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  1. Soooo... Atmo systems is at Rank Hand. I need 10 atmo systems to get TO that rank. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I've run bounty 2 OVER 200 TIMES and havent gotten atmo ONCE! I NEED 10 ATMO TO GET 10 ATMO?!?! Welp, guess who's stuck at rank 2 forever! (Cuz I've been doing bounty 2 EVERY DAY SINCE IT CAME OUT AND HAVEN'T GOTTEN IT ONCE!) FIX THE DROPRATE SO WE DONT HAVE TO RELY ON PURCHASING THEM THIS IS REDICULOUS!! I am literally so Furious with this that I'm quitting warframe for now, regardless of the +200$ I've invested in it thinking it a wonderful game. I'm done with this lazy "work-around" Way of doing things and constantly fixing broken fingers by removing arms. Came close when they REFUSED to migrate rivens and make them untradable instead of ruining 80+builds for every vet.
  2. Still no fix for waypoint logic......... Guess who's not getting anything done for his syndacates? THIS GUY.
  3. Let me be clear up front saying I love the work you guys do. But please, FIX WAYPOINTS!!!!! I still have to restart Sydicate missions over and over cuz of the "Hurr Durr, I'mma float out in space lol!" Waypoints that make it almost impossible to find the way around! I see this most often on the Grineer Gallion Tile set but it showes up all over the place randomly and not always during Syndicate missions. Every now and then, this bug makes its appearance in SORTIE and that is unnacceptable. I end up using Nezah so I can guide other players around who don't have a good sense of direction with his 1st ability. Please I'm desperate!
  4. Still no VentKids standing from K-Drive races? I'm almost at the final rank with Solaris United and I have only 1k standing for the vent kids and NO ranks in their faction. How long is this gonna take? Cuz I'd be maxed with them too by now if those races counted. No reason to race when it doesn't count.. Also, STILL NO FIX For Waypoints bugging out? Welp, guess I'm not doing any syndicate missions cuz I have to restart them 12 or more times for the waypoints to not be floating out in space somewhere beyond my tile with no exit facing that way. But now we can see the credits to see who's letting us down in Fortuna. But the fishing fixes were badly needed, so thank you for that. Also Tek Gravity finally being functional. Makes sense how it's done considering Exodia Pull.
  5. PLEASE FIX Tek Gravity!!! I would very much like my Tek set to be functional as it is the ONLY set I go out of my way for cuz of the set bonus being an awesome area denial power for my smeeta. Also, Waypoints are STILL a problem. Especially with Syndicate missions. I cant even begin to count how many time I've had to restart cuz the waypoint is floating out in space rather than telling me where to go. Other than that, thank you for the time and effort you guys are sinking into this. It's entirely why, despite my whole arsenal of 90 Rivens getting nerfed, I still continue to regularly purchase plat to fund the further development. Love this game, but it seems like some bugs are being completely ignored. (Not even a mention that ya'll are aware of the issue)
  6. So they completely crapped on EVERY ONE of my FAVORITE Weapons. Thanks....
  7. Tek Gravity doesn't work. At all.
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