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  1. When dealing with short duration, multi-build items (mining, restores and the like), there are still the same problems as when I started on Xbox: -Very rare: Negative percentages cause build time to double -Very frequent: "Unknown error" prevents quickly restarting builds after 3 or 4 build cycles (3 or 4 minites); delaying builds by 10-20 seconds (when having to refine an hour's worth of mining, this causes tempers to rise as more than 10 minutes are already being spent waiting for the next build cycle)
  2. Often I play under "Friends Only" for some situation but then I go "Public" and get back to it. Since U28 (worse after hotfix), after doing "Friends Only" then going "Public," matchmaking does not seem to get performed. I queue up (with a number of public groups going), I count to 10-12 then I get in (most of the time) and begin while never getting a group. Mission types include: Sortie, Bounties (with "Calm" or higher quantity of people) and regular mission. _____Update_____ When trying to invite, got "Could not send invite" message or a "failed to invite" message. When accepting successful invite, failed message occurred.
  3. Can also confirm abilities broken: -attempted controller config update and save: no fix -attempt game relog after previous step: no fix In addition, since Deadlock update itself, slingshot will only be used once and only before first crewship is destroyed.
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