i guess, so we are cheap copies of original tenno in cheaply copied space suits. Thats reall puts me on the edge of my seat, wonderful.


    But wait, if warframes are just bio-mechanical war suits with no human inside why do the have asses, boobs and convenient heads to shoot off? We don't build war machines to be humanoid, you don't see $* on TANKS or submarines or drones?


    Well, i guess you have to build them to be kinda humanoid to use conventional weapons like swords and guns, alright, but why don't they look like super-skinny, identical genderless mannequins with 10 fingers on each stick-like hand? Making them to look like men is counter-productive, they are not terminators made to infiltrate human society! Why do they bleed? Why do the need oxygen, and not batteries or some kind of fuel? Why they never talk, but still use vocal cords and inhale audibly (Valkyr and Banshee)? Why do we even need energy beings to control warframes, if we saw several "Hollow" warframes like Mesa and Chroma running around fighting just as well?


    You see how it feels like that energy being thing was slapped on half-way trough, and can't be explained without heavy use of space magic?


    Sorry for the rant, i mean i love the game, but man, this mono-tenno theory is just the worst.

  4. I'd like to see a mass re-scaling of all weapons and enemies to be a more mediumized approach. Try to make build diversity more apparent instead of just slapping on one damage type for every faction. Make different enemies in each faction require different damage types.


    Warframe would be real cool if we got rid of enemy levels and implemented payday 2 style of difficulty.

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