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  1. Brightness: 50% Contrast: 50% Bloom: Off Glare: Off All blackest color from smoke color palette
  2. As we know, there is a intrinsic farm at Gian Point, Veil Proxima, where we continue to speedrun it again and again for intrinsic point. Usually people would go to recruit chat and then host a fireteam for specific intrinsic run; however, it take sometime to find ppl who actually want to do it, so I usually go to a public Gian Point mission instead, and when I finished the mission, there are 3 things which occured. 1. When the mission is finished, the reward is already sent to each player inventory; however, people think that they need to go to dojo first to receive it. 2. The other p
  3. Please add option to hide "Clan" "Alliance" chat
  4. Image: The stats of [Broken war] on the left side and [War] on the right side. Recently, Broken war receive a buff which make it become one of the best one hand sword in this game right now. If we take a look at [Broken War] (on the left side) which is the requisite ingredient for crafting [War], we will see that the damage distribution of [Broken War] have slash as main IPS damage. However, contrary to [Broken War], the damage distribution of [War] (on the right side) have impact as main IPS damage instead, so I think that [War] damage distribution should have slash as main IPS damage
  5. Introduction Nowadays, there are not many weapons and warframe abilities that can bypass the obstacle; for example, exodia contagion (nerfted, remember nukong?), saryn, banshee, and khora's whip claw and etc. Problem If you ask me what among those that can bypass obstacle that I feel annoying the most, I would say it is khora's whipclaw. Let's analyse what's wrong with khora's whipclaw Range: Whipclaw have base 10m at max rank which is the same as exodia contagion (10m), saryn (10m), and lower range than banshee (20m) so the range is not the issue here Damage: Exodia dama
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