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    Kuva Mods

    So ontop of the already RNG must have or completely trash dilemma that is rivens i would have to now use 2 mandatory mods on certain weapons. Leaving even less variety and agency of choice in my hands. Riven + Kuva mod + 2 multishot + 2 for viral + 2 for crit; on every single weapon. unless its a status weapon in which case its: viral + radiation/fire if its a crit weapon: hunter munitions + heavy caliber I mean sure why not its not like the mod system isn't a mess already anyways i'm all for just throwing more rng and less thinking into the mix just for S#&&#03
  2. Primaries are just decoration and low level trash mob clearers, have been for a while. Only thing that can get anything done are snipers that for some reason have significantly more damage than the rest. My theory is that DE balances the game around controllers, and they cant aim for S#&$ so melee and snipers are strong since hitting a sniper shot is "soooo skilled!" If you nerf melee people are just hardly going to be able to kill key carriers or certain bosses, it wont be a challenge it will turn into a hassle. Steelpath was requested by people who think having 0 r
  3. Omg its a power fantasy bro i don't want to have to do things or have any form of challenge ok!!? SHUT UPP!!!!!!! just grab volt, max out his strength and range both preferably about 200% get enough efficiency so that you can easily regen his 4 with zenurik you dont need duration really works up until i cant remember what round(i think 4), but it does not scale as well as saryn mirage is a leech needs others to do a lot of killing at first to get her 1 going, she kills things the moment they spawn so its peak efficiency but without a saryn i'm not sure how far she can get
  4. we can have more fun with the same amount of loot just let us fight more at a time like the good ol days of pre nerf excavation
  5. maybe we could equip our archwing melee on our mechs, that would be nice
  6. nah why would it be too much he is not even close to the tank that is inaros and he must have an upkeep and actively deal with petrification/rumbler mechanics it would be fine just cap his rumblers at 4-6 at any given time if a new one spawn it turns the oldest into pebbles it would make it so you can just focus on fighting and using petrification while consuming rumblers when you have too much downtime
  7. i wish tidal surge would gather up tentacles and drag them with you, it would make repositioning much easier also it would be hilarious to blast through a hallway with the tentacles slapping everything
  8. would be nice if at least when you cast 4 her light value maxed out, so you know that while you cast/channel that you reliably have the damage buff but at an added cost for "balance" would also make her disco ball relevant again so that would be nice
  9. i would like to be able to consume rumblers for armor/pebbles and have a chance to spawn additional rumblers from petrified enemies
  10. It would be interesting if all the projectiles of a weapon would follow you not just one, including multi-shot projectiles.
  11. just triple the range on her claws and add some fancy FX to match the range and she is fixed Wukong, Excal, Baruuk all outrange her, thats the primary reason her 4 is bad think about excal's abilities 1,2,3 only 2 is decent CC and valk has that with the added bonus of her buff she really is not that bad its just the range dragging her down
  12. I find it annoying as hell that to know what frames people are playing when you joined an ongoing mission you must press esc. Its a real nitpick but i would really appreciate it if i could not only see loot + xp gained when i pressed tab, but also what frames maybe even loadout people are using. There is a lot of wasted space in the new UI i'm sure it could fit.
  13. And here's the local brown nosing dissent patrol hit squad ready to take out another discussion over semantics👏 It should be blatantly obvious to anyone that anything stated is an opinion from the individual that writes it from their own perspective out of their own experiences. If you don't think its true then that's fine but stop telling people to shut up, you don't have the stats to argue the opposite so you cant even prove them wrong either. 🥱 self righteous types are annoying so that's me done with this thread, let this be a testament to how dying canaries are ignored
  14. And there are multiple games that do both without any real issues, i see what you mean but you are plain wrong if you think you cant have both. Steel path could very much provide that, the problem isn't that steel essence is too grindy or low droprate although people direct their frustration in that direction, many would be fine if it took a week or month of casual farming to acquire some of the cosmetics. If only the actual activity of grinding in and of itself was fun, i wouldn't mind logging on just to do that. Warframe being a game that should only be interesting when a big updat
  15. You can have both you know, having one does not exclude the other. The issue is the core loop is rotten, its much better to adress this as early as possible rather than keep letting it fester. It has been rotting for a while now too. It's not about having activities to do, its about the activity not being fun anymore due to changes over time. Reasons to play Warframe: 1.grind thing i want in my collection 2.new update has some story and eye/ear-candy to it notice the lack of "i want to just log in to do a fun/enjoyable thing" i would even argue most people who got their Ra
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