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  1. From what I understand, they wanted to give players an upgrade option to disable Razorwing's vacuum, mostly so as not to "waste" Energy pickups. (Titania missing 15 Energy, picks up an orb for 25 Energy, 10 of that is wasted, rather wait until missing at least 25.) But then we wouldn't want to sacrifice a whole Mod slot for this, so the ability was stacked onto a Mod we'd probably be using anyway, Aviator. (And then Aviator doesn't stack with this because that would make a non-vac Razorwing "mandatory".)
  2. Poor title. Worst in-game economy is in No Man's Sky and I challenge any game to even come close to it.
  3. In the next patch, please revert the change made to Venari and allow her to heal Cryopods and the like again. I understand the reasoning behind Venari not being able to heal OpLinks, but for other stationary defendables, it's a feature with a tooltip and everything. I feel like this was changed accidentally, but either way it'd be nice to see this interaction brought back outside of the event. ( @Grav_Starstrider this is how you make feedback and requests without making yourself look like an a**hat. You understand that asking for something from someone while ridiculing them at the same time is not a great way to get the thing you want, or did yo mama not raise you right?)
  4. How often does this actually happen, though? You could certainly debate it. Hard to gauge a genuine community satisfaction though when about 10% has always been thinking DE is the boogeyman actively trying to destroy their every hope and dream. Too many people impulsively crybullying to really get a sense of it.
  5. Ever had a boss come and ask you how a task was going, but you didn't know you had that task because it was someone else's job to tell you to do it? I have a feeling it's something like this happening with Venari. People work in unison, but they do not share a brain, so some thoughts get left out or forgotten. Someone was asked to fix an interaction, figured the entire type of interaction was the issue, but the niche feature that's part of the game was overlooked when this happened. It happened when Hysterical Assault was borked when Channeling got removed, it happened when Kavats were added and we were allowed to breed Kavbrows, it's probably what's happened with this. I think people who are talking about "company vision" and "community feedback" are overreacting and making much too big a deal out of this, putting on a tinfoil hat and thinking this is some kind of malicious attack on tooltip features when it was really, very likely, a genuine mistake.
  6. I don't think it is. Bring things to attention, give feedback, but don't be a Karen about it. Be mature about things. Outrage is just a great way for creators to start thinking, "wow, look at this spoiled, tantrum-throwing a**hole, I'm just going to ignore what he says on principle".
  7. Yeah, you probably have the gist of one or more of the scenarios you describe. People make mistakes. What I'm saying is, before we pop on tinfoil hats and start lighting torches, let's remember: - Everyone is working from home right now. Communication isn't as easy, fast or comprehensive as in one physical office space. Mis- or lack of communication is a lot easier. - With hundreds of people working on a massive project, no single person can be expected to remember literally everything about the game. - "knowing the game" is a stupidly vague term to base a point on in the first place. There are players out there who can rhyme off their best build for any weapon you can name, they may "know the game", but they still have no clue you can break Frost's 3 with his 1.
  8. What if "DE" isn't a singular hive-minded entity, and there are different people working on different things at different times? Especially since everyone's working from home right now, this sounds like it could be a "wires crossed" thing. Possible scenario: Venari isn't supposed to heal Oplinks, the bugfixer who fixed this issue didn't design Khora, wasn't aware of the normal interaction with Defense pods and flicked the switch for all defense point targets to fix the issue. Ideally, this is the part where Skyers gets on the line with the bugfix team and says, "hey, not healing Oplinks is fine, but Venari's supposed to heal Cryopods."
  9. The last few updates have been pretty ambitious, and all of them have had things that DE didn't get right the first try. But not getting something right the first time doesn't mean you shouldn't try to innovate or do anything ambitious. They should've taught you that in school. Keep creating, keep trying, keep improving. Definitely not everyone loved the updates a few years ago. The negative feedback is a lot more acidic nowadays, but even back then you couldn't please everyone.
  10. Idk Tenno, I've been using it pretty effectively vs higher-level targets on the Daikyu. The bow's high accuracy means the accuracy debuff isn't an issue as long as you're within ~35m, and the added multishot makes a Crit/Munitions build one-shot pretty much anything with the procs alone. Cernos Prime's fun for just the wild spray of like 16 arrows.
  11. I have a feeling that at its core, player anger largely boils down to timed exclusive rewards* and the fear of not being able to get them due to bugs, rebalances, poor teamwork etc. Players are afraid that they'll miss out on some (or even one) of the rewards, and that's got people riled up. Defs not the only reason, but I feel this is probably the core of it for a lot of players. *timed exclusive reward: a reward that, as far as we know presently, is only available for a limited time and cannot be acquired outside of this limited window.
  12. The dark side that timed exclusives bring out in players.
  13. No offense here, but did you know this mod has been out for months? Several people got it via Transmute before it was patched out of Transmute drops (happens quite a bit with new mods they put in the game but haven't released), and DE allowed those players to keep it. A bunch of people made videos detailing everything about the Mod back in like January(?). People have been asking for it to come with Baro every two weeks and lamenting this tested non-interaction.
  14. I'm not gonna get too attached to this benefit, as it might be unintentional and could be removed later. The Mod states "On Hit", and you aren't really hitting targets when the poofs are doing all the work. I'd be sad to see this go, but SF is for spamming anyway so it wouldn't be a big deal. Guaranteed to see at least 5 sob threads about it though if this does get removed. "This mOd was all redy trash and u removd the one thing that made it good I I am so done slap in the face incompatent leaving forever now!!!"
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