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  1. I only say "currently" in case the game's design changes wildly in the future, and then someone looks back and quotes me to say I'm wrong.
  2. My god, this thread has been resurrected from three years ago! But sure. I love a poll, so I did the math on all the Rivens I use and averaged their roll counts. And I was a bit disappointed by the poll options because they started at 10, and my average roll count... is 7. So now that's got me thinking, what does "a great riven mod" mean? Does it mean it'd sell for hundreds of plat? Or just that you find it strong and enjoy using it?
  3. Some ideas: Keep it fresh. Warframe's customization is its lifeblood. It helps players enjoy the grindy gameplay more when they can customize their experience of it: same mission several times, but switching up how you play it keeps things fresher. Shorter missions mean you're less likely to feel burnt out afterwards and lets you swap playstyle more often. Feeling of accomplishment. The End of Mission moment is a hit of dopamine and a moment to check your progress. Longer missions will deliver a bigger hit, but more hits from their play session may be more satisfying to some players. Appeal to the masses. The casual market (the "weekend warriors", as was mentioned by a dev at some point) is bigger than the hardcore market. Giving a big advantage to hardcore players favors one dedication and/or schedule over another's, potentially driving away a casual market. Foreign Influence. Warframe isn't crazy huge in the Chinese market. But it does exist there, China's market is massive, and its government has been cracking down on video game usage hard. Like, ID required to log into a game so they can limit when and how much you game per week (for minors), in an effort to prevent addicition. Incentivizing an hour-long mission could mean the average young player in China would have to dedicate a large percentage of their weekly playtime for just that run. Offering bite-sized missions means that players who are strapped for time because of government restrictions may be more likely to play your game. Softened meta. As Warframe is built currently, completing long Endurance runs is not at all about skill; it's pretty much entirely about your patience, free time and adherence to a conflict-trivializing meta. Less incentive to run long Endurance means less reason to think one must play the meta, opening the game up to greater variety.
  4. I don't believe the devs can release difficult content without the bulk of players defaulting to one of two things in response: complaining such content is unfair because failure in Warframe thus far has been very rare and this difficult content should have success be just as guaranteed (see the original release of Arbitrations) using a loadout option that completely removes any difficulty, such as: infinitely scaling damage abundant invulnerability phases the ability to stagger enemies constantly undetectable invisibility wide-reaching lockdown CC The only way to add difficult content to Warframe is to nerf the player, at least for that content. The infamous MR9 Test is, in the context of this game, relatively difficult, and it's entirely because you can't use abilities. If you put this level in any other game with stealth (Metal Gear, Assassin's Creed, Hitman etc.) it would be considered pretty basic, but in Warframe it's relatively hard because the game never expects you to practice the skills of observing enemy patterns and being sneaky until you arrive at this Test. It just hands you Loki and lets you sprint through invisible. So when you can't do that in the MR Test it's tough for some players, and success comes through employing basic videogame stealth skills. The Grendel missions are another example of nerfing the player to create difficulty. Your stuff is all unmodded, so you need to pick your gear carefully, and you need to think about when and how to use your abilities instead of just spamming them everywhere. Suddenly the Defense mission becomes about defending the cargo again, rather than shooting fish in a barrel.
  5. I don't really mind either way, though the new UI is much easier to take in all your stuff at a glance. Maybe if they re-added the old UI as a sort of "legacy display" for players who prefer it?
  6. Trinity needs the locks taken off her casting animations, she's criminally clunky to play no matter what you're doing with her.
  7. I'd never really thought about it. I suppose abilities and synergy (both within the frame itself, and between the frame and other loadout bits) are the main things I play a frame for. Their fashionframe game probably influences how long I play them, and if/when I return to them.
