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  1. Thank you. I think I would be fine with my build, but my riven is also really nasty. Fulmination would simply replace Augur Pact/Magnum Force. If Lenz does not work that is big clue that it wont work with castanas either. Yet I would still very much appreciate it if you made the test and obviously on Harry and Garry since Terry works afaik.
  2. sorry to necro this thread, but has anyone tried their castana build with Primed Fulmination? It might just be enough, but I haven't been able to test it
  3. WIP post. will edit later 6 forma Lavos build (including aura forma) tested in solo steel path survival. General thoughts: I love the concept of Lavos. Really fun idea that promotes a dynamic playstyle. Heavy synergy between both his abilities and with weapons. In perfect scenarios the gameplay loop works really well. Can he survive in the later stages of the game? Sadly no. He does not have access to replenishing shields. This is a BIG red flag for veteran players. Very often you dont have enough enemies to get the most out of Transmutation Probe, or have
  4. While you are at max weapons you can no longer disarm enemies. This feels so punishing and awful. Fix this and xaku is a wonderful frame
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