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  1. So I finished rescuing the hostage and then the kuva mission marker popped up I went there at first nothing happens after that some enemies spawn on the same spot. But the siphon never starts I recorded a video of most of it 

  2. While Vauban is the engineer his brother Nicus is a mechanic and has more violent ways of dealing with problems.They don't see eye to eye but hey he who has the bigger stick is always right  and Nicus carries a really big one.

    Ability 1. Ferrum Shot: Nicus launches a solid armor piercing projectile from his custom cannon that inflicts 150 / 275 / 300 / 400 puncture damage on impact with a 100% status chance. The projectile also inflicts 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 explosive damage in a 5 meter area of effect around the target with a 50% status chance.

    Ability 2. Emergency protocols:  Nicus covers his body in armored plate that has 400 / 600 / 800 / 1200 Health and lasts for 15 sec or until all plates health is depleted 

    •  Base health multiplier is affected by Ability Strength.
    • Base duration is affected by ability duration

    Ability 3. Crushing barrage: Nicus fire off 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 imploding rockets that seek out the closest enemies dealing 66 / 100 / 141 / 200 corrosive damage with a 100% status chance to enemies has no blast radius 

    • All damage is affected by Ability Strength.

    Ability 4 Redeemer: Nicus Calls down his mech suite that allows him access to 2 weapons iraenam (Cannon) and Ferrimpius (Sword) The suite boosts his health,sheilds and armor by 25% / 50%/ 75% /100% and gives him a flat bonus of 15% ability strength. energy is constantly drained while active


  3. On 2019-01-09 at 9:41 AM, (PS4)Jeromy137 said:

    A long while back I had an idea for a frame not sure if anyone else has made a concept like this one before and I don't have stats just the abilities and augments thought up so it's a work in progress. I decided it was time to share my idea and see what others think 

    Beast frame 
    1st ability Trap.
    There are 4 different traps based on energy color
    1st trap is a burst and shoots shrapnel causing blast and slash damage
    2nd trap shoots spikes from the ground causing puncture damage
    3rd trap clasps on the leg of an enemy slash and puncture damage
    4th trap is a gas cloud that causes poison.
    Augment allows you to use two different traps but halfs the damage

    2nd ability Sharpened Claws.
    increases melee damage 
    augment you increase your allies melee damage  as well

    3rd ability Teritory.
    Allows you to set an area as your teritory and enemies who enter will show up on the map and increases the range of your traps inside of the teritory
    Augment allows you to place a second teritory but decreases the range by 45%

    4th ability beast mode/form.
    4 beasts to choose from based on ability colors. There is 1 for speed 1 for damage 1 for defense and 1 for range (similar to chroma's elements)
    Damage is wolf like
    speed feline like
    defense bear like
    range large Reptilian like.
    Melee based when you crouch and attack do a roar/howl attack for small stunning attack.
    Augment when you howl/roar depending on the animal type you increase your allies base damage, speed, defense, or range.

    I really like this idea does ability 4 make your frame physically change into a shape? and if so is it a werewolf type deal? because that could be epic. Then you could also give each more than just speed maybe the wolf procs status more often, the feline aka cat has cover legality and the ability to stick to walls longer and so on

  4. 1 minute ago, Velvet.Remedy said:

    its normaly, pls wait server update.

    I will

    4 minutes ago, MisterMan2556 said:

    Same for me as well.

    I did the following and seemed to help as i got in

    open CMD and run

    ipconfig /renew and also ipconfig /flushdns 

    not sure how much impact it makes but worth a try


  5. 1 minute ago, JSharpie said:

    Hey man, if someone is demeaning you because you aren't spelling stuff correctly, they aren't worth your time. Don't let them get to you. They've got nothing better to do.

    I agree with you. How ever that still haunts you long after it has been said as many with my disability can tell you we spend our lifes being put down and called stupid. If DE is willing they could support us as well i know they are more than capable of doing this. As i know they allow macros for the physiclly impaired why not us?

  6. I my self and i am sure there are others that have my problem can find communication through text based media extreamly  difficult. Because of disability or some other barrier these more often than not leads to being gunned down by the other members of the cummunity because your spelling is not at the standard they deem it should be for you to have any worth. Would it be possible to give spell check or some such support for the in game chat? It can be an option that is disable by default and i can turn on in options. I realse this must seem an odd request but so often mental disabiltys take a back seat to physical one or are simply over looked because they are not so inherintly visable

  7. So limbo caught word that the Grineer and Corpus were going to take a photo of their employee of the month (for no tenno breaking into their buildings) and decided to have some fun

    How will he explain this to the Queens?


    Alad V will not be happy :P


  8. 29 minutes ago, BecauseJavier said:

    I've been playing a lot of limbo now that the rework has come out, and It has been very, very fun. However, there is one thing that has stood out to me:

    Limbo's Banish is Practically useless.

    Let me break it down:

    • Only works while outside of the rift.
    • Can't  use it to eject enemies from the rift while inside the rift.
    • Seriously, why can't I use it to un-rift enemies while inside the rift? That's silly.
    • Negligible damage from level 25 and up.
    • Simply spamming cataclysm would be more effective since I can actually EJECT enemies from the rift instantaneously if needed, not to mention that even without an efficiency build you probably will never run out of energy to spam it with.

