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  1. Yeah I feel foolish about mixing those up. But can you blame me when they sound almost similar?
  2. While playing around in some infested missions, I began to notice some weird things whenever I got hit. Now thankfully, since we have shield-gating, it has helped preventing unaware deaths and keeping me on my toes but at the same time, a ludicrous bug that I thought had been squashed out has come back again. This time, as the title says, tar splash zones are dealing upwards to 5k damage per tick, from testing Rhino's iron skin damage absorb. At first, I was kinda brushing it off, thinking it was part of the infested update to make them more threatening, which, I think could work but thats if you don't pay attention to your surroundings. But in a huge horde group that includes one of those moas, it'll be tough to distinguish them from the rest of the crowd since that damage can severely screw over defense based missions and whatnot because of that. I don't know why their damage has spiked up but it seems weird considering Tar moa's were able to 1hko most frames during their introduction along with the eris tileset revamp.
  3. Oh! Huh. Whoops, I got them both confused, my bad.
  4. its alright to experience that, its not everyones cup of tea. for me, I think its a nice aspect for warframe to experiment on interactive scenes to set up the quiz.
  5. well I know that one, I see that more often than the one I had highlighted from 8:52 to 11:23
  6. Really? I can't exactly tell since this is the old one I recognize and the amount of times I've been on the asteroid tileset I've never been lucky enough to see it again
  7. I still remember there was a circular map tile that was in the grineer asteroid mining set. The amount of time I've been playing the game and I'd never noticed it was scrubbed or removed and I only have the memory as proof of it. although this isn't what I was talking about, you also don't see this tileset anymore.
  8. ...I guess I'm the only one that paid attention to most of the evidence throughout the area before taking the quiz? I'll give DE the benefit of the doubt, they got me using my brain to pay attention to details
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