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  1. 25k is possible solo if you have this room :
  2. Because the trick isn't only shooting ramdomly at sentients, but knowing their spawn points and which room are good to farm, especially in random group where you'll probably be the only one to farm sentients while everyone else focus on resonator/orphix or even level up their mech and weapons.
  3. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Nullifiers are sometime ignoring exalted weapons damage. It happens with arquebex, ironbride but also sometime with dex pixia (so I guess it can also happen with any exalted weapon). VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Shoot at nullifiers EXPECTED RESULT: Nullifier should take damage OBSERVED RESULT: Nullifier doesn't take damage REPRODUCTION RATE: Very often, can't really count every nullifier, but 2-3 nullifier per oprhix were annoying me
  4. Fluctus for killing beacon through walls (and enemies ofc), vizier predasite with iatric mycelium, combat discipline aura, hildryn with dispensary or protea with spectrosiphon. Dispensary gives orbs when there are no enemies (it can happen), the other skill gives a lot of orbs when there are enemies Killing sentients gives points, so killing orphix slower is better if you kill a lot sentients. Some rooms like the corpus pyramid (stand at the top of the pyramid with arquebex) or the litlle rooms with limited sentients respawn points are very good for farming points
  5. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: The orphix didn't open after killing marked resonators : orphix resonator resonater either didn't spawn or wasn't marked, on the second half of the orphix REPRODUCTION: No idea EXPECTED RESULT: Orphix should have opened after killing the marked resonators OBSERVED RESULT: Orphix didn't open after killing marked resonators REPRODUCTION RATE: 2 times in ~15 runs TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Ability use prevented bug again, can't go out of the necramech, however after dying we can do anything else like using frame abilities and us
  6. I heard that combat discipline works too, but several people need to equip it.
  7. Yes, and I like shotting stuff with the mech :( I tried going as far as possible with bonewidow + morgha (mausolon alt fire falls off a lot between wave 20 and 25) without using operator a lot and managed to kill 28 orphixes. I think it's possible to do 36 waves with this setup, but you need to grab the right enemy with the hook every time (there is one sentient that gives you ~500health/s) and killing orphixes is veryyyyy long, nearly 2 full morgha magazines at wave 28, so you don't have much time between waves. It would be nice with a better riven disposition. It can be usefull mayb
  8. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Can't summon necramech while in Orphix area. When summoning it while being outside the area, then entering the area with the necramech, it is possible to summon the necramech again, but only in this Oprhix area (I have to repeat this for nearly every Orphix area). REPRODUCTION: Going inside an Orphix area without summoning a Necramech, then trying to summon him while the frame is disabled and operator is out. The Necramech often doesn't appear. EXPECTED RESULT: My Necramech should be summoned OBSERVED RESULT: Nothing, not even an error message
  9. Here's a little guide to do the wave 36 solo. The build I used can be improved (especially the necramech one). Frame : anything with dispensary and some duration. Protea is good, nova too with slow (use it before going inside the orphix area). Weapons : anything that can kill lvl 110 mobs Operator : https://i.imgur.com/wTZrRwx.png (there's probably better than virtuos tempo and vigor isn't really necessary) Necramech : voidrig, build : i.imgur.com/DVmaP42.png Necramech weapon : Morgha (because I like it, you can use somethig else), build : https://i.imgur.com/CKIZdGD.pn
  10. How easy was it to understand the new Operation and what you have to do to succeed? Easy, go to white marker, shoot red marker How was using a Necramech in a “normal” tileset? A bit slow Did you have any difficulty finding or using a deactivated Necramech? No, but I don't really want to : sometime I quickly use my operator and when I want to go back to my necramech, I instead go inside a deactivated necramech. The animation is very long and their weapons are very bad, it's just a loss of time. How did you find the pacing of the Operation missions and rewards?
  11. happy tennobaum everyone ! wishlist : vauban citadel bundl , mag pneuma bundle, nyx pasithea or anything else thanks a lot to @gtorfo for this beautiful skin :)
  12. Hello, there were two unobtainable syndicate medaillons behind the doors where the mobs spawn in deimos. I could see them if I waited for some enemies to spawn here and open the door, but I couldn't get them.
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