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  1. too bold, didnt read. also why settle for cross progression when games like destiny 2 (Which excluding switch is on the same platforms as warframe) are getting full-on crossplay this year?
  2. hey yall! i'm Den, i'm a returning warframe vet and i've been playing since 2014. since i returned after a year long break, my old clan was kinda... dead. so i decided to start my own! i've started my clan, aegis, as part of a small discord community focussed on being inclusive and welcoming towards everyone. we have strict rules in place to make sure the community stays approachable for everyone! we are LGBTQ+ friendly, we have no MR or experience requirements, and we're planning on hosting frequent events once we become a bit bigger. next to a warframe clan we also run a destiny clan. even if you arent planning to join the clan, feel free to stop by in the discord, come hang out! you can find us here: https://discord.gg/Vx95FnncVu
  3. so i've taken a year long break from warframe for a bunch of reasons (i've been playing destiny 2 instead for a bit). and i was wondering: as a returning player thats been totally away from the game for a year, what information do i need to know going back in? i essentially left around the end of operation scarlet spear and i've been playing since 2015.
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