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  1. 1 hour ago, --Q--DeineMudda said:

    All that console players saying banshee isnt popular. Lol just because nobody uses them on consoles she is not underused. Shes awesome and all veterans know that!

    Bru they check to see who was the most played frame and she was the least played...

  2. 1 hour ago, Kappa64 said:

    Free aim teleport would make parkour completely obsolete, and the idea of another channeled ability makes me want to vomit. It's going to be the next "Press 4 to Win" at this rate.

    Well to me it should make parkour obsolete. I mean teleport cost energy while parkour is the basic movement

  3. 5 minutes ago, TaylorsContraction said:

    o I'd really like some other folks that can to set their FPS to 120 and remakr on whether they see any changes. There was after-all an update released on the same day I ran this test, perhaps they changed something in archwing to streamline the controls, or maybe I'm undergoing a placebo >___<.

    Lol when I get on my xbox I'll check ;)

  4. On 9/13/2016 at 11:30 PM, Profit62 said:

    No telepir

    Huh? Typo?


    On 9/13/2016 at 11:30 PM, Profit62 said:

    port is not what i mean you're thinking in a box Use more imagination and less analysis and click or fire in doesn't matter ....you clearly misunderstood the concept..and to further note teleport only or mostly opens up for finisher....to be more cleary...the concept is to allow teleportation between targets while performing combos from the melee weapons combo list

    So what your saying is if ash had a stance and In the middle of a combo he can teleports to an enemy kill em then finish off his combo??

  5. 4 hours ago, Profit62 said:

    Yea i personally don't spam and yea they need to change it ..so it doesn't denie other players from participating....if it was  more of an aim and shoot type of deal...like when you activate the ult intead of using clones...just let him teleport between a fair number of targets using his melee weapon instead  or not...let it be more like the new valkyr augment... As long you are fireing he teleports and deals damage...so you have more control....because and after playing him for awhile the animation  seems to take the fun out of it... sense he's being flug through walls...and you Can't really see whats happening

    Teleport is what your looking for

  6. On 9/13/2016 at 2:31 PM, Profit62 said:

    I actually don't think it would be bad if it worked like exalted blade in which you have to manualy aim and  fire

    If you mean  point and click on an enemy to bladestorm we kinda already have that. Teleport  


  7. 19 minutes ago, Extraxi said:

    Reason to Replace: Teleport isn't a good mobility skill, as you need a target. It's not good for your health if you target an enemy in a group and can't cast Smoke Bomb fast enough. It's suited to target a lone heavy unit in order to do a finisher attack on them, but all frames can already dropkick a lone enemy over in order to do a finisher attack. All Teleport has, in this sense, is the ability to catch up to teammates ahead of you. Why not have something more useful?

    Umm...free aim teleport. No?

  8. Just now, Nazrethim said:

    why not BOTH? Attacking the same disruptor 10 times and dealing 200 damage per hit even though you can oneshot a lvl 100 Charger is not Fun

    Tru I agree having both would be great 

  9. 4 hours ago, Nazrethim said:

    Or, make him attack targets ONCE, if it kills them, good, if it doesn't, better. So far the problem are the Disruptors who keep giving their auras to other infested while being inpervious to bladestorm's attacks.

    Or you can make it when he bladestorms the enemy doesn't have immunity to other damage 

  10. 1 hour ago, Shad0wFerret said:

    I would like to see BS change. I find Merc's suggestion to be fairly suitable. I have one of my own in a similar vain. I would like to see BS change to something similar to Ivara's Bow. You would press 4 to toggle it Ash would then pull out his blades and throw down his clones and then you "Fire" at an enemy. Ash then teleports to the enemy and kills them and the clones kill any other enemies within 3 to 5m.

    Ash would stay at the spot of the enemy he killed. Activating the ability would cost 25 and killing an enemy(ies) would cost 15 per teleport. Ash would NOT be able to move normally while BS is active instead only teleport to enemies. This would mean that players would need to plan their teleports around getting within view of the next group of enemies as well as not marking every single enemy in sight as a target. This I think would allow the ability to be more interactive while still allowing for the skill to still be useful but not overshadow other players.

    What I got from this is teleport with clones.

  11. 1 hour ago, xSterbukz said:

    I feel like BS (Blade storm... but the other acronym applies) should be somewhat similar to fatal teleport, but with the ability to jump to other enemies seamlessly(and killing them), like the current one, but doing that MANUALLY, and removing the clones which kill people. That would be better because it won't just be a slide show and will require "skill" or minimal attention. His Shurikens and Smoke storm could use a buff, since modding for strength ruins all the other abilities (except teleport)

    Ummm this would be redundant...

  12. 1 hour ago, Mahalleinir said:

    There's tons of complicated Ash rework suggestions lately and i'm not sure he needs that much.

    Ash is awesome as is without bladestorm (due to being tied to long animation, easy-ness of OP spam with an efficiency build, making it boring (have mained ash for a long time and rarely use it)).

    That being said, the last thing the game needs is another Excal Squeaky-Blade type ultimate (Ivara's is fine, i tend to leave any mission with Excal in quickly though) so:

       1) make smokescreen (rename to Smoke-Bomb?) stealth allies (yes i know it's an augment) by default for 10 seconds and give it a visible smoke cloud (to reduce over-spamming of endless stealth)

       2) replace bladestorm with Choke-Bomb: the same as Smoke-Bomb (different colour effect?) however enemies within range are Stunned / Choking for 10 seconds (taking a minor damage tick) and damage does not remove the effect (which gives Ash ample time to take advantage of his Haemorrhage passive and load them up with slash procs from a slash heavy melee weapon)

    In PvP Choke-Bomb lasts for 5 seconds and ends on enemy taking damage





    Umm it seems like all of this can be in one power 

  13. 25 minutes ago, -domi- said:

    What's wrong with Warcry and Paralysis? Paralysis is stun on demand, and Warcry is a massive armor and speed boost to your team. It's augment makes Valkyr incredibly powerful, compared to just Hysteria spam. I think Hysteria needs to be buffed in the short use area, before we end up exactly where we were before

    Yea warcry is love. paralysis is OK i guess I only use it for finishers. Rip line.... I hate it.

  14. 2 hours ago, DarcnyssWolfe said:

    It no longer has the momentum it once had. Once one could cover the whole length of the corpus dam tileset (massive map with the two bridges and rock formation in the center). Now you can barely reach from one bridge to the other WITH aim glide assistance. Those are the extremes of its use but you can understand just how much the mobility Nerf brought to you by Lunaro aka "PvP screwing PvE", has effected rip line. Where before you'd launch straight to where you aimed, now your only slightly pulled, requiring multiple castings to reach the distance you once could cover in a single use.

    First Hysteria now rip line whats next warcry??

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