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  1. The talk about Mag's bullet collection ability "augment" has me very curious. For the past year (give or take a bit), I've been thinking about ability "augments", like this, but not as mod augments. I was thinking of Armour Set Augments. This would give Trials replayability. Whatever 'Frame you take in, those are the only Armour Sets you can roll on (... maybe). Example: Collar, Bracers, Thighs and Back of Head (Nekros' Mortos Binds-ish) Every type of piece could augment one ability. I.E.: Mag's Pull: pull toward target mob/location (could help with un-augmented Magnetize); Nekros' Soul Punch blasts outward from targeted mob. This is just what I've been thinking about for the past year. Then, to go from seeing it thinking "Dramatic flare" then hearing "Yeah, augment" made me worried that I could have too many augment mods that would decrease my 'Frames' effectiveness and/or survivability. Again, just something I've been milling around. Thank you for your time.
  2. My school is Naramon. Why is Naramon the "Derp" school? It took me a whole day to get my face with the least amount of "Derp" but the slouch doesn't help. How is this the school that studies its enemies? LOL Are you suppose to be able to wear multiple Vault keys? In open-worlds, why are archwing abilities nullified when going back to your frame? Ex: Amesha's Benevolent Decoy (Mag's Magnetize was not nullified) Auto-scan plants mod for Helios? A different 'bleep' for plants (Earth) and other scannible items? Could it be possible to open multiple relics in Trials or something? While as Operator, would it be possible to leave the Warframe abilities up in the bottom right? ex.: Zephyr's Turbulance ability duration Is there any potential for crossplay (Xbox/Switch[/PS])? What are the plans for post-MR30? What's the math if all current Warframes get primed? ...Weapons?
  3. Uuummmmmm..... bra... I bought my physical ticket but I don't seem to have my digital rewards like other people, I noticed. Did I make an oopsy somewhere?
  4. A few things so, by all means, pick and choose: 1. How does console crossplay (we know PC can't) look? Present, Immediate future, Future? 2. While as Operator, would it be possible to leave the 'frame abilities up in the bottom right? EX: Zephyr's Turbulance ability duration 2a. Warframe, Archwing and Operator synergize. EX: Mag, Amesha and Operator - using Amesha's Belevolent Decoy (duration/range build) Mag's Polarize (max duration) then Operator being able to see durations 3. As a Mag main, there are a lot of 'frames that don't synergize with her Magnetize. Any ideas on that? (EX: Frost's Snow Globe destroy's collected particles; mobs in Khora's Strangledome can't be bubbled) 4. Post-MR 30, "Final" 'frame.......?
  5. I have 2 children that also want to come to the event. Would I have to purchase all 3 same tickets or is there a, yet unannounced or request only, family pack? (FYI: At least 1 VIP + 2 Full day)
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