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  1. Introduction From what I inquired from the support, the staff said that when people get in-game chat ban, they will get to know the reason for their in-game chat ban at the time the player get ban and the duration is up to 2 weeks. Problem However, after the first time they get the notification, they will only receive the message saying that they get in-game chat ban without showing the reason and duration, so I would like to request to change the notification to show the reason and the remaining ban duration everytime the player login to the game or loading the chat. Purposes/Benefits To remind the player of the reason and how long they can’t use chat in the game (because they can't recruit, they can't trade = can't play unless have friends outside the game). To prevent the repetition of the same action (Being unaware of violate of the rule). To help ensure the fairness and justify the action of chat moderation. To prevent the accuasation of authority abuse (If they don't know how and how long they get ban for from missing the first time notification they will think they get ban for no reason).
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