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  1. Gibsonx's post in New-ish player was marked as the answer   
    It isn’t equipment it is the mods. And Nidus is pretty good for the harder content. So look up where commonly used mods you are missing are and get them along with never ending endo. Early game you will go thru weapons for mr, keep the ones that quests give you (as they will have a catalyst installed) and just move on when the others hit 30. 
  2. Gibsonx's post in Marked For Death By Stalker was marked as the answer   
    You can see if you are marked by stalker, zanuka or gustrag 3 by looking at your profile. 
    currently there is also the glass maker night wave that invades most missions. Besides what the others have mentioned 
  3. Gibsonx's post in Banshee, yay or nay? was marked as the answer   
    She isn’t a stealth frame, her passive makes all guns silent. 
    She is one of the few frames left without damage reduction powers. and even comparing frames without them using damage reduction, she is one of the squishiest frames. She has one of the best damage multiplier abilities. 
    So you will be helping the team kill enemies much faster, but you will also be down if an enemy looks at you. Only play if you want to play very aggressively and never take your eyes off of the action. 
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