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  1. if you're 100% sure you've done nothing wrong, its probably an automatic ban that wasnt meant to happen. and support will reverse it once they get to it (may take a while)
  2. correction: *you* dont *think* nightwave is fun. its your opinion man. i personally quite like nightwave and the engagement it brings. but of course, thats just my own opinion. i get that not everyone likes it, but please dont pass it off as "this change is terrible and every single player dislikes it."
  3. https://imgur.com/a/Re3EPSG heres some random screens from the new boss fight, and some from orb vallis (which in my experience, is the worst offender for being overly bright due to all of the snow, especially with adaptive exposure off. for what settings i use:
  4. i never had any of these issues.... i actually have the brightness and contrast higher than normal.
  5. control modules are not that hard to come by, just ask someone to take you to some low level void missions.
  6. first of all. dont bold your entire post. bolding for emphasis only works when only a small portion of your post is bold. second of all. they make sense, its a portal themed frame. the sun laser is literally a portal to the sun. same for the reservoirs, they get summoned from a portal. it fits, but its a quirky implementation of her theme.
  7. rhino is already a braindead crutch as is. making him invulnerable after iron skin ends so he can recast takes away te one tiny thing that's "hard" about playing rhino.
  8. i agree, i personally bought khora after attempting to farm her because i found it easier to earn the 375 plat. hell, it would probably take me longer to farm khora than it would be to go get a job, earn enough money to get plat and buy her (even though i dont have any qualifications at the moment and would likely end up in a supermarket job) ivara wasnt as bad, but maybe i just got lucky.
  9. hell yeah, first time joining but im gonna do my darn best!
  10. ordis has an off button. for the volume at least.
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