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    alright this helps me at least on levels the thing about conclave i didn't know that was just more a comparison btwn stances but why is number 2 in my post a "non question" as i feel it relates to the overall post of melee questions and i have been since the post using this way to fight from low to high low being like 10 and below high being like arbitrations
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    first apologize for my writing format im working on it but i need to get this out as i have many times before... 1. for the purposes of melee what mods/arcanes/ keep my combo counter going as i continue to fine tune my builds that's a recurring problem especially when enemies are high like 70+ when i'd actually really need it 2. i've recently discovered the no speed or little speed method the context is after using no speed mods and just using base speed i ramp up my crit counter way faster than with them at one point i have considered channeling for melee even tho it's mainly for war frames b/c when i was a speed man it made sense but now not so much with little to no speed 3. status what works on all factions the context being you can use use one stat type like corrosive for ex on all factions but no matter how many times i think ik i don't as either the status will fall off or just won't work and i do know of enemy amour but im just asking what the setups that work against everyone Grin/Corp/Inf/Corr 4. when it comes to crit chance or crit dmg do you want a higher from both or is there like a sweet spot context on this is i usually got for highest crit in combo with highest multiplier so like ex 93.2 crit chance and 7.8x multiplier so using that i will still go down and i don't understand why that happens or why my weapon becomes mudd against high lvl enemies 5. if i don't slide to win and just wanna swing my melee around can i still do as much dmg as if i slide since many builds i see using the fabled "spin to win" but i've never been a fan and i can only assume there are others so im asking what do i do or how do i do it the context BTW is that i use Atterax the spin to win king but i don't spin so im swinging it around like i would any other whip 6. are there any good mods from conclave worth doing conclave for since ik it's not very popular with the community but i've seen mods that pique my interest or just are curious about and potentially i would use them if even in low tier so im asking is it even worth it or should i just trade for the mods i want ?
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