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  1. loot drops are serotonin induced gambling caves, its basically the whole game and yeah the nightwave is menial tasks meant to inspire fomo and keep gamblers hooked steel path is piss easy and braindead you just lock the loadout and blast away but you know this and ignored the nuance in what i said with a reactionary response where you say i am a conspiracy nutcase, pretty disgusting way to be but hey i guess that's what you want to be
  2. Pretty sure the lowest time to kill anything is to be directly shooting it, thus a weapon with AOE that kill smaller enemies near the "heavy unit" and procs the effects just by proxy would be optimal. With any other weapon it would require setup, like burst a clip into a crowd maybe reload and hope the buffs last long enough for you to dump your mag into the main target. Sounds pretty dumb to me, but hey maybe they can introduce more mods to fix this ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. This is a pretty disingenuous take. I find it funny how even when the topic is about the nerf of something combat related, peoples frustration with the gambling, fomo Fortnite battlepass tier stuff they have added to the game shines through. To say they don't directly paywall their battlepass therefor they don't profit from it is disingenuous, the fact that its keeping players addicted to meaningless time consuming daily tasks is what they wanted. Like a bunch of hamsters in a wheel thanking your master for being so generous. Warframe gameplay has been a braindead boring mess for years now it just has been the solo uncontested king in its category, really reminds me of WoW. Which may i remind you for no reason whatsoever one day just suddenly suffered a mass exodus. Eventually sunk cost fallacy and gambling addicts wont carry your game any further. Anyways i think its pretty clear the balance changes were related to steel path as most on this thread seem to have discussed, which is hilarious since if you check out DE on the devstreams where they were going to implement steel path they stated specifically that it was for the fringe "tryhards" and that they were specifically not going to balance anything around steel path. I mean it could not possibly be that the Warframe community actually longs for challenging content and steel path has a large enough audience for them to continuedly need to cater to this audience now? What happened to the "we don't want to cater to the endgame audience" attitude, its almost like the lack of proper endgame is a PROBLEM and has been for years. Changing the numbers around isn't going to make combat feel fresh, imagine even thinking that for a second ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. "We don't want steel path to become the benchmark for players and/or what we balance things around" Man if rifles were already doing just fine in non steel path content before, like ๐Ÿ˜‚ what was this balance for ??๐Ÿ˜‚? It wouldn't be Steel path because clearly ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ players aren't really interested in doing challenging content ๐Ÿ˜‚ and endgame is just a fever dream of delusion that isn't real ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. Yeah i get that and i can see where you are coming from with this post, i agree with parts of it. I consider Remnant From The Ashes to be more what i would like Warframe to be. Enemies have attack patterns that are pretty well telegraphed, all their weapons are projectiles so they can be dodged and you are forced to deal with them because you cant just skip the entire game by bullet jumping. When i played that game with friends it felt like we were actually working as a team, when i talk to them about Warframe they say things like "its the only game i have fallen asleep at while playing it". I am personally not too excited by the only challenge being provided is scenarios where damage is straight up disabled, or were running around without any weapons like the glassmaker bossfight. It is such a pathetic way to admit defeat on game design, but hell the community just cant give up its toys so i guess its just going to continue being a digital sleeping pill.
  6. Hell yeah dude. Imagine just reigning in the abilities, would mean that they could design them from the ground up to be pvp compatible and obtain an entire player interest area they have failed at for years. Yeah the lore right now makes it pretty easy to work something like this in. The hype would be massive for sure.
  7. It is regrettable that when you come with such an obvious point of interest for many that would make a lot of people happy without having any significant impact on "balance" you are met with such disrespect. Your concerns are valid and i hope the dev notice and do adress this as it would simply be for the betterment of the game. +1
  8. Yeah because switching up the focus/operators is going to change arcane+ability+mod combos with numbers that have spiraled out of control and a movement system where you ctrl-space across the map into cover in a second You dont have to deal with mechanics if you have broken mobility and multiple recovery mechanics with even shieldgating being even more of a training wheel, you are contradicting yourself and agreeing with me while also saying i dont know what im talking about. Weird personal attack on my ability to discern issues with a system while knowing nothing about me or my history with the game but ok.