    All of these things combine to make it a utterly useless ability that I haven't found myself using unless I make an actual effort to. Here's how I would Improve it:

    • Make it usable within the rift, but ONLY on rifted enemies.
    • Have it temporarily apply a status effect who's effectiveness scales with enemy lvl/health.

    These two, hell, even just the first improvement would cause me to actually use banish, as opposed to just filing it away as a crappier cataclysm.

    glad its not just me who thinks this

  9. Faction- Orokin

    Grip- Ninkana

    I Present the Tenebris Locus (Dark Space) Sword forged by the greatest of the Orokin(Faction) Smiths inside the sword is a self contained black hole making the blade deceptively heavier than it looks when channelled the blade releases blue energy streams exposing the black hole inside ripping parts of its victims into the black voids of space


  10. On 11/1/2016 at 3:29 PM, (PS4)Elctrcstel said:

    and i completely agree and support their decision to make this awesome game not have a "class" system. 

    however, the idea of the class archetypes are still in the game and you can clearly see it in all the frames (Inaros-Leech Tank, Trinity-Support Healer, Ember-DPS, Limbo-Caster, ect)

    we are just trying to find some areas that are lacking a bit like tank characters as shown by the other posters above. 

    I agree the archetypes are there and the developers have used the terms caster/tank/support in the past how ever to have a tank style frame in the true sense of the word does not require a class system to be implemented just a single frame. That being said i think that could make the game highly unbalanced it would be like greedy mag all over again with the right setup missions that where intended to be challenging would once again become a 2 frame job instead of a 4 frame one. like the mesa/greedy mag combo just now it would be tank/trin or similar he always pulls all the aggro and trin keeps him fed  

  11. Luckily DE doesn't want a fixed class system(believe they stated it some where at the start of this gam). 

    Fixing it would make this game just one more generic and boring class based RPG where you see every one fixating on the idea that a team must have a support and dps and bla bla bla like you see in so many rpg games.

    Right now no one minds that much if you play what ever you want aside from a select few missions ea. i can get away with playing my main frame Ash in 90% of game modes effortlessly by simply changing the way i go about helping the team and we don't have little children crying over it that a class system would lead to

  12. Ash for the most part is great dam near perfection in the role of Assassin but i feel he could use a few tweaks

    • Smoke screen for instance in my opinion does not do what the name would suggest. I feel he would have a far better time if it was a target dropped smoke bomb instead that highlights the enemy's inside it red and blinds them to their surroundings As well as enemy's on the out side being unable to see into it. much in the same way as banshee does for sound but in a localized area of effect. sound would still trigger an alert response.The invisibility simply makes no sense on him its that odd skill out that has nothing that benefits from the mods needed to make the others better
    • Blade Storm a good ability and highly effective regardless of the enemy level but i feel it could be much faster to execute all the animations.
    • Shuriken Seems fine to me hardly ever use it personally.
    • teleport that novelty skill that even with the augment is fatal to you to use more often than not it simply takes too long and feels like you get stunned about as badly as the enemy.  

    I feel some of these changes would both benefit the Ash players in making him feel more like that slick killer his skill suggested he would be in terms of speed and fluency. His team would also find a benefit then for having him as a type of crowed control  


  13. Ok so ive been hunting for the kama P handels supposed to be in ODD after a number of runs and anything from 20-40 waves all the rewards are keys so i thought maybe ODS will give better results 35min and 6 keys?

    Was there some whole sale on tower keys?

    Does any one know whats up that all the rewards are dam keys

  14. Compared to carrier, yeah carrier has more utility. Now compare Kubrows with say... Deathmachine (crickets). Deathmachine anyone?(crickets) C'mon it Deathmachine! (crickets)


    Honestly, Sentinels and Kubrows can only be compared like this: Chesa vs Carrier, Huras vs Shade and so on.


    Oh, and if you think kubrows don't attack, clearly you don't pay attention to them, i.e.: Huras has that lunge attack that shakes the screen, it can one-shot bombard in T4 in the 45min mark when the kubrow is fully upgraded with COMBAT mods (my furball can't open a locker to save his life, but I'm more squishy than my frame and I play Ash Prime, not known for being squishy) which require like 8 forma and the reactor,, BUT he also melee enemies with his paws and deals very high damage. Now, Carrier is very effective, but if you want it to be useful in combat and not just for Vacum, you need to Forma and supercharge the Sentinel AND his weapon which in the end will cost you more than a single Kubrow (the real cost of the kubrow is obtaining and upgrading all his mods).

    yes forma the sweeper is expensive but considering i can use that same weapon on every sentinel i consider that cheaper than having to forma each kubrow 8 times

  15. i think they should work more like this 


    HP=low get health or 

    null health orb


    energy orb



    ammo collect





    that already would make them useful


    or a kubrow meant for attack


    bombard=attack priority






    you get the picture i think


    and some thing like a guard function?


    like having  a 10 meter radius that nothing will go into and survive 




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