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  1. a bug causing damage cap to be reachable with regular weapons when having bloodrush equipped. I hope this gets fixed soon.
  2. As you know crits have tiers above red. While they do get damage bonuses they dont have color indication. I know, you don't get to these tiers very easily, but when you do it would be really cool if they had color indications. What colors would you guys like to see? Pink? Green? Teal? Purple?
  3. Know what. I would be down for a Stasis rework Put it on par with Hildryns or Vauban's suspend capabilities. Or simply put a cap on the amount of enemies you can freeze, scaling with str or something. Or make it a per-enemy based timer. So you cast it and it affects enemies within the rift at the given time of cast and not enemies that enter afterwards, being able to be recast/refreshed tho. What you think of that? Regarding Cataclysm, imo it just makes sense physically/logically that you exit the rift upon closing if you are inside it. I dont think that's a mechanic that's based in balance. It's a side effect that we can look at and interpret individually
  4. Keep in mind Nullifiers and Leech Eximus are in the game posing serious threats to Limbo. What you are describing is what Limbo can currently do, but with a few extra steps and care. Before Scarlet Spear he was not really played much outside mobile defense (from my experience and watching streams). People dont seem to enjoy playing him because he requires so much work. And for what payoff? What I propose makes him easier and more fun to play actively. And not just as a Frost 2.0 What underlying, fundamental issues Limbo might have are not really what this thread is about
  5. Ok so I do see value in being vulnerable in that it presents you with danger and oportunity cost. But I think focusing on synergy and excelling in your mastery is far more important. This game, and this becomes philosofical now, is mainly about a few things, primarily about "cheating" the dumb monsters and dominate them in interesting ways. The challenge is not wether or not you can take damage, but rather how well you can handle objectives.
  6. Been playing Limbo alot recently and thought alot about the synergy in his toolkit. Mainly for a (solo) survival setting. While he is fun and active, he has a few features to him that require too much maintenance imo. TL;DR: Change Banish to Pull enemies into your plane and change Riftsurge to perform the radial banish on kill as well. For the vast majority of Limbo builds people use him for 2 abilities. His Cataclysm (4) and his Stasis (2). While these two abilities aren't perfect I don't wanna talk about them in this post. My post wants to adress problems with his Banish (1) and his Rift Surge (3). To understand my VERY SIMPLE changes lemme present you with a few presuppositions and scenarios. 1. Limbo wants to be in his rift. This is where he thrives. This is where it feels like he is supposed to be. He likes to be inside his rift and having select enemies inside with him. 2. I often find myself inside the rift with no more enemies to kill and in this scenario it feels like you have to jump hoops to get back in control. You do have options tho: One being casting a Cataclysm, bring all nearby enemies into the rift with you. Yes this is very viable and what I default to most of the time. Or you can go back to the normal plane and start banishing enemies exposing Limbo to vulnerability before going back into the rift once again to kill off these enemies. Also viable of course. And can be augmented by Rolling Guard easing the transition. CHANGES If we change Banish from "Push enemies out of Limbo's current plane* To "Pull enemies into Limbo's current plane" Do you see what this simple change does? It opens up Limbo so much! You can now stay in the rift and simply pull enemies in to the rift without leaving it. Which leads me to my next change. Currently you can pull more enemies into the rift without leaving it using Rift Surge. This can be utilized in one of two ways. First is casting Banish on a Surged riftbound enemy while being in the rift. Decently fun and interesting interaction. This is currently my bread and butter, playing Limbo. And the second is when the natural duration on the Banish of a Surged enemy RUNS OUT! As you can see, the second method relies on having really low duration (waiting for the banish duration to expire). My simple and easy to understand change is this: "If a Surged enemy is killed OR leaves the rift it performs a radial Banish" As opposed to the current on-kill mechanic: "When Surged enemy is killed it spreads the Surge to nearby non-rift bound enemies" Which is completely useless. And actually visually misleading at best. This change, again, makes it so Limbo can stay in the rift while bringing more enemies in, but in a more swift and killing oriented manner, almost reminiscent of Banshee's Sonar augment. Thanks for reading
  7. I agree. Making game modes more engaging should be high priority. My favourite game modes are Excavation and Disruption, but even those could be made even better. Hopefully the new corpus tileset and the optional challenge with in it brings something that's actually complex and promotes 'playing well' I recently made a thread much like this one. If you dont mind I'll link to it. It seems like we share the same ideas If you dont like me posting that link I will take it down asap - let me know Fun Game Modes
  8. I get the feeling you missed the point of my post. Castanas with Ivara was a strong build. Insanely overkill actually. If you look at my 30 vid I posted just above your reply (which I recorded today) you can see just how much damage a single castana can dish out to regular enemies
  9. For reference here is what my setup can do to a 165 Bombard https://imgur.com/a/0pWo6Mp Needless to say, this is done without Corrosive Projection, volt shield or harrow's covenant buff.
