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  1. if you open the Abtility Menue on the Controller you stuck in it as the Pilot and you can't do anything else as use Abtilitys till Flux is empty than you just can do nothing
  2. If you try to hijack a crewship from Grineer dry dock it stuck in the wall
  3. can you please give tho Railjack host the option to kick useless crew members out of the Mission - in the most rounds I have someone who dropped by the mother a little to often and wasting your big gun ammo just because "I like the Animation" or something stupid - if you like the gun shoot on crewships
  4. I stuck on the crewships - no way to the reactor (door won't open) and no way out (leave ship with archwing don't work) it happen very often and crash mission please fix it
  5. Lich number 49 and one weapon still missing - and one ephemera is dropped.......it's getting frustrating can you please do something like increasing drop chances for Kuva weapons and ephemeras? - like every weapon the Lich have not get +2% chance that the next Lich have this weapon and it resets if the Lich have the weapon - same for ephemeras every element the Lich get +2% chance to create an ephemera till the ephemera drops than it reset for example if I do 10 Liches with electric the next Lich created by electric have +20% chance to have an ephemera (+the 10% base chance = 30% chance for an ephemera) for weapons if I do 20 Liches and get every weapon with the exception of for example the Dragoon the next Lich have base chance + 40% chance to have the Dragoon
  6. I hope they make rare drop booster for rare drops like the resources chance booster only for rare drops
  7. I feel with you a clan member have 2 Ephemeras and all weapons with 26 Liches -- and another got the first ephemera with his first Lich
  8. 41 Liches caught or eliminated - I have droped 1 Ephemera and still one Weapon left ---- so much useless Liches 😞
  9. I don't think Rivens work the way DE want I play Weapon with a good handling and good stats. Just because a weapon have a very hight Riven dispo I don't play it if the handling or the stats are bad. You only use Rivens to max the weapons you like but all good weapon get nerfed over time there should be a minimal Riven disposition cause for some weapons Rivens are useless if the normal mods have more use. And good weapons will played in any way - the only ones who are punished by it are the long term players (the people who keep your game going) who have grind hundrets of Rivens and Billions of Kuva to get Rivens for the weapons they like and roll good stats on them...... I don't look for Rivens anymore if I found a weapon I like to play because I know the Riven disposition will get nerfed till Rivens for this weapon are useless ---- the minimal Riven dispo shoud be 1.1 so that the Rivens are still usefull also for good weapons ---- DE if you want that rarely played weapons are played more than buff them by Reworking the basic stats and handling instead of nerfing the Riven disposition of good weapons to death
  10. hmm 36 Liches and I see 1 Ephemera ----- and another hundred houres to grind for the next one 😞 so ~ 600h to get all other ephemeras............. and ~ 216 useless friends (ok mabe two less if it have the last Weapon I still need and a weapon I want in an other element)
  11. if I got a Converted Lich from a friend and Converted it again I can't retrade it to another friend - please fix it
  12. I am looking forward to the Amalgam Elites as an equivalent to the Kuva Liches
  13. I give up to get the Blazing Step Ephemera - after over 350 trys 2 full Braton and Lato Vandal sets (just on the way to get the Ephemera I already have farmed them after ESO releases) - I wish the Person at DE who think 1,01% Drop chance in Rota C of ESO is a good idea stream how he / she try to get the Ephemera on there own (in the normal Game without Devbuild cheating) and than tell me that the droprate is not ridiculous and frustrating........
  14. Please can you adapt the Blazing Step Ephemera drop chance (1,01%) to the drop chance of any other Ephemera (5%) because at the moment a player have to expect between 84 hours and 168 hours of gameplay just to get this Ephemera that is out of any proportion (especially a player who have grind Elite Sanctuary Onslaught hard after it release and don't need anything else from there - there is a point where the fun ends)
  15. when do we get the Bat ephemera? (have seen it in last dev stream)
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