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  1. Well, I didn't receive any, even though my account was properly linked and I watched the streams in the right times. Fug me then, just another day in the life of a warframe player.
  2. remove region chat. improve reporting options. problem solved.
  3. All this mess is not worth DE's time or money and they should just do away with region chat altogether. People who want to be social can join a clan in the recruit channel, or sell stuff in trade channel.
  4. Will we get any relevant content (new quest, event, map or gamemode) before Tennocon this year?
  5. Those augments are absolutelly the best in a long, long time. Awesome! Incoming Nova tank build, hahah!
  6. Please keep it exclusive to the prime pack, the whole point of the PA accessories pack is exclusivity.
  7. Any plans to release a Fortuna Soundtrack? The login screen music is so awesome, it makes me want to not login so I can keep listening.
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