  8. @Aldain @Tesseract7777 It makes me very sad that neither the Daikyu nor the Tonbo have been Primed. I'm also disappointed that after a slew of frames Prime with their vanilla version's release weapons* and the devs teasing older weapons would get Primed alongside Nidus, I am still waiting on both of these. They're some of my most-used weapons and I love them, even if they aren't meta and are kinda hipster. Sigh. Maybe next season. *ie Gara released with Astilla and Volnus and Gara Prime released with Astilla Prime and Volnus Prime
  9. The overall issue I see with these proposed changes is that all of the new abilities (or heavy changes to 2,3 and 4) would get in the way of normal weapons combat. If you're busy flailing an enemy around with 2, lining up a throw with 3 or becoming the kraken with 4, that's all time spent not using the weapons you brought along, weapons that likely deal a lot more damage. Currently the biggest gripe I see about Hydroid is that his 3 has you not doing anything, it's wasting time you could be using to shoot. And a big gripe about Warframes with exhalted weapons is that often their exhalteds don't scale as well as regular weapons. I feel like your proposed changes end up rolling both of these grievances into one and baking them into a Warframe. These are certainly cool ideas, but imo they sound better suited to a game with different pacing and a different loadout system, like Guild Wars 2 or League of Legends.
  10. I do need more Health on Inaros. For the meme.
  11. After finally getting around to grinding out an extra copy of one of the grinder frames to grind, I finally have an extra Chroma to feed to [redacted]. And I'm excited, considering Elemental Ward is really 4 abilities in one, but locked to one each mission on any other frame. What combinations have you enjoyed with Elemental Ward? I've already got my sights set on Heat Inaros and Electric Hildryn, but I'd enjoy hearing other players' ideas.
  12. Slap on Gloom for Black Hole Melee Nova. Her 1st gives her a health-based DR use MP augment to keep this up synergizes with Gloom lifesteal Her 4th slows and then Gloom slows even more Both weapon and ability damage grant Lifesteal in the Gloom radius Looks dope af
  13. Swap the position of your elemental mods with each other to get different elements.
  14. I feel like generally, the idea of whether or not the game or its devs "respects me" already crosses some kind of line. It's putting too much of your own stakes and personal worth into... into a video game. Except as a joke or as part of an application to work for DE, I would never put "reached MR30 in Warframe" on a resume, as it's not really an accomplishment beyond personal interest and enjoyment in the game. I don't have a relationship with this game like it's some kind of living person, and I don't have a direct relationship with its creators. They just make something I like. I feel like when someone starts taking for granted this idea of respect from a video game, at least on a personal level, it's time for a bit of self-reflection.
  15. Yareli and Hydroid are not similar "because water". They share a cosmetic, but their designs are very different. Yareli is incentivized to be constantly moving, Hydroid benefits from staying close to his summoned stuff. Yareli's defensive move is a vehicle, Hydroid's makes him relatively stationary. They play very differently.
  16. Have you tried using the new Covert Lethality anyway? It no longer auto-kills the enemy, but it adds to initial combo and 100% extra Finisher damage.
  17. One one hand, I see how fast Banshee roasts through Lich/Sister health bars thanks to Sonar, and I know DE wants to make a boss with some staying power. On the other hand, Banshee was criminally underused before this, Sonar is not the only way to make this fight short and easy, and multiplying damage is really the only thing Banshee has going for her. She still has to contend with no built-in survivability and the extra damage requires at least a bit of aiming. If a nerf were inbound, I would hope it comes in the form of capping how much Armor can be stripped from the Nemesis enemy.
  18. Uh... yeah? The whole point of Galvanized Mods is to provide scaling. You're saying they're bad because you're doing things fine without the scaling? This suggests to me that either you haven't tried the Mods yet, or you're playing in missions that are low enough level that weapons don't benefit from scaling up. I did a comparison test just now of my Boar Prime's status build, with and without Galvanized Savvy (a max rank Shotgun Savvy subbing in on the latter). I hate to say it, but the test subjects were Lvl175 Corr. Heavy Gunners, overdone but they are a decent barometer of raw damage potential. Anyways: The build with Shotgun Savvy (non-galvanized) kills a Gunner in 21 shots, just over a full magazine. Then the second one I kill takes... 21 shots, just like the first. Third one, 21 shots. Three L175 Corrupted Gunners down with 63 shots. The build with Galvanized Savvy kills the first Gunner in 22 shots (slightly less Status). The second one (I have one stack now) takes about 12 shots. Then the third Gunner (2 stacks now) takes between 7 and 9 shots, average 8. Three L175 Corrupted Gunners down with 42 shots. Just over a full magazine less than the build without scaling effects. But let's go further. One does not fight exclusively tanky units in a real mission, after all. If I add two Lvl 175 Corrupted Butchers into the mix, I can get to max stacks with just two shots. Two Butchers down in two shots, then those three Gunners drop in 7-9 (avg 8) shots each. Three L175 Corrupted Gunners down with just 26 shots (or just 24 if you don't count the Butchers). Just by swapping Shotgun Savvy with Galvanized Savvy, I was able to cut shots to kill on high-level tanky enemies by more than half. But go ahead and keep thinking that Galvanized Mods are a joke.
