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  1. And a MfD Fatal Teleport Ash or a MfD Revenant could outperform all of them for lack of setup and potency of payoff. Original Marked for Death was too strong, plain and simple. This is true, but not because of removing overkill Health. Now the main issue is that the transferable damage is capped at 75%. If it were capped at 100% there'd be no issue with nuke potential unless you were tagging fodder and expecting that to indirectly wipe tanks. Capping at 75% means that if you don't tag a significantly more beefy target, or an already-hurt target, you're not going to kill many enemies wi
  2. This part is reasonable, imo. Overkill damage technically isn't dealt to the marked enemy, and letting it work that way made the ability a must-spam-on-first-enemy-you-see kind of gimmick. Now its nuke potential has a tactical caveat in that to optimize you need to be tagging tanky targets. Incidentally, if you Mark the tankiest target in the ability's radius, it functions exactly the same as if this clause weren't present. You can still nuke rooms, now you just have to pay a bit more attention.
  3. Harrow. All his abilities link perfectly into each other. Gauss and Wisp are honorable mentions.
  4. I use the Stradavar Prime a lot. It's probably not even close to meta, but I personally love the weapon and it works well enough. I also have a stupid good Riven for it, so, you know. Accurate, dependable primary for me.
  5. I'd be reluctant to remove Hunter Munitions, especially vs Armored targets. I might remove Primed Shred for for Hata-Satya instead of HM, considering your Riven has punchthrough already. Energized Munitions is aight, but with HM I think Expedite Suffering would be a much better Helminth ability once unlocked.
  6. It is. If you aim to address DE, head over to the Feedback section. GD is to chat among players.
  7. Turbulence was one of the main examples of what DE wasn't going to put on the subsume list. Reb mentioned that if an ability was too strong if shared, they wouldn't subsume it because sharing that ability would effectively kill the frame for a lot of people. "Why even play Zephyr if you can just slap Turbulence on anyone?"
  8. It makes absolutely no sense for DE to poorly implement a frame. It's possible they released Xaku a bit underpowered so they could buff them later. Releasing a frame balanced is the best possible, but if that's not done it's better to release a frame underpowered and them buff them, than it is to release a frame OP and then nerf them. Just sit tight, Tenno. DE said in recent patch notes that Xaku will be getting a proper balance pass this week.
  9. As far as I know, you don't need low Range for a Speed Nova build, just a Strength below 70%. My Speed Nova build uses the Helminth ability Empower, really making it a Toggle Speed Nova. I cast Molecular Prime normally to increase enemy speed in earlier waves, then for tougher later waves I tap Empower first to slow them down with MP.
  10. If you want to adress DE, post in the Feedback section. GD is to talk with the rest of us players.
  11. Additional funtimes: - Adding Firewalker to Gauss (I replaced Thermal Sunder). You leave a flaming trail even during Mach Rush. Zip around a defense objective for CC. Enjoy rocketing across the Cambion Drift, looking back to see something out of a cartoon. - Energized Munitions on Mirage. Hall of Malevolence augment, plus Prisma Grakata using Wild Frenzy and Brain Storm for MOAR bullets. (I made a thread about this.)
  12. I understand misconstruing the semantics, but spending ammo isn't the goal. The goal is firing many bullets. Free bullets is good for firing more bullets. I may update this with a full build in the future, but for now I've just provided the synergies that make the concept work. I'm unable to play WF for the rest of today, so I have no time to test what details would make this optimal, and I didn't feel like getting into math-based arguments. I figure most players are smart enough to optimize from this foundation. In the meantime I will update Next Steps for clartiy.
  13. Max Dakka Mirage is all about pumping out as many bullets at once as you can. This has been enhanced further than ever before by the addition of Helminth Infusions. What You Need. (This isn't a complete build, more like the skeleton of one. These are the parts you need to make the concept work, and you can fill in the rest to taste.) Mirage: a Strength/Duration build, the Hall of Malevolence augment Helminth: Energized Munitions (rank 5). Infuse onto Mirage, replacing either Sleight of Hand (2) or Prism (4). (Prisma) Grakata: Wild Frenzy and Brain Storm. Adding Ma
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