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  1. Temporary fix : crouch under it and jump.
  2. Waht I was calling "sheet damage" is just what you see when modding. I said "ok" because I forgot it was 15k before. Never said the contrary. However, as I said before exagerations won't do any good. I don't know where you saw this. I never said this and I can't see this in the post I linked (he's using the proper formula, didn't check if he was right everywhere but results seem consistent). But, even without doing math, more armor before reduces the damage more, and less armor now reduces the damage less. So the values become a bit closer. So you're going from comparing 40k crit with 8k crit (5x damage) to 52.5k with 13.5k (3.89x) and then you add armor. And then cold damage. And hp change if you want to compare TTK. And in the end it's closer to 2x (for avg damage) or about 2.5-3x (for crit) than 5x. That's a big difference. Also I disagree with "they will nerf the weapon you are currently using into the ground so that you cannot use it anymore" and "cryophon is now useless" . Maybe it was hit a bit to hard since people are complaining a lot, but it's far from useless.
  3. Ok about sheet damage, but Well, I linked a post with someone doing all the math.
  4. And ennemies ehp has been nerfed (not as much as the cryophon damage, sure). However I don't believe your 40k dmg or it was with rhino roar, last stand or battle station maybe (or particle stacking on an outrider), because it was ~15k crit before and even sheet damage x crit multiplier wasn't 40k. It's nerfed but not useless, not nerfed into the ground and you can still use it fine, and comparing incomparable values won't do any good. Here's the math with zekti (that also got a heat accretion buff) :
  5. They'd like to do this but Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft or at least one of those is/are making it too hard.
  6. Having the good elemental damage is easily 2.5x damage too. For example here : https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1160082-spoilers-the-sentient-arm-cannon-can-be-a-fun-weaponbut/?tab=comments#comment-11300247 2643 corrosive sheet damage did 2.56x the damage of 3547 viral + 1391 electricity damage. That's 4.78x the damage in the end (ok that's just one example). War would give the choice between having the good elemental damage and more statuses from your melee weapon (if you take another one). Both get a good damage multiplier, one from weakness, the other from CO. But you could still use CO on war an use your primary/secondary to get statuses as a bonus, then you would nearly always have weakness bonus + CO bonus, and that would be a nice little perk, not OP since we can already do this but not on all the units in one mission and it would require the usage of another weapon. But I think I'm going to far in the explanation, because I think what you said is nice too (only IPS changing). What I was talking about in the beginning is this : and this : This isn't the case. This is different. I think you underestimate weakness from elemental damage bonus a lot against high armored ennemies.
  7. Nah, once you kill 90 ships and park your railjack in a safe place to do objectives/board crewships, then they really want to be a pilot and the RJ gets hit for no reason by crewships or they park it near a missile or shipkiller platform.
  8. My point was just that damage conversion is very powerfull against tough ennemies thanks to armor mitigation, so it wouldn't "dramatically reduce how useful having automatic Damage conversion would be in play". And with IPS you don't really have both since not the whole weapon damage is converted and IPS isn't as effective as elements for many amor types (for example +15% only against alloy with puncture).
  9. You can message me in ~1h15 (https://semlar.com/), if I'm here (I can be ig but afk) I'll taxi you to the anomaly. Usually I do it solo and don't rush it. 2 seats available if other people want to join (don't forget your paracesis).
  10. Is it possible to taxi someone that doesn't have one intrinsic lvl 7 ?
  11. Didn't notice a difference with my vidar cryophon. Still one shot with crit and 2-3 shot without.
  12. Against high armored ennemies, having the right element can be worth 2-3 condition overload stacks, maybe even more with primed pressure point equipped (might be better than CO in this case if you only count 1 status) . There is +75% damage, but also 75% armor mitigation. It would be an interesting choice between CO + stacking status and the weakness bonus.
  13. See my post above, you can test it yourself, viral does less damage even when considering the debuff.
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