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  1. OFC. I'm sure. Saw this many times, this bug SHOULD be fixed. Definitely.
  2. as you can see, I have 10 reactants (see at left top side), but my nickname isn't present in the loot chooser. WHY. Watching this bug very often. PLEASE FIX. UNHAPPY.
  3. stucks. stucks. stucks. triple in row. between doors. FINE GREAT PATCH.
  4. Has played hours to farm new loot from new Exploiter Orb boss right after this patch. Looks like I has lost all loot, from the game session. Game has stopped (stucks) permanently before two doors after finishing first phase. Leaved party, but this was not solved my problem. No quit. No way to home. Has closed game... Lost all loot. So... ===== UNHAPPY ======= NB:Bug request #1655486
  5. The Orb Exploiter mission is broken now completely. Join party failed every time. DE should add one day more for event!
  6. dirty messy UI bug if remove friend (unfriendly message to user)
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