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  1. (sorry if this is in the wrong spot) im just gonna jump right into it, this an idea of what the combo system should of looked like 56 hits is 1.5x 112 hits is 2x 168 hits is 2.5x 224 hits is 3x 280 hits is 3.5x 336 hits is 4x 392 hits is 4.5x 448 hits is 5x 504 hits is 5.5x 560 hits is 6x 616 hits is 6.5x 672 hits is 7x 728 hits is 7.5x 784 hits is 8x 840 hits is 8.5x 896 hits is 9x 952 hits is 9.5x 1008 hits is 10x 1064 hits is 10.5x 1120 hits is 11x 1176 hits is 11.5x 1232 hits is 12x going up by 56 hits per(or 112 more per combo, wil
  2. Thats every frame lmao, corpus are corpus.
  3. Ironskin is object health. Its not armor armor
  4. The more and more you try to prove someone wrong. The more and more they will believe in what they think is right
  5. I agree with you. Grace guardian is.. it falls off exponentially later.
  6. Revenant is rhinos only competitor in tanking and can out tank rhino exponentially if youre not careless like me. Yes the charges dont have a certain damage limit. My only issue is that you have to recast so much and its super annoying because if your facing infested or multi firing weapon units, they can shred mesmer skin exponentially, probably add an augment for rev thats like "for each enemy enthralled, you have a 50% chance for an additional charge to your mesmer skin" which would be absolutely amazing
  7. A lot of people think that rhino can be outclassed and thats true to a certain extent, but as time goes on, theres gonna be more and more options available. I.e. umbral mods, helminth power exchange, etc
  8. Shield gating is what keeps my rhino alive if i mess up a charge and dont hit all of them. If i had 3m and charged and didn't look at my percentage and got 700k, and while i group em up, enemies start to rend that, if for whatever reason they even manage to break the 700k, i have shield gating to fall back on
  9. that's what i mean, theyre all wonderfully good options. But the way I play and set up my rhino. I out tank them. For example, in a normal mission i get 300k and call it good. In an endless, i ramp as high as i can get. As i said, highest ive gotten qlwas 5.01m without a fissure
  10. Thats the precise reason i dont use umbral forma's, because there maybe something in the future thats better and a lot more fun
  11. is the way im using everythin is what makes it easy. I have to get as much ironskin in the beginning or im screwed later. Of course you can pick easier options that dont require as much set up like chroma, inaros, wukong. But, i choose rhino because the more and more power strength based things that come into the game, the tankier i get.
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