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ONLY 1 Clan and Alliance now. 

Reapers of Anarchy 2 - Clan

Reapers of the Lotus - Alliance




Alliance -NME Mayhem 10 clans

Alliance -Reapers of Mayhem- 30 Clans

Clan -Reapers of Anarchy EternaL- (Storm)

Clan -Iron Tennogen- (Shadow)

Clan -Reapers of Mayhem- (Storm)

Clan -The Dragon Clan- (Storm)

Newest Project

Reapers of the Lotus- Alliance
Vengeance of the Reaper -Clan

PLZ contact if your interested in joining or helping to bulid Reapers of the Lotus Alliance, as I will not be recruiting for this alliance and this Alliance will consist of 4 heavily active moon clans.

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