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  1. As we know, there are two mode of shooting for many weapons; for example, Fulmin have semi mode and auto mode. For wukong clone, If I use melee weapon then the clone will use the primary/secondary weapon that I previously use; however, when I used Fulmin auto mode and switch to melee weapon, the wukong clone use Fulmin semi mode instead. Is it possible to add this feature in wukong's clone to use the previous primary/second weapon with specific shooting mode that was previously used? Currently 1) Used Fulmin Auto mode. 2) Switch to melee weapon. 3) The clone use Fulmin Semi mode instead. What I request 1) Used Fulmin Auto mode. 2) Switch to melee weapon. 3) The clone use Fulmin Auto mode.
  2. Lately, people are using Wukong's 1st skill, and Excalibur Umbra's sentient to fight the enemies in many missions especially Index. 😆 As you know, right now the clone and sentient damage dealt doesn't count as the player damage dealt. As a result, the player have a really low damage dealt percent. I think these two abilities should be counted as the part of the player as well, so I would like to suggest to count wukong's 1st skill (clone), and Excalibur umbra' sentient as the player's damage dealt.
  3. I went to the survival arbitration mode with wukong. In the video shows wukong activating "defile" which give the invincible period after receive the damage exceed the health; however, the larkspur self-damage killed me instead. The youtube link shows me in the mission. I am sorry if this is not a bug. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIPyECpNU9c&feature=youtu.be
  4. I joined Kuva flood just now but soon notice that the squad have 6 people on it. 😆
  5. Mission type: Void Fissure Defense Mission Map: Stephano (Uranus) I found the bug/glitch in the new (?) tileset that can be exploit with Nova, as I can teleport to this area and then use some ability that can kill the enemies outside or if I take the support warframe then I can just stay here without taking the damage. For example, in that round I use [Fluctus] to shoot through the wall and kill the enemies and later I can just type /unstuck to get out of this bug area to collect the item and repeat it endlessly.
  6. I didn't wait 2 second before I make this post, and it is as I expected, they don't answer it, so I have to wait for at least 2 more days 🙂 I suspected that my email is hacked because I already remember the password which I set really easy, nice comment though, keep it up. Does my real life matter for this issue? So, if I don't have a job in my real life then I can't send a feedback? That is a fallacy. You have to focus on my feedback of quality of their service, not my real life. Btw, guys so because the other games' company response support even slower than this, then this game can be even more slower than those game? Is that how it should be? To be the best game for slowest/slower support response? I don't think it is okay to compare to other games as an excuse, right?
  7. Updated 7/6/19: The problem is already fixed, the problem solved in 12 days. My support ticket #1743055 submitted since Saturday, May 26, 2019 The problem have been starting since 6 days ago, I have some problem with the graphic in game, so I reinstall the game. I login to the game normally, but then it ask for identity verification, so I tried to login to my email, and I can't login to it (I suspect either I forget my password or my email is hacked), so I sent the support ticket to change the email linked with my account to my previous email account that I had linked with this account (the email that I can't login is the second linked email with this account). I showed the support with the email that Warframe send a request for an email change to my previous email to prove that I am the owner of the former email. However, up until now, there is no response from the support, despite it only take at most 30 mins to check the proof both on my side and their side, and then change the email for me (I knew that there are a lot of support tickets, so I had wait for many days). Today is friday, and if the support still not response my ticket then I will have to wait for 2 more days, so I will not be able to login to this game for at least 8 days. I see some serious problem with warframe support, the time it take for them to response is too long, please consider improve the response time for warframe support.
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