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  1. Please add option to hide "Clan" "Alliance" chat
  2. Image: The stats of [Broken war] on the left side and [War] on the right side. Recently, Broken war receive a buff which make it become one of the best one hand sword in this game right now. If we take a look at [Broken War] (on the left side) which is the requisite ingredient for crafting [War], we will see that the damage distribution of [Broken War] have slash as main IPS damage. However, contrary to [Broken War], the damage distribution of [War] (on the right side) have impact as main IPS damage instead, so I think that [War] damage distribution should have slash as main IPS damage instead of impact. Also, I think that [War] which is like an upgrade version of [Broken war] should have equal or higher critical chance than [Broken War] as well
  3. Problem: Wukong's clone attack the enemy that is not in the line of sight so instead of attacking the enemy, it shoot the wall instead Request: Please make wukong's clone only target enemy that is in the line of sight
  4. Introduction the list below is the reward from event Thermia Fractures 5 Points: Operation Buried Debts Emblem 25 Points:  Amalgam Shotgun Spazz and  Amalgam Serration 50 Points:  Amalgam Barrel Diffusion and  Amalgam Organ Shatter 75 Points: Operation Buried Debts Sigil 100 Points: Opticor Vandal (Includes weapon slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst) Target Audience: Those who sell/dissolve these one-time reward by mistake Request 1. Is it possible to reset the progress in thermia fractures event for each time it is available? So that the player could obtain the reward again and it will also make the event more active as those who already passed the event might want to join for "more weapon slot" 2. If the first choice is not possible, I wonder if it is possible to add these reward to cephalon simaris's offering for those who might sold/dissolve the mod by mistake? because the reward is only one time and the progress doesn't reset, so there is no way to obtain it again. All in all, these requests will decrease the amount of ticket support for those who might sold/dissolve the mod by mistake which will decrease the overall work amount for staff as well.
  5. Introduction Firstly, I would like to tell that I made this post about wukong's clone/umbra's sentient/equinox's clone many years ago, but it seem like this problem still exist so here we go. Problem - the system recognize wukong's clone damage dealt only when the player is the host Consequence - Non-host player who use wukong's clone have less damage dealt because the clone steal their kills and the system won't recognize it as the player's damage dealt How to fix? 1. Don't count wukong's clone damage dealt for both host and non-host (In case DE think that counting damage dealt support people to afk) 2. Count wukong's clone damage dealt for both host and non-host (In my opinion, wukong's clone is a part of wukong skill, it should count toward player's damage dealt or else I don't know why would I use a skill that decrease my damage dealt, I might as well just change to other warframe) P.S. Please help wukong main player who have wukong prime as most used warframe and also bought wukong prime access, I just want the system to work how it suppose to work.
  6. Introduction Nowadays, there are not many weapons and warframe abilities that can bypass the obstacle; for example, exodia contagion (nerfted, remember nukong?), saryn, banshee, and khora's whip claw and etc. Problem If you ask me what among those that can bypass obstacle that I feel annoying the most, I would say it is khora's whipclaw. Let's analyse what's wrong with khora's whipclaw Range: Whipclaw have base 10m at max rank which is the same as exodia contagion (10m), saryn (10m), and lower range than banshee (20m) so the range is not the issue here Damage: Exodia damage is nerfed wrong time ago so there is nothing to say here (damage still exist but just less than when it was), saryn need stacking spore to deal high damage, banshee damage is just irrelevant but khora whipclaw damage is insaneeeeeeeeeeee you can dealt like million of damage with just this skill alone and compare to other warframe's ability, it is so easy to use, you just press 1 and it have high range, high damage and bypass obstacle. To summerize, there are two problem with khora's whipclaw, which is the insanely high damage and the ability to bypass any obstacle. Solution In my opinion, there are 2 choice to fix this skill 1) Nerf the insanely high damage but still maintain the ability to bypass obstacle 2) Maintain the damage but remove the ability to bypass obstacle (in my opinion, I think this choice is better, similar to mesa where the enemy need to be in her sight to deal high damage)
  7. Harrow equip with Harrow Noble Animation = morning star at the end of the animation Other warframes with Harrow Noble Animation = There isn't any morning star at the end of the animation and it just look like it hold a invisible bottle or even worse stroking something Is it possible to add an extra morning star on this animation for other warframe to use as well?
  8. As a non founder mr 28, I have seen many many many meta, so i'm kinda immune to nerfing KEKW As for this meta, everytime I get any primary weapon riven I will ask myself "Even with this riven, even with this 5/5 riven disposition, even with ultimately god roll, can it even exceed kuva bramma?" and then I put that riven back because the answer is no.
  9. Introduction In Cephalon Simaris' offering, there are many limited quest rewards such as warframe, weapon, archwing, archgun for the player who accidentally sold it to take it back. Request I wonder if it is possible to add umbra mod set and sacrificial mod set to cephalon simaris's offering, so that people who might dissolve it by accident (and longer than the duration to send the support ticket) to get it back because these mod is used in many warframe/weapon build and it will also decrease the support ticket amount of people in similar case as well.
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