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  1. Really? If you knew that, you wouldn't be trying to level your weapons by ignoring them to hog exp with your frame's damage. It's intended to grant your weapon exp based on how much you use the weapon. It's a pretty honest representation of "experience points". The affinity sharing values are the way they are so that people don't get discouraged or put off when they play with others. If you want a good weapon leveller, take a weapon buffer like Mirage, Rhino or even Volt (for dat speed) and actually use the weapon.
  2. *Anyone who has completed ever StarChart node for one of them, anyone who has leveled to Old Mate in Fortuna for at least one other. But a minor point there. We frequently get these Forum essays explaining how stuff is bad and people don't like them, but they rarely come with any concrete examples of how to better this system. In part this is because players are quick to complain and slow to construct. But in terms of the age-old "end-game challenges that are rewarding" essays, it becomes especially difficult to nail down a solution because of the sheer level of player-side power and the amount of freedom we have to play with. I'm not sure if I've seen a single idea on this site that could reliably attest to the merit or skill of a player, because we have way too much stuff at our fingertips that allows us to render any challenge void. Bleeding Body can be got by getting gud at Arbitrations -- or by playing Hydroid Puddlemode and leeching off other players for several hours, or anything in between. The old Raids were also a good example of this -- it was a hard-fought victory, or it was a subscription to a meta that made the Raid itself more boring than watching a workplace training slideshow. I highly doubt we're going to see anything locked behind actual challenge or proof of merit in Warframe, short of incredibly tight mission restrictions -- do X with only Loki and a bow, for example -- and possibly also having to do them solo. Which is fine, but a large portion of the community seems to be against that.
  3. By "screwed over", I imagine you mean "can't acquire the Saturn Six cosmetic items and an Umbral Forma, none of which are important to player progression". They can still play the Series for Cred, cosmetics, Potatoes and unique Mods. They just can't get everything. Anyone who doesn't play the game at all in over a month, can't have access to every single one of the rewards. Yeah, Nightwave isn't perfect. But what is your definition of a fair cutoff point for players to acquire every reward? How many weeks should players be allowed to ignore this game completely and get the same rewards that those who regularly play do? Seven weeks? Eight weeks?
  4. Ash is honestly in a great place -- if you play him with his limitations in mind. He can deal heaps and piles of damage (most of it True damage) all at once, but he has to see his enemy at least once before doing so. So get mobile. Dip and dive and dodge around, dart between bits of cover, look around constantly. Play like a nimble assassin would need to on a battlefield to get things done. Whiners mourn the loss of old Ash largely because you could press one button and secure every kill in the area for yourself to gloat over as you watched an edgelord mini-cutscene. Now your badassery has to be earned, and if you play Ash well then earning it is certainly doable. Not the easiest, but then what would be the point?
  5. So what do you say about the wiki page stating Void damage is only resisted by three health types out of twelve: Cloned Flesh, Machinery and Fossilized? In my books, 3/12 is very far from "nearly all". Nevermind that none of the Health types with resistance to Void damage provide any kind of damage reduction on their bearers. Plus Machinery is among the rarest of Health types in the game, possessed only by non-combat units (Eidolon Lure, Sensor Regulator) and units that die in a single hit (Roller, Latcher), so in practice the resistance to Void is on more like 2/12 Health types. You can't defend your argument by just straight-up lying.
  6. Also setups that revolve around toggled abilities (WoF, Mend/Maim, Exhalteds, etc.), since Zenurik is useless when toggle abilities are up.
  7. That's a really weird way of saying "Sentients are weak to Operator damage".
  8. What is this thread even about? That's a lot easier said than done.
  9. I really like this about the Thumpers. I've never thought of this behaviour as trying to "face" me when I fight them, only as their attempt to defend their weakspots, which to me is awesome. Annoying, sure, but as an enemy they're supposed to try and do things to oppose you, and this action makes a lot of sense. I find this fight actually pretty exciting and the struggle it demands of you is a big contributor. We can move a lot faster than the Thumper, and we have a wide open space to do it in. Bullet Jump, roll, slide, aim and shoot. Repeat. I suppose something could be added. Thumpers could accept Status Effects which slow them, or they could have another weakspot that allows you overheat the Thumper for a moment, but I think your suggestion of "make it stop doing things so I can get free shots in" would make this a less entertaining fight.
  10. It's weird you say that, since from the very start of Arbitrations I picked up high-accuracy guns and have never looked back. These small, fast-moving targets actually make burst rifles feel useful.
  11. What are you actually going without when you miss a Baro trip? I was on vacation last round and I missed Primed Animal Instinct, and so now.... my passive Loot Radar doesn't go any further than it always has. But it could've gone further. Oh no! The humanity! Now I have to wait a few months for the chance at seeing those Rubedo drops from somewhat further away!
  12. I'm suspecting they'll have 'em once the Series is finished and we move onto the next one.
  13. There's a clear indicator of where you need to stand to trigger the excavator (big yellow circle). Not hard to avoid except in a couple spots on Earth and Europa. They also spawn pretty far apart. Why are you traveling so far away from your current defense point?
  14. That's not a rework, that's a buff. You're not asking for a change in how things function, you're just asking for more rewards. Which is fine, but, call it like it is.
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