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  1. correction: *you* dont *think* nightwave is fun. its your opinion man. i personally quite like nightwave and the engagement it brings. but of course, thats just my own opinion. i get that not everyone likes it, but please dont pass it off as "this change is terrible and every single player dislikes it."
  2. https://imgur.com/a/Re3EPSG heres some random screens from the new boss fight, and some from orb vallis (which in my experience, is the worst offender for being overly bright due to all of the snow, especially with adaptive exposure off. for what settings i use:
  3. i never had any of these issues.... i actually have the brightness and contrast higher than normal.
  4. control modules are not that hard to come by, just ask someone to take you to some low level void missions.
  5. first of all. dont bold your entire post. bolding for emphasis only works when only a small portion of your post is bold. second of all. they make sense, its a portal themed frame. the sun laser is literally a portal to the sun. same for the reservoirs, they get summoned from a portal. it fits, but its a quirky implementation of her theme.
  6. step 1: use your army of kubrows to mass-produce feces step 2: use feces to grow the plants required for the silver grove apothics step 3: farm the specters step 4: obtain a practical monopoly on specter mods step 5: profit.
  7. rhino is already a braindead crutch as is. making him invulnerable after iron skin ends so he can recast takes away te one tiny thing that's "hard" about playing rhino.
  8. you can turn off octavia's volume in settings... honestly you should do so anyways.
  9. "the silver grove"* although, the silver groove sounds waay more interesting.
  10. ..... do you think the chinese government gives a single S#&$ about wether or not some foreign company gifts their people some extra items in a game? digital extremes has no power to change anything about the chinese internet situation. wether they do or do not stream on DouYu changes absolutely nothing except that chinese players gain the ability to watch streams and earn drops. by saying "we cant do this because china would "win"" you're simply punishing the chinese players for living in china. usually, those people are not in control. its not a matter of "supporting how china regulates the internet", its a matter of "allowing players across the world to have equal benefits regardless of their location."
  11. OP did not mention switching, OP mentioned drops on douyu in addition to what we have now on twitch.
  12. yes. that..... glitchy mess.
  13. another idea would be to have enemies that know how to deal with warframes better. they recognize what frame you're playing and adapt accordingly, for instance enemies who notice theres an ember in your squad will go to fetch heat-resistant armor, if theres a saryn they'll start wearing oxygen masks to prevent contagion, if they see people dying to a zenistar they'll learn to avoid that area as long as the zenistar is there. etc.
  14. i have experienced this issue first hand, its corrupt install. i suggest reinstalling the game. also, for the dude who said "your GPU might be close to dead", its not. my pc had this when i had my GTX 750TI for just half a year, ive gotten a new pc in the meantime but my 750TI in my old rig is being used at school for rendering stuff now, and its still going strong even after 3 years of running overclocked. cant say the same for my 580 though.... poor thing died recently. due to old age.
  15. this should be in fan concepts. not in feedback. anyways, the 4 seems kinda overcomplicated in terms of control scheme. not to mention we already have a whole host of "exhalted" frames. the 1 is basically a combination of a bunch of existing elemental frames' 1 augment. and could easily be combined with the 2. 3 makes little sense for her theme. same for the passive. all in all, i dont really think this is that great of a frame design, as it is not cohesive enough, and uses mechanics that other frames already have. heres how i'd design an "elemental master" style frame: passive: elemental shift, enemies have lowered damage against the warframe when an element that is their weakness is selected, however they have a damage boost for strength. 1: imbue, imbues allies or enemies with any set element, hold to rotate, this is also how you change your element for the passive. theres no combining. imbueing an ally will give them damage resistance similar to your passive on you, and converts 50% of damage they do to that damage type (not affecting status procs, as it would mess up status builds otherwise), imbueing enemies will cause that element to deal extra damage to them. 2: elemental dash, dashes forward and leaves an energy cloud behind that causes status procs in the set element. 3: inspect, sets the frames element to the main damage type of the currently equiped weapon of the target (if theres no target, it will take the player), this is how you get combined elementals and IPS (impact, puncture, slash). 4: zone shift, creates a highlighted zone around the frame, which is then split in X sections. each section can be set to an element by elemental dashing through it, elemental dashing with a different element after that will not change the zone. holding cast with a zone active will extend the time the zone will remain active (so you dont have to reapply elements), imbue effects are auto-applied to any enemy in the zone, as long as they're in the zone. but manual imbue can still be applied on top of that, pressing 4 will collapse the zone, causing every enemy within it to be afflicted by the status effect of each zone. multiple zones of the same type will stack. the 4 elemental arms could be a really cool FX for zone shift, maybe instead of scars, it'd be better to have vents. as for the hatch on the back, have it display the icon for whatever element is currently selected so theres a visual cue (similarly to khora's visuals for venari)
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