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  1. Warframe, like any game, is going to lose players constantly, simply by virtue of players running out of things to do, getting tired of the game, etc. If DE took a year of no new content, a large contingent of players would reach the end of the current content, have no reason to play, and quit (temporarily or permanently). New content keeps getting dripped into the game to keep players playing and spending, which in turn feeds development costs. A year in the workshop is gonna cost the game a lot of players, and even if at the end of it the game comes out a polished version of itself, the peop
  2. Stack Shields' innate 25% DR, the debuff on enemy damage and a slow via augmented Pacify, group CC via Rest, and Mend's supply of (Over)Shields on kill, Night Form Equinox becomes extremely hard to kill.
  3. Sometimes Spectral Scream bugs out and lets me use melee weapons while it's active. I love when this happens because it feels like Scream fits so much better with Chroma in action. Normally the ability cuts off your weapon use to deliver elemental damage at short range, which is lackluster since your weapons are usually going to have better damage, longer range, or both. However, if Chroma is just locked to melee while Scream is active, the ability becomes a toggled-on extra bit of splash damage, melee range CC and Condition Overload primer, which is great. I would even be alright with an
  4. Latest Devstream they briefly showed off the Briefcase Gun (a rocket launcher), with a bit of an implication that there was more than one by specifying that this one launched rockets. They'll probably have a few new weapons (briefcases included?) in the mix, with some variants of existing weapons.
  5. Set goal for yourself. Accomplish self-set goal. Realize the game itself does not consider this a goal. Outrage that your own goal was not a goal set by the game. Seek attention on the internet.
  6. It is kinda lame doing the same mission over and over with just Necramech for the most pivotal parts. But in fairness to Orphix Venom, Scarlet Spear's narrow mission parameters and doing the same two missions over and over became just Limbo and Mesa Simulator 2019TM. (Or for me, Gara and Paracesis Simulator 2019TM.) I'm usually pretty responsible about quitting grind when it's no longer fun, but I grinded well past that point on SS due to the availability of Arcanes.
  7. I do this already anyway, since the Operator can zip around the map with Void Dash.
  8. Well, Passives have never carried over with Helminth abilities, and it looks like Lavos is no exception. I will follow this science thread with interest.
  9. It certainly does if you can guarantee yourself getting the Leg. Arcane you want without subjecting yourself to the RNG of an Eidolon's drop table.
  10. I am curious as to how you came up with this figure. Genuinely, no shade.
  11. If there's no rebalance, then perhaps the grind is appropriate. It's only been a day so it's kinda hard to tell at this point. I grinded pretty casually with frequent breaks for just a day and I already have all the mission rewards (Aura Forma, Mausolon skin etc), a few new Operation goodies and all the bits of Lavos, though I did get a bit lucky on the Lavos blueprint drops from missions. Seems like the Arcanes are pretty reasonably priced compared to Scarlet Spear, with one good 10-15 mission rewarding enough cred for a rare Arcane. Might even be a little more generous than Scarlet Spea
  12. Personally, no. I've just seen a lot rage threads on the Forums in the past.
  13. Well, as far as complaints they defs won't resolve all those. I haven't encountered any bugs in the event. Balancing the grind might not get done before DE's vacations, but then again it also might. A hotfix or two (and a bonus-granting script if needed) can hapen in a single day. And if it doesn't, it's not the end of the world. If memory serves, there was an event they rebalanced after a week or two once before, and part of the compensation was extending the event's duration.
  14. This is an exaggeration. Without a Necramech of my own I've been playing the Operation exclusively with Father's borrowed Mechs. While I may not be as strong as others in their modded Mechs, I do decent damage and rarely ever die. Especially when I'm piloting a Bonewidow, which heals pretty reliably with Meathook. First of all, you can continue the mission after your Necramech dies. You're just limited to your Operator while within 80ish meters of an Orphix. Also, new Necramechs seem to spawn around the map periodically -- at least they've been doing so for me, multiple times a mission
  15. None of those things are a player-controlled death platform, though. The consistency they're going for is keeping to their statement that Warframe abilities don't heal Necramechs. Removing WF-heals-NM for 90% of healing abilities and not the other 10% is inconsistent. I don't think you're asking for consistency, I think you're asking for a buff to Necramech surviviability and are willing to see the inconsistency remain if it makes the player stronger.
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