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  1. Let's find out with the new update. So far we no very little about how they're going to be changing stats, etc.
  2. Simple answer: to encourage players to play with more of what the game has to offer, rather than just spamming the best strat. Longer answer: many gamers will go for optimization over actual fun or enjoyment, to the point where much of a game is done away with if it's considered sub-optimal. To quote game designer Soren Johnson: "given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of the game." For example (in Warframe), old Ash had the Bladestorm build made to spam his 4 endlessly while ignoring other powers. It was obnoxious and boring, but it cleared rooms with no effort, so it was really popular. For an example outside Warframe, Destiny 1 had this big rocket launcher you could get, which was leaps and bounds stronger than any other gun. The game just became "get that gun and spam it", and that was it, never mind other features. For another example outside Warframe, DnD has an optional rule called "flanking", where if allies stand on opposite sides of an enemy they both get a significant buff to their attacks. While this rule does make players position more creatively, it quickly becomes a game of "pincer the enemy", and the strength of flanking overlaps a bunch of other player features, effectively erasing them from use. TL;DR: nerfing signifcant powerful outliers in a game is beneficial for the game's overall health, encouraging players to mix up their tactics and play "Warframe" instead of just playing "Bladestorm: the Game".
  3. For frame and melee? .... Are some of us about to get a whole crate-load of Forma? If that's the case my Dojo is about to get a bunch of new rooms.
  4. Gotta love how people make "doom" threads right after DE mentions a small fraction of the release information.
  5. Then maybe we're stuck with a few enemies we can't one-shot with zero threat. We aren't going to have challenge in this game unless we concede some of our power to trivialize every obstacle. Whether it's a nerf is a point of conjecture. They're capping how many times it benefits from Status afflicitions to 3, but they're also buffing the amount of extra damage each Status effect provides (new % unknown). Depending on how you build around CO, and how much the new % will be, the change could actually be a buff. For example, if it's bumped to 80%/status, you'll only need 3 effects to get +240% damage instead of 4, and either way you're getting more potential damage in fewer hits.
  6. I'm curious, how exactly are they pushing away content creators? Sure, a dearth of new content has been resulting in a lack of sources for content creators to draw in views (and because of this many have been trying to branch out to other sources for making their own content), but that's a passive side effect of the pace of updates. I haven't seen any sign of the studio actively distancing themselves from their partners.
  7. This disturbs me. It's digital, meaning the edition can be... copied... limitlessly....
  8. Got 2-3 in my first half-hour run of Lua Disruption. If you have a decent squad you run C Rotations constantly every 2- minutes depending on Demo spawns. Easy grind.
  9. Do you think when Teslas become tiny rollers, the Link augment will retain its functionality and Slash things as they draw spirographs along the floor? That'd be cool.
  10. I'm no expert, but it probably has something to do with Destiny 2 becoming free to play. They share a genre (and thus a demographic), and I'm sure there are tons of people who were interested in Destiny 2, repelled by the crazy-high price of the base game and its immediate DLC, and now want to finally try it.
  11. For me, variety. I tend to bringone of each of a high-damage single-shot weapon (usually Crit-based) and a high-rate-of-fire weapon (usually Status-based) in a Loadout. I favor the former for high-profile targets while the latter is for crowds and Nullies, although this may switch depending on the situation.
  12. I seem to recall I've been suggesting this very change to her passive for quite some time now, but I'm not going to fight over authorship in the think tank that is the Forums. I'm just happy Ember's getting a proactive passive.
  13. I defs agree with the latter here. I like that at least one frame remains without an ability that keeps the frame alive for the player automatically. Staying alive as Banshee is about using her kit and your own awareness -- Sonar highlights threats around you, Silence gives you a moment to pre-empt approaching threats, and Sonic Boom covers you when something gets past those defenses. Banshee is old but classic, and her ability design is simple yet excellent. The only thing flying in the face of that is Soundquake. It's pretty much the opposite of all that, locking you down in one spot while you deal effortless but low damage in a wide area and messing with anyone trying to hit those Sonar spots you set up. I honestly think Banshee would be perfect if they just replaced Soundquake with something that enhances her ability to track, subdue and repel enemies. I honestly can't think of anything, but I'm all ears for things that could help keep Banshee as high-risk, high-reward as the rest of her kit makes her.
  14. The trouble with Trin is that she is strong but not mechanically interesting, and if you make her combat interesting for yourself, some of her idiosyncrasies hold her back. Nobody uses Well of Life. It's minor healing with much more input required than the major healing her Blessing does with next to no input. Energy Vampire is just one-click Energy economy breakdown. As long as she has 50 Energy, Trin gets to waive Energy costs for everyone. While this kind of power isn't necessarily bad, having this ability require some attention or input would make her less of a burnout machine. Link is fine, but clunky. Blessing is fine but similarly bland, one-click-done. Some ideas, of my own and gleaned from others across the Forums: Do more-or-less a swap of mechanics of her 1 and 2. Have the healing be automatic and EV require players to attack a target to receive Energy. Experiment perhaps with not holding affected enemies stationary and instead creating a zone of enemies around the original target which share the effects to make Trin a shot-caller. Or have these wellsprings be stationary and with an additional effect in a radius (like a small DR within 10m of Well of Life, for example) to open defensive map-play options. Have Link become one-handed to cast, and (dare I say it) recastable. Do something cool with Blessing. Perhaps instead of just Healing and a DR depending on how much ally health is missing, add a meter to Trin that charges when damage is dealt to allies or mitiagted by any of Trin's abilities. Casting Blessing at certain levels of the meter will impart certain effects -- for example, filling up enough of the meter could prompt a Speed Boost, extra Health regen, added Power Strength, or something else, for a time after Blessing is cast. This makes the ultimate feel more rewarding when used tactically and de-incentivizes spamming it.
  15. Heavy Caliber is fine if you're playing with this in close range, but there are better options. Similarly, Hammer shot isn't bad (I see what you're going for with the Corrosive hybrid build), but I'd experiment with other mods and see if anything suits you better. If you have access to some of the rarer event Mods, I'd try out Argon Scope, and/or Hunter Munitions. The former bumps your Crit over 100% after a headshot, and the latter helps whittle down enemy health with Bleed procs. Shred is nice for helping you deal with crowds. Vigilante Armaments is worth a try, as Multishot is always good and the Set bonus sneaks in a little more Crit. That said, if you can spare other Vigilante Set mods into your loadout (not just your build) you might be surprised. Your uptime is good, but your downtime is long -- a 3-second Reload is going to feel like forever. Finding something to help with that will help you, be it a mod for that, or switching to another weapon while Synth set mods auto-reload for you.
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