  9. and as you can tell if anyone with a brain reads this and read the previous post where i specifically predicted this, these people are shutting down discussion by getting hung up on semantics or moving goalposts nah the start of the game means the early experience a player has before they start spiraling out of control power-wise nah ff14 was just an example for a comparative large overhaul and it has no significance to the topic other than being a well known large overhaul kindly stop posting in the thread if you are just going to be crying about details and semantics while ignoring and distracting from the actual topic
  10. Its sad most people just don't want to face reality or understand the problem Warframe "late game" has. (aimed at the other who i wont even quote shutting down discussion and derailing the thread) Kind of but not really. Essentially early in the game you don't understand or know just how much power the game will eventually give you, while you are still somewhat "grounded" the game is still fun because you cant use the ridiculous arsenal you will eventually acquire. If a game like l4d or whatever you could think of gave players a fully auto bazooka with infinite ammo people would hate the game. You would just use the bazooka to kill everything and the entire experience and "thinking" aspect of the game just goes right into the trashcan. (this is an example) The Warframe community has adopted an attitude of "just don't use the bazooka" essentially just placing the developers responsibility in the hands of the players. Its like saying "don't press the button that lets you win" anything you do will just feel bad since you know you are wasting your time when you could be blasting that bazooka. More concrete to give you an idea of how Warframe specifically does what i am talking about is an accumulation of the things players eventually obtain by playing the game, like i said the early game is fun because you are limited. But eventually you start maxing out focus trees and arcanes, this is where it all goes downhill. Not only are there speed oriented frames, but you can blink around infinitely as your operator by dropping energy every time you run out and just keep blinking and stay in voidmode for as long as you want. When you get to this point its game over, the experience you enjoyed early on to near the middle is gone. Already when enemies can barely kill you do you start to feel the lack of a challenge but man wait until you are killing a condrix at the highest tier in mere seconds because you have a mesa fully specced for pure attack speed and damage with a 144hz monitor going BRRRRRRRRRT. The CORE PROBLEM is that if players have literal immortality and damage that outscales enemies in any level (people have already done steel path lvl999 etc) The only way DE can design enemies is by creating bop-em-sock-em systems where you shoot the thing in order to kill, or the enemy outright ignores one or multiple mechanics or just energy leeches us completely with no real indication of doing so. And even then players will tell you this is annoying, not challenging or even threatening. You cant go back, when you reach this point its over. The Warframe you experienced initially is gone and you are now a Saryn with every mod and arcane made to melt several thousands with levels in the several hundreds without having to put any thought into it. You are blinking around immortal and invisible incapacitating enemies just putting spores on them and deleting their entire bloodline. You are using banshee/mag damage multiplicative buffs with more buffs from an ability you replaced to essentially melt anything you come across. The essential Warframe experience is GONE at this point and it resembles nothing what the game was at the start, people in this thread saying i want this "phoenix rebirth" to turn the game into something else are missing the point. For vets the game has not been Warframe for a long time, i want the game to be Warframe again. There is only one solution and that is to nerf the everloving hell out of us. DELETE THE INFINITE BAZOOKAS DELETE THE INFINITE MOVEMENT DELETE THE IMMORTALITY Some people might not understand this, but those who get pissy about it either don't care about the core gameplay of Warframe, or yes; they are only in it for the hamster wheel grind and the only thing they care about is their great collection of shiny gamebreaking infinity bazookas, Just watch them latch onto another semantic or nitpick some stupid thing in order to shut down discourse because they don't want their gambling addiction to be questioned.
  11. nah i dont mean like any of that... and outside of post~coptering movement changes i dont think movements ever been reworked, every year tho core systems reworks? lmao you dont understand what a real core system rework even is no wonder you think there are no parasitic systems in warframe ๐Ÿ˜‚ I get ya but we all loved the game and its got potential it always had the problem is at some point you get tired of "soon there will be meaningful content" If all they're aiming for is cinematics then at least tell us so we can permanently leave and not bother checking in with some slight hopes for the game to be made fun past the mid grind phase. What we do know about DE is they are too scared to remove stuff that people have aquired but lets be real, while we have multiple immortality mechanics and invulnerability phases paired with damage multipliers in the several hundred-thousand percent range its impossible for them to design a fun and challenging game. This is a call for DE to rework combat, movement and abilities. Because otherwise were just going to be one-shotting AOE spamming brainlessly with several immortality phases and a death state that's of no consequence. Literal hamster wheel gambling addicts defending the game/devs are keeping it from regaining its former glory of the early stages where still feels threatening etc etc
  12. Please make a poll both on forums and in game for people on whether they would be okay with a complete upset in both gameplay systems and functionality. (kinda like how ff14 did it) Or at the very least adress if there will eventually be any fix for the parasitic systems or any revisit of core systems, i check back after a years absence only to wonder if I'm just going to check out the cinematics on Youtube when the update hits. The deafening silence after the blatant distance the dev streams have taken from the playerbase about the future direction in terms of content and gameplay behind the veil of "spoilers" is not encouraging to invest (yes, INVEST) time grinding things for content that wont require any of it or be experienced in one hour with another year long hiatus. No frame/weapon buff/nerf will fix the core reasons why this game is eventually providing an unsatisfying experience for anyone not trapped in the hamster wheel.
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