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  1. When are we gonna see some nerfs on the Crew Ships healing bubbles? They are like a machine gun with those damn bubbles.
  2. Railjack mission right now it's just kill kill and more kill. Is it that those "Exploration" missions are coming next or what happened with those? (and if those exploration missions come from what was shown a while back in a devstream it was just one avionic/mission and also if this missions are coming can we have more rewards/mission without the end of mission rewards?) And also, the liches right now are not motivating players to play them, and here i'm talking about consumable mods(maybe turn them into how mods should be or after you consumed all 3 charges there'll be a timer on the mod with 1-2h until it's fully charged) and the kuva weapons needing 5 forma for lvl 40....a total of 75 forma for all weapons to give full XP for mastery rank so this is not good; either do something about this or don't make this in the future(PARACESIS should be the ONLY lvl 40 weapon... players don't want MULTIPLE lvl 40 weapons-or at least i don't because i just want the MR from them and if they're good i'll put some forma in it but not make it 4 forma and then find out they are still the lowest). As it is now with kuva liches, i'm more motivated to not play or touch them in the future(i only made 2 kuva liches: one that i wanted to kill and another one that was annoying and i said to convert him so i won't see him talking everytime i enter the navigation).
  3. I hope the 30 slots for wreckages should be either at 100 capacity or infinite. I had to scrap so many wreckages for that sweet min-max that i think it's way over 100; Also halving the costs to repairs in railjack would be good.
  4. I know we have pointers for Avionics in deep space.. but i really want some Resource ones... or make the resources instantly gathered since they float out in space and since there's so low visibility you can't actually get all of them or destroy your eyes looking for them.
  5. So Host migration happened in Railjack. A crew ship just went 0 health(and by that i mean the reactor was destroyed) and it was still shooting and the only problem was this.
  6. In the last hotfix you guys said that you fixed the intrinsics being displayed incorrect... i got 11 and when i went to my ship i only got 8.. so where's my intrinsics?Either they're lost or either they're not displayed correctly...this happened n.a. times.
  7. Well, in one mission i had 25 points (mission gained + what i had left) but when i came to my ship i only had 20 so i lost 5 intrinsics.... and everybody is losing intrinsics per mission.This is unacceptable.
  8. What i wish for is: Sungem Railjack Skin (since i don't like Jar Jar); Weapon slots; Warframe slots.
  9. I like everything in this update: -the bugs when you enter the grineer ship (either 10-20s where you can't use anything or just get stuck and the ship will fly with you in it and after some time you'll get teleported outside of map at 25599m away from the railjack); -the fact that the multi-tool requires ammo....why, just why; -the exorbitant price of ONE railjack skin (225 platinum... i mean if both of them were in a bundle with that price i might buy it but 225p for just one? thx but no); -if you exit the railjack and one module drops that can make your passives (e.g. armor and all that) you can't pick it up (or you can pick it up but only the host can-can't really tell about this one); -if you go to your dojo the railjack is missing.
  10. RECYCLE YOUR REQUIEM - 4 Defiled Requiem Mods can now be Transmuted into a random, fully charged, Requiem Mod. This gives them some additional use, as well as helping you clean up your inventory. Idk what to say about this... i mean the mods are still consumables but now if you want to recharge, the recharge is a RANDOM one....it would've been better if they regenerated themselves after 1h(after all the charges have been used). And also the reduction of the weapons getting the same is good... but too much grind to have your weapon of choice with 59% status element.
  11. Yep, just put Tempo Royale on it and see how it goes....while polearms stances are still low.
  12. So if you have/had ZAW's that were very good look no more, melee 2.0 just threw them in a corner. Do you want to see red crits in only few seconds? Look no more since Gram Prime(maybe Galatine also) can achieve that and the rest of the weapons are obsolete.
  13. The progress of the murmurs is too slow. The requiem mods should be PERMANENT(or keep the charges but recharge them automatically after 1h;and no, don't recharge them with other requiem mods), if this can't be done then i want a refund on the 800+ plat that i payed to not farm them because it's tedious farm(kuva floods 100% but they appear very slow, kuva siphons only 30% chance....a very BIG TIME GATE). The mercy kill is ok but the mark is too close to 1-4% of health so you don't have a chance to kill the target with mercy since your melee is going to kill the enemy before you press the use button.
  14. So that means i can't have fun anymore? . . . tombfinger nerfed AGAIN..... seems like the "have fun" is going down by the minute
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