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  1. you say low standards and I raise you 'context-amnesiac' Lotus. For the 100th time lotus, we know what a kuva siphon is, stop acting so goddamn surprised of it's inherent nature and how it works.
  2. ayy, glad to see the work and effort being put into fixing the never-ending stretch of bugs but can I help call to attention of Redeemer Prime's inabilitiy to crit? Status is working completely fine, I just want to build it towards crits but there is a bug that prevents it from even landing a single critical on an enemy.
  3. I like pretending Hayden Tenno is a guest character. My set up is basically Ignis Wraith, Lato Vandal and Glaive prime. I'm just waiting until the proto skins for the weapons to come out
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