  19. A few abilities are reduced in their intensity in the case of large buffs (Roar, Warcry etc) so as not to overshadow their source frame. A couple of other abilities with multiple features (Ivara's 1, Grendel's 2) have been pared down to a feature or two for ease of use. So far I have given the following frames to Helminth: Zephyr, Wukong, Inaros, Nezha, Sevagoth, Nidus, Nyx, Mag, Ivara, Equinox, Rhino, Volt, Ash, Banshee, Oberon, Gara, Lavos. The reason for most of these frames being that I already had a spare copy (my vanilla frame after getting the Prime), I had a spare set of their BPs already, or they are extremely easy to acquire (ie the Dojo frames). The exception here is Sevagoth, as I did a bit of extra grinding to ensure I could try Gloom on other frames. Still waiting on the rest of the Warframes because I'll do a few missions here and there but I don't like to repetitively grind for frame parts, and I'm in no huge rush for more subsumes, though I'm hoping to get Chroma next. My favorite combos so far have been: Banshee with Marked for Death Chroma, Nova and Yareli with Gloom Gauss with Firewalker Energized Munitions with Mirage Ivara (or any Spy-savvy frame) with Perspicacity
  20. At the end of my mission I coast into Extraction, and as Yareli departs the mission we see her dress is blue and black. https://imgur.com/BTul0Wz But a moment later in the results screen, her dress is white and gold! https://imgur.com/vCG2zGJ What is this? It can't be both, which is it? White and gold, or blue and black? What color is the dress?! Post your best guess as to what's going on here. Then check the spoiler for the dress' real colors and the solution.
  21. During the Q&A stream Pablo said exactly this in regard to his Nezha rework. He mentioned there was virtually no difference in usage pre-rework and post-rework, which doesn't bode well for future reworks. If there's little to no change in player behaviour in response to the work done, the devs are more likely to do other work because it seems like a better use of their time.
  22. Grendel's fine conceptually (Meatball included, it's a fun ability), but his stats need adjustment to stop being such a pain. He just needs too many different things to make his kit work. You need to stack Efficiency to keep your Energy at all, maybe some Range to grab enemies effectively, Duration (and maybe casting speed) so that you can maybe spend more time playing the game than you do smashing 2, plus Armor and Health because that's what Grendel does. It makes his builds inflexible at best and frustratingly narrow at worst. Personally, I'd be happy with just upping the base duration on 2, and/or skipping its animation if you're refreshing an already-active buff. Yareli's in a much better spot imo, she just needs a bit of scaling added and a touch more user-friendliness. Riptide doesn't do much beyond low levels, so perhaps synergy with other abilities or weapon damage a la Zephyr tornadoes. I'd also like to be able to Aim Glide on Merulina, and I'd like casting speed mods to speed up getting on and off Merulina.
  23. I would really like this for the new suitcase rocket launcher especially.
  24. Only slightly. The game explains it now as your Nemesis getting promoted, overseeing a higher-level and more lucrative planet, but I do miss the narrative impact of the entire system slowly getting covered in your enemy's influence. I appreciate the streamlining and matchmaking-friendly change, but I would be interested in testing a change were the Nemesis expanded their influence across the eligible planets instead of moving shop (ex. a Level 2 Sister controls Venus and Phobos).
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