  10. Oh it's worth it. If it works like it's supposed to (Like we are used to anyway) it's super satisfying to play. Very much worth the effort. If anything you can still hunt Teralyst with it just fine. For what ever reason it's on the larger eidolons it becomes a problem. When they grew in size so does the hitbox of the synovia. But the Hurtbox don't. Or they are scewed. Or something.. They don't take AoE damage very well. I forgot to mention. This test was done with Fulmination on the castana build. So +24% radius didn't fix it. I still get blanks left and right, severely hurting flow of things. With blanks, yes I mean actual 0's. And NOT cuz I detonated early.
  11. With the changes to blast radius damage fall off you can no longer hunt eidolons with Castanas Even with a near perfect build on both Ivara and Sancti Castanas I cant deal a 10th of the damage I used to. I have done many many 5x3's with this build in the past. The memories and the joy of it was what made me come back to the game. The fall off damage seems fair on paper, but when I'm not trying to deal aoe damage to a group of enemies and I even place my castanas with surgical precision on a single point that I wanna damage (Synovia) I should not be penalized. The Castana can literally not be any closer to the point I wanna damage. I know. This is an extremely niche case. Not that many utilize this playstyle. But I still want to express my frustration with the experience and I can't help but dream that you could maybe do something to fix this. If not, then my dear Ivara eidolon killer will rest in piece and be missed.
  12. Passive: Your damage over time effects last 10 times as long effectively making your bleeds, poisons, ignites and gas clouds last 60 seconds. 1st ability: Odyssey Become invisible and gain 100% sprint speed for 2 seconds. 10 second cool down. This skills duration and cool down are unable to be modified. While this skill is on cool down, gain 60% damage reduction. 2nd ability: Catalyze Consume damage over time effects on enemies in an area around you, dealing all remaining damage over time instantly and applying a cold status effect slowing the enemy. Gain a Soul Charge for each enemy harvested, up to a maximum of 10. +30 armor for each Soul Charge you have. 3d ability: Ache Expend all your energy adding base damage and status chance to your attacks, based on energy amount spent. The type of element is based on your emissive color. red: fire green: toxic yellow: gas blue: slash 4th ability: Inception Expend and release all your soul charges. Each Soul Charge will seek out an enemy within line of sight and possess the victim applying its status ailment and staying on the victim for the duration of the status. If a Soul Charge lands on an enemy already affected by a Soul Charge, it will instantly consume the remaining damage, before refreshing it's duration.
  13. Been thinking of this topic for a while I'd like your feedback as well as ideas of what you think contributes to a fun and interactive game mode that has emphasis on team work including team composition, optimisation and playing well in order to speed up the progression. First of all I think it's important for such a game mode to have phases so you're not stuck doing the exact same thing on repeat. Having the next objective in mind keeps you staying engaged. Having multiple purposes throughout the mission can potentially shift your frames advantages. Yes I realize this resembles the old Trials and or Bounties. It's not a coincidence. I want to condensed it and speed it up though. So my idea is this: An advancing objective that goes through 3 mission types in one arena/map - no loading screen or long travel between stages. 1. Hybrid between Excavation, Disruption and Interception 2. Puzzle 3. Boss Let's talk about the 3 stages in detail. 1. Think of this as Interception 2.0 or Salvage. So 4 towers. Control all of them in order to have maximum data transfer efficiency. All needing power cells to be charged and controlled. Can be lost to the enemy and regained by the tenno. Managing your own tower requires you both to dominate it and locate the right enemy around the map and kill it to gain power cells leaving you open to losing the tower. The manner in which the enemy gains back the tower is tricky. But I think the emphasis on protecting it like with excavation is wrong. I think simply playing for transmission efficiency is enough.. 2. Puzzle. This is a tricky one. Maybe some of the veteran trial runners can pitch in here. What were the good aspects of those puzzles? What makes it engaging and unpredictable? Im thinking aspects of pattern recognition, spy missions and push plates (2 people stand on plates to open door, another set of 2 plates inside the door) 3. The Boss Im personally a big fan of the eidolons so cannot help wishing for the final boss to be an eidolon type fight were you use your operator to deal damage to its shields before warframe abilities and weapons can hurt it. Having a lure like mechanic in place as well requiring team effort to setup properly before the fight begins. Im not saying the eidolon boss or the lures is the anwer. But something along those lines that requires team effort once again and can be played well. Incentive: To me endgame should not be a mean to farming but moreso a place to put your gear and performance to the test, and so something as simple as a trophy or an evolving emblem cosmetic as well as a scoreboard should be enough bragging rights for people to want to play it. If you disagree I'd like to hear your thoughts on that as well. Thank you for reading
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