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  1. I agree that Nekros' kit a little of everywhere. It took me 4 years before I felt that a Summoner Nekros was possible. I have 2 Nekroses: Range-based for Despoil Desecrate (back when 3 needed to be spammed) (now, he also Tanks, with Health Conversion) (took me a week of playing before I realized I had no mods to make great summons) and Strength/Duration-based for Summoning (only took 4 years to make him <shake my head>) (no Shield of Shadows). Now, with the Helminth, the Range Build has Khora's Ensnare for Terrify (Terrify at 40% Str affects 1 mob) and Strength/Duration build
  2. On Xbox, same thing, for a few years, now. By that, I mean, 5 - 6-year issue. If you look at the (expanded) minimap, they don't move. They seem locked, somehow. It can lockup 1, all or some number inbetween. I feel your pain.
  3. I watch Twitch on Xbox. Drops 2.0 does not work (what about Twitch on other consoles?). It did work with Drops 1.x. I did re-link as I do get drops when watching on my cell (when I care about the drops (yes, Dani, it felt goodly evil (yes, "goodly evil") to purposefully watch and not get the Octavia Noggles. MWAHAHA!!!)). Is this a known issue? Is this why the Grab Bag-thing is going on, to test? Thank you, E
  4. I think it's suppose to be vaulted almost like Exalibur Prime. The difference being this hiccup is allowed, Excalibur Prime hiccup would be almost game breaking. ;)
  5. Could there be a "Hide Crafted" to go with "Hide Owned"? I've been spending NW creds on the helmets and skins just so I can hit "Hide Owned" they won't be there (same goes for other cosmetic vendors -- build them once, buy again to hide). Thank you
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