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  1. another workaround you could do is use T2K5's AHK script to get a full chromatic range keyboard with slightly over 2 octaves range. but yeah, it'd be cool to have a vibrato up and vibrato down button.
  2. i'd say 3 options: 1: use an alternate input method that is less prone to diverting your aim when your hand shakes 2: there's software and adapters specifically made to filter out such shaking (example) or 3: get a friend to complete the MR test for you. you might also be able to find option 2 in software form, but i haven't found any yet.
  3. step 1: contact support, step 2: give them the logs. we on the forums cant help you past "get a more stable internet connection", "check your firewall settings" and "use a cable instead of wireless. it is faster and more stable."
  4. weird.... those are very similar to mine. although i normally have contrast and brightness up a bit. also, i've checked out the dojo and i think i've figured it out. it might be because the ceiling gives off light. which now works better? for the rest i am really quite confused as to why it is doing that. it might be some very specific circumstances, or it might be something weird going on with your install of the game.
  5. how did i not know of this post untill now.... i'd like to claim temporary victory.
  6. i havent had this issue.... could you share your display settings?
  7. now here's my question: what is it? outside of a cool bit of lore that uh... broke my game when i tried to get out.
  8. hell yeah, first time joining but im gonna do my darn best!
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