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  1. Doesn't need to kill things by itself to be useful. Firewalker provides mobility, CC, a Heat proc (so Armor debuff), provides tick damage (still something) and clears ally Status Effects. Firewalker is a lot more than just damage.
  2. I don't really get the logic behind some of these questions. The default options for "self damage boost" range from 10% to 90%... but we already boost our weapon damage by 165% with just a single mod (serration). Zephyr just got an aug that boosts her Secondary weapon damage by 500%. That's just how Warframe works. If you're trying to get survey data when all your default answers are wildly below what already in the game, you're probably going to get an overwhelmingly high percentage of write-in results.
  3. You make some good points. RNG for getting a Riven for a particular off-meta weapon is abysmal, but if the game let players just choose whichever weapons they got Rivens for, I think it'd do more harm than good. This would just skew meta and the devs would need to either leave the game even less balanced than it already is, or take a hammer to Riven dispositions and upset a lot of people. I think the big problem with what you mention here is that really trading for Rivens doesn't seem to be a thing, only buying and selling them. (I've done so successfully a few times, but IME it's quite r
  4. One major goal of Rivens (perhaps their biggest goal) is to encourage players to use weapons they might otherwise ignore, namely off-meta weapons. Let players pick exactly which weapons they get Rivens for and that principle kinda just goes out the window. The majority of players would just get Rivens for meta stuff, meaning either the gap between meta and off-meta gets wider or the devs have to get really screwy with Disposition levels.
  5. Whether or not this interaction should happen is debated among the devs. For a short time this was nerfed, but then a bunch of Mesa mains lost their sh*t so it got un-nerfed.
  6. Could be, but unless the devs change the game somehow the best could be done in that respect is a closed loop, kind of like the old Trials. Considered the de facto "endgame" back in the day, Trials were the one way to get Arcanes... which weren't the key to any further content, they only really served to incrementally make the rest of the game (and the Trials themselves) easier as time went on.
  7. This and many other games like this just aren't structured that way. Warframe is still active only because players continue to spend money on it. If the devs add a "This is the end, you can stop playing now" to the game, players will know their spending on the game will reach an expiration at some point. "Game as a live service" and "game with a tangible end" are, imo, fairly incompatible ideas. Not to say it can't work, I just don't see this happening with how Warframe is structured.
  8. I was thinking about this too, yeah. The current cap of 80% slow and a significant damage reduction is fine for all levels of play. I might still try it out when I get a second copy of Sevagoth though, to have a stronger intitial slow without waiting for Peaceful Provocation to ramp up, and for the lifesteal to take pressure off Mend (though tbh I use Mend and tank with Shields more often than health using this build). Plus memes.
  9. What? 5% of damage bleeds past enemy Shield Gating, and Cameras have abysmally low health (usually just 10). IDK what kind of weapons and mods you're using that you ever need 2 hits to destroy a camera.
  10. As a big fan of the Night Equinox Tank strategy, Gloom's appearance as a Helminth ability has me interested. Currently Equinox can have a radial damage debuff and slow while passively gaining shields on kill. Gloom would add another slow and lifesteal to the mix, though it would also drain more Energy. I'm debating the use of both as Night Equinox already has a heal, but the two abilities being able to stack their slows could make Gloom worth bearing the added Energy drain. (EDIT: bonus points for the two abilities having the same range)
  11. 100% agree with all this. Make the Shield features more important and impactful the more a player specs into using Shields.
  12. That, and studio crunch is bad. Maybe DE could have released the kind of Railjack experience they promised at TC2018, but even if possible it would've involved a ton of mandatory crunch: obligatory overtime, burnout, and the deterioration of a lot of staff members' mental and physical health. I would much rather a humbler release or a longer wait for a game than the burnout of a creative team and/or a half-baked release.
  13. Counterpoint: at Tennocon 2018 they should've showed us a Railjack they were ready to deliver.
  14. I get where you're coming from with this, but, Oberoni Fallacy: players being able to customize their experience around a game feature (in this case by ignoring it) doesn't exempt that feature from criticism. "It's not broken if you can fix it yourself" predicates its solution on the thing being broken in the first place. As to how this synergy is an issue for the game, look, you're a smart Tenno, I'm sure you don't need it spelled out for you.
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