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  1. The only issue that I've noticed is that this bug is somehow tied to your pc's framerate. If it dips below 30, it'll jam.
  2. That seems to be the case whenever there's moments when the game will throw in tons of mobs and will no doubt cause you to lag a bit. I've just completed an ESO run with infested running about and with the amount of fx they can throw around, it was guaranteed that my game would dip slightly and me being a trigger-happy tenno with the cannon, would fire blast after blast at those mobs. After that, my Shedu jammed. I find this silly as no other weapon could even experience a glitch like this since it's even unheard of to begin with.
  3. I think I'm onto something. During the time I just had been loading into orb vallis, I saw a corpus drop ship spawn in and figured why not just shoot at it with the shedu. During that time, my game seemed to have a small, subtle framerate dropping which is basically the game lagging from stuff still loading and when it was done, my weapon was now suddenly rendered inactive, which essentially broke it. I think I could hazard a guess that its the near-instant reload related to the frame-rate glitch? That could be the possible cause behind as to why it acts like I have no ammo left in the reserves yet it's just a complete dud. Also, forgot to say this was done on Solo mode so I can definitely admit that this can happen regardless of you being host or client.
  4. After a few tests with the weapon, I am not sure how to replicate this bug since again, it is random. I don't know if it's some weird animation lock but I'm still trying to figure somethings out just because I don't want my arm cannon to suddenly become dead weight. Often times, it can happen during a later mission or suddenly at the start of it.
  5. -Can a mod delete this? I accidentally submitted this twice-
  6. In a way, yeah I do appreciate that out of the most F2P stuff I've played before (Maplestory, Dragon Nest, etc) are like a complete ghost town in terms of them responding to community and stuff, I'd say DE has the most good will earned towards them but that is to say that I can't just blindly love ALL their works. There'll always be good and bad stuff, like a balance. It depends on who, the individuals experiencing content, will share their subjective tastes. For me, I do like that heavy attacks had been given meaning, all melee weapons being buffed across the board but at the same time the Glaive had to suffer from not being able to crit on explosion and some that I can't think of off the top of my head. Generally, being negative towards something is going to be expected but being hysterical and flinging insults isn't warranted. I think that most people's negativity towards DE is what I believe, that most want DE to do better and the Old Blood garnered that sort of attention since from what I can understand felt begrudgingly tiresome. Now usually, I just accepted it for what it was and decided to do it and looking back in retrospect, getting all the weapons in at least...two weeks? Was a hassle. Because the rewards, or rather, the update itself being highlighted were locked behind rng-grind (In some cases getting duplicates had led to me exhaling in loud frustration. Which is exaggerated of course but you can take my word for it.) And I'm holding out some hope that this doesn't repeat upon Railjack/Empyrean's release. I think I've gone on long enough anyways so apologies about the rant.
  7. After the old blood, my judgment on DE designing gameplay loops has been shaky. How many hoops will I have to jump through in order to enjoy empyrean?
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