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  1. My staff is short - I mean it seems Primed reach do not work on my Iron Staff anymore - it has less than half the range than before - please fix it
  2. Demian_DeVile


    Mirage would get a better Gameplay if the Eclipse mode is where you cast it ---- means if you cast the abtility in the shadow you get damage reduction for the duration -- if you cast in the light you get the bonus damage for the duration of the abtility
  3. can you please add some dirt for the Drones to clean
  4. I have farm Hundrets of Rivens to get Rivens for the Weapons I like and farm Millions of Kuva to roll good stats on them and you nerf them point by point to death ---- to higher Riven dispo for less played weapons dont make the gunplay better!!!! so why are you doing this - I am on that point to lose any interest in Rivens
  5. can you please give us the option to disable chat via Controller --- I use my Operator and Aimglide much and too often it hapens that it open the damned chat window and I find no option to disable it (if I wanna use chat I use my Keyboard so I dont need my Controller to Chat)
  6. Why do the Operator eyes look so strange in Cetus? this is how they look normal
  7. Ladys and Gentleman, employee of Digital Extremes, I love you ❤️ - you made it possible to give Venari the I· polarity now I can perfect my Venari build! I am so excited for the Khora Deluxe Skin - can I give you 600 pl to preorder it? the nonplusultra would be if Venari's defense stance get something like Wyrms negate to make the stance as useful as the heal and attack stance Khora is my most love Frame - she is just extremely well done best Game, best Publisher - I got 5718 houres of playing Warframe - well done keep it up
  8. Yes there are positiv feedback - I love the quick melee system - one of the best updates in game
  9. I never get this Problem - if you aim on enemies or allies the Splinter Storm have an effect on them - the counter shows the last cast Splinter storm
  10. why is it not possible to forma the I· polarity in Venari? and can you please add something like Wyrms Nigate to Venaris defensive stance
  11. And it is still not possible to forma the I· polarity in Venari - can you please fix it And the Venari eye color is not the same color you have on Khora
  12. And it is still not possible to forma the I· polarity in Venari......
  13. Please make a better Kavat / Kubrow binding to loadouts - with automatic Stasis and wake up
  14. It is still not possible to forma the I· polarity in Venari please fix